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Shalom from Apostle Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu. Welcome to our temple without walls! If this Ministry is a blessing to you please we invite you to come and sign our guestbook. We encourage you to share with us your testimonies, and how this Ministry has blessed you.

What you write in this Guestbook will be recorded in Heaven also in a very special way.

Thank you to all of our supporters. As the scripture says we are all one body in YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH, and the world will know we are of YAHUSHUA, by our love for one another. (Romans 12:5, John 13:35)

It may take awhile before your comments appear, please wait patiently! Thank you for the blessings! May YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and the precious RUACH ha KODESH continue to guide your path in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH’S Name!

– Apostle/Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu

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  1. Blessings upon you Family ,

    I am so blessed and Thankful to be here . Abba Yah sent me here . I am learning so much each day as i go through the website . Many blessings upon the Prophet of Yahweh Elisheva.



  2. Shabbat Shalom Beloved Momma Elisheva and all my Family in YAHUSHUA, in the Precious and Beautiful NAME of our LORD YAHUSHUA. I pray and hope you well Momma Elisheva, I know our LORD YAHUSHUA is taking care of your heart and soul, nurturing you in a way only HE can as HE does for all HIS beloved little ones. I love and miss you and have been praying so fervently for you precious Mom and Celeb of new, the two witnesses and all ABBA YAH’S children in YAHUSHUA’S NAME. Have a blessed and peaceful Shabbat , and may the Praise, Glory and Honour go to ABBA YAHUVEH, our LORD YAHUSHUA and Beloved Momma SHKHINYAH GLORY, who alone are worthy.

  3. 我只想说,感谢爱我们的ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, 妈妈IMMAYAH让亲爱的属灵妈妈先知以莉莎法出生在地球上。谢谢妳为我们所承受的一切痛苦,谢谢同工们的倾力付出,我的灵魂得救只因遇见这事工Amightywind,得知三位一体至高神YAH的希伯来圣名。

  4. Shalom! Momma Elisheva,
    How are you doing now?
    May YAHUSHUA keep you and bless you!
    in the Holy name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, amen!

  5. Since 2017 October, I was drawn by one of your videos in you tube , it was a prophecy on ” HOLY TRINITY NEEDS COMFORTED ALSO” , and while watching the whole video i could certainly hear that it was’ the voice of ABBA YAH, YAHUSHUA AND IMMAYAH SPEAKING through you,…it was so calming and peaceful, i felt like this is the new way, walk in it. I could only describe it as just powerful, the rebukes and commands of YAHUVEH were certainly true, we really need to live a holy and acceptable life before our HEAVENLY FARTHER. I found an amazing amazing blessing through this ministry, just wonderful. A few months later I had several dreams on the coming of our Lord YAHSHUA and many other amazing experiences. Mama Elisheva I pray that the Lord’s YAHSHUA’S comforting and blessings be with you and may many more of the children of ABBA YAH come to hear this new knowledge and wisdom. in YAHUSHUA’S NAME. But for last few months I have been like Peter, when he step out of the boat to meet YAHSHUA HA MASHIACH on the water, at first he held the faith but when he come near the LORD he started reasoning and other things which caused him to start sinking or drowning , he called out to YAHUSHUA helps and HE heard his cry and saved him from drowning, so as with Peter I begun as so but I looked around me and the reasoned on many man made facts, I started drowning but I made the cry to YAHSHUA. HE heard my cry and come to my rescue, ooh thanks YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH AND THE RUACH HA KODESH for this ministry it has be a blessing thank you.

  6. Hello Elisheva & all of this ministry,

    I want to start off by saying thank you, from the bottom of my heart for all that you do, you have my eternal gratitude. YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and the precious RUACH ha KODESH were names that were never presented to me until I found this website. After saying these names I’ve noticed that a peace fell upon me like never before. Not only do I feel closer to heaven’s grace but I feel an intense urge to work for Him. I will not be silenced and I will continue to relay this sacred information you provide us. I will continue to work to bring more and more children back to YAHUVEH grace’s. This time is a scary place, social media has been corrupting the minds of the young to indoctrinate them in believing they can do/say whatever they want, but I know in the end the beautiful trinity of YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and RUACH ha KODESH will prevail.

  7. I greet you HOLY TRINITY, Momma RM and all who Labours in this HOLY MINISTRY of YAH.

    My name is Sizwe I live in South Africa in KZN. IMMAYAH lead me to this ministry while i was searching for HER NAME. In my life around me where i grew up and in the internet social medias i have never heard anyone asking a question about HER NAME but somehow i started to ask myself what is the NAME of the HOLY SPIRIT because the FATHER has a NAME and the SON has a NAME but who is the HOLY SPIRIT? And no one could help me, and it happened for quite sometime until i went to google and IMMAYAH lead me straight to amightywind ministry page. And everything that was pending and not clear to myself became clear every question was answered all what YAHUVEH YAHUSHUA and IMMAYAH taght me i have found them in this ministry, things visions and dreams some of them are in the prophesies. I only find joy in this ministry i have find a home i believe i was made to be the part of this ministry by supporting it in everyway i can.

    One day sometimes in 2014 before i knew a hebrew NAME of our LORD i was asking HIM if i was ready to see HIM. Imminently i was in a place i believe is in heaven . i dnt knw if i was there wt my flesh or in spirit and i saw a big throne of YAHUSHUA with HIS NAME on top of it dazzling and glimpses white and down the throne there he WAS YAHUSHUA standing at the bottom of HIS throne dressing in dazzling white having the same GLORY that was in HIS NAME and with HIS right hand raised up and HIS left on his chest and HE looked like on HIS early thirties. When i tried to read the NAME that wad written i could not because that time i knew HIM as Jesus Christ but Jesus was not written there. When IMMAYAH lead me to this MINISTRY SHE showed me HER NAME then YAHUSHUAS then YAHUVEH’S and it was then when i remembered the NAME that i saw on top of that throne that it was in hebrew YAHUSHUA HAMASHIACH and in that place is a peace that passes all undetstanding and before YAHUSHUA was an open small gate very short that was leading to the throne. I think now the short get causes those who approach the throne to bow when they enter that HOLY place.

    I even saw IMMAYAH IN A DREAM
    At that time i was young and and still a catholic and we were told to worship a false queen of heaven behind marry and i wanted marry to be my mother i wanted to have a personal relationship with her i wanted her to appear in me but not knowing i was longing to have all that with IMMAYAH. NOW here is the dream but at that time i thought it was marry until IMMAYAH lead me to this MINISTRY and it was then when this dream made sense. I was at the back of the yard with my sister at home and far in about 20km i beheld IMMAYAH she was so big long and tall and clear as if i was seeing a person close to me, SHE was beautiful smiling with HER hands wide open as if SHE is ready to cuddle me. And we wanyed to reach HER with our hand even though SHE was very far from us. I think SHE was far because of the false religion that we were at that time. And there was this wind that was blowing from HER accross the earth it was powerful and made us felt peace i never felt before and after that i tried by all means to reach HER and in the TWINKLING of an eye i was right there where SHE was and it was like i was given a glorified body to move that fast and when i got there SHE was not there and when i looked SHE was in the firmament and i knew SHE was leading me somewhere as we know SHE is a leader and i think by appearing in the sky SHE was telling me that SHE is the only QUEEN of heaven and i kept following HER and SHE was like the sun setting on the west and i kept following the way SHE went until the following day where i arrived in a place where people are speacking the language i dnt understand and i tried to communicate with them and it was like they dnt even see me and i went back home on that DAY light with great joy for i have seen HER. I think that blowing wind was indicating that IMMAYAH is a blowing wind of revival accross the earth and i have followed HER in HOLY scriptures searching for the truth until i arrived at AMW where now i settle with joy in my life and both me and my sister are only one who are saved at home and now my brother has accepted YAHUSHUA too i helped him receiving YAHUSHUA using a salvation prayer that is in a. Book of the secrets of the RUACH HA KODESH that i received last year April 2018.

    And earlier last year i believe i heard audible WORD OF ABBA YAHUVEH. The Voice was so POWERFUL POLITE AND THUNDEROUS AND SOUNDS LIKE A ROARING LION AT the sametime. I do not remember HIS other WORDS that HE shared with me but only the last WORDS before HE left HE said ” WHEN I COME BACK YOU WILL BE FREE FROM THE BONDAGE OF SIN” and i ask myself am i not saved? But i know i am and i remembered that our Salvation draweth nigh with YAHUSHUA to give us glorified bodies , bodies that can not sin. And it meant that when i meet with ABBA YAHUVEH again i will be free from this imperfect body that always want to go against YAH. And this was an experience i will never forget.

    And before that i had a dream YAHUSHUA rising from the tomb, i was shown that it was at noon before sundown and i saw YAHUSHUA coming from the grave with a dazzling body and iy was ABBA YAHUVEH who raised HIM with HIS power, HE came down that shabbat i could see HIM and HE was invisible but in the spirit i knew it was HIM walking beside the grave as HE was walking YAHUSHUA came out. YAHUSHUA was visible but not ABBA YAHUVEH but i saw HIM but i did not see HIM HE was invisible but in spirit i saw him and there are no earthly words i can use to describe this

    And in my vision one day i saw YAHUSHUA standing in a door of heaven and spoke to me without opening HIS mouth but i could hear HIM saying ” YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEAN” and HE was not asking me a question but telling me instead. To me i quickly reminded that HE is coming quickly.

    I even had dreams about rapture of the church which correspond with what ABBA YAHUVEH told mama Elisheva what will happen.

    In May 2018 on a Sabbath i had another dream i saw IMMAYAH and Elisheva couple days after i saw YAHUSHUA again.

    On the 3rd of June 2018
    I find out that me and momma Elisheva find out in a same way what is the NAME of the RUACH HAKODESH

    Somehow i knew the HOLY SPIRIT have a NAME and i ask HER ” what is your NAME because ABBA YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA have their NAMES, since u r a person tell me who you are.” And SHE lead me straight to prophesy 90 and 89 and i recognize HER voice and i believed it and my heart is filled with joy for ever. And momma Elisheva was praying and asking HER too and was given these prophesies while in South Africa. What MOMMA RUACH HAKODESH told momma Elisheva in those prophesies is what she told me through momma Elisheva through those prophesies

    Couple of years ago i was shown a super natural darkness that will cover earth where people cannot see even their bodies and guess what ABBA YAHUVEH confirmed it through prophesy 139.

    I even had dreams about exra terrestrial beings aliens and ufos

    I even had dreams about Planet X nibiru before i even heard about it and confirmed in prophesies in a mightywind.

    Thank you for listening i have always wanted to share this with a mightywind.

    May. YAHUVEH YAHUSHUA and IMMAYAH bless you all.

  8. Shalom! Praise YAH,for this Ministry,Thank you YAH,for bringing me to this Ministry,and giving me to get to know you,Thank you Mother Elisheva you have true love,YAHUSHUA Bless you,if not for this Ministry,I did not know the Ways of Holiness,Praise YAH,it once led to YAHUSHUA closer!

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