The YDS Holy Prayer Warriors
I Touched the Wings of an Angel on May 24th 2005!
by Elisheva Eliyahu

Michael the Holy Archangel came to me, with other angels, and stood over my bed awakening me. I had been in a very fierce battle for 3 days, exhausted, then I saw Holy Angels standing next to me. Michael's wing was hanging over the bed and I reached out to touch it and stroked it between my two fingers like a child would, marveling at the softness of the wing, and beauty of the gems that sparkled all through it. I was amazed when I touched Archangel Michael's wing. PRAISE YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH!

I was also given a message from the other Holy Angel. He spoke to me and said, "All of Heaven is rejoicing and preparing for the Bride of YAHUSHUA!" The next time the Angel visits me will be to tell me when YAHUSHUA is coming for the Bride (since I am the Ringmaiden of YAHUSHUA I will know, just as the crier did with the parable in the 5 wise virgins)! Also the Holy Angel told me that YAHUSHUA wants me to give birth to a new branch of the Ministry and it is to be called "YAHUSHUA'S demon Stompers."

They are to be "Holy Prayer Warriors like none other" (and as a group they cover this ministry in prayer 24 hours a day in different time zones and individually each pray for one hour a day or more). We call them our spiritual sons and daughters and love them very much! Our YDS front line prayer warriors are very anointed Holy prayer warriors they know how to do spiritual warfare and they give all Praise to YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH. I am honored to be called Momma R.m. by them even though I am only 25 years old, LOL.

Excerpts from a May 2005 Radio Show
Days After the Birth of the YDS

YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH bless you and all the listeners also.

Well, here's what it is, you know, you prayed for me, people all over the world—didn't even understand the attacks that this Ministry—it's the Alef & Tav AlmightyWind RUACH HA KODESH Fire Ministry, which is a mouthful in itself; but we are a Messianic Jewish Ministry teaching the Jewishness of YAHUSHUA, so I say HIS NAME is YAHUSHUA, as you do.

It's happening to the most Holy, those that are listening right now and they've wondered why all of a sudden it seems like they've been losing some battles where they used to be able to win them—and we're on our face before YAHUVEH & YAHUSHUA 24 hours a day, crying out for deliverance in various areas.

The most Holy people right now are under attack, and when I asked YAHUSHUA why, because on May 20th—literally gave me a Word that I held onto, but you see the devil and this is what I want people to understand—satan was just laying in wait and saying aha, now I got her.

So without knowing—I still don't know what happened—all I know is I'd come under severe, severe attack and people all over the world started praying, and something good came out of this [May 24th] because it's "YAHUSHUA'S DEMON STOMPERS!" And it was the birth of a ministry [announced the next day] on May 25th and "they are"—YAHUSHUA told me, "They are the special elite forces."

And if people who are listening believe they belong to that special elite forces—they are the ones that can look in the face of satan, and not run! Because through the BLOOD & the NAME OF YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, we DO have the authority to STOMP those demons! Okay?!

What it is—is, all I know is all over the world people were writing me and saying, "I will pray for you," I didn't even have [any way] to talk on the telephone days ago. And they said, "I will pray for you, but I'm telling you, I'm under the most extreme attack," and they said,"We've never known such attacks." This was—never, I have never known [such attacks]—I just wanted to minister, but that's off the subject.

The main thing is the demonic attack had been so extreme and I'd never seen it like this, and people were writing me,"Yes, I'll pray for you" and then the next thing I know, they're saying, "Please cover me. When I started praying for you, I come under heavy attack," barely able to [Laughs] 'limp off of the front lines' so somebody could cover, you know.

Now the special elite forces had better be raising up. Those that are—see, you can't just say you're special elite force and [yet] afraid to face satan in the face because the Bible says be not ignorant of satan's devices (2 Cor 2:11)—you better be walking Holy! You better be walking the talk! Amen!

And they are the Bride of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH! They are Revelation 14 [& 7]. These are the ones that YAHUSHUA is going to come for when HE comes and they are—special elite forces and don't think satan don't know their names because right now he is zeroing in on them, but people, we have the victory because we are more than a conqueror through YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH,our LORD, our MESSIAH, our KING OF KINGS (1 Tm 6:15; Rv 17:14; 19:11-16)!

HE is coming, but there is warfare to do first! We have to be willing to be like a David and go after Goliath [spiritually] and CHOP the Goliath's head off! You know what?

This is the greatest—this is what's so very strange. You know who—the people who are listening the most are not in America? You know the greatest souls that are getting saved that come to our Ministry site—they're from India, they're from Africa—they're Indonesia, they're Finland,they're Hong Kong—we have so, so many people getting saved in Hong Kong— dream after dream of going to a wedding in Hong Kong. And we have the most faithful partners in these far away places. You understand?

We love you guys. I love all of you who have offered me invitations to come.

Oh! I have to give you one more Word! We were given a Word and that is about the Bride of YAHUSHUA. You know this is all about Esther. Esther thought that—she really didn't know until the last moment that she was worthy to be called the queen,until he took off that scepter. There was—many being prepped to be queen. Remember?

Again, the Bride of YAHUSHUA is like Esther. Alright? And what it's all about it—we are being prepped right now.

And HE said this—HE said this [to all the Bride], "You are being tested right now. Will you stay loyal to ME even when I don't allow you to win every battle? Will you stay loyal to ME when I allow pain to come on your body that racks so bad—" Okay? And that was what it was all about, is loyalty.

And we are being tested right now—and if we, the Bride of YAHUSHUA HA MASHAICH, are being tested, how much more are the others (1 Pt 4:12-19)?

[Job was tested with his 'friends'], I call 'em "Job comforters." I don't need none of the Job comforters, thank you [Sarcasm] because those were not friends. And he ended up having to pray for those because they'd come under the wrath of YAHUVEH for the things they said against him.

Here's another warning that HE gave me during this time, and that is this, HE said, "There'll be no Jonahs. There's no Jonahs in this special elite forces," and HE said, "Read about Jonah."

You see Jonah wanted to do it his own way. Jonah said I already know what you're gonna' do GOD, and as a Prophet I don't wanna go there and blah, blah, blah. Right? Jonahs will insist on doing it their way.

Well I was really amazed as I read the book of Jonah and I realized it never said what happened to Jonah. It never—I don't even know if we will see Jonah in Heaven. Do you know the end of Jonah? Because I don't.

I know this. I know this beyond the shadow of a doubt, because not only has HE prophesied it through me, but I've had dream upon dream and [other ministers] also. I know our BELOVED YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH is coming back on a Rosh Ha Shanah; I don't know which one.

I know that it will be for those that are HIS Bride: those that have been tested in the fire; those that have been HIS mightiest warriors; those that have been willing to lay EVERYTHING on the altar of sacrifice and even say, "If it's my time, take my life. I'm ready to go home"—because you see, that is the end result; you and I, we are only working our way Home.

We have to do the job that we've been called to do and the people listening also— we all have been sent to earth to do a job, [a calling]. And our bodies are going to change. I don't know if it's this Rosh Ha Shanah now!

Oh I'm going to be on my knees, begging and pleading and praying— and I pray that you're with us on this Rosh Ha Shanah because that's where I am: Every Rosh Ha Shanah, I am [saying], "Oh please YAHUSHUA, come, come." You know!

But I know this. We're going to have a glorified body—there is going to be... If I may, real quickly, just say this and that is angels came to me as I told... he's got [my voicemail] under the Anointing if he kept it on his [answering] machine.

And angels came to me on May 24th. I touched the wings of an angel! The angels came to give a message. I want to tell you what the angels' wings are—real fast. They were guilded in gold. They were so soft. They were—looked to have jewels just radiating off of them. I touched the wings of an angel and there was [an Anointing for all the Bride of] healing in the wings!

And the angels' message is this: People something so BIG is ready to happen.For those of us that are Holy. The tide is gonna turn! There is a new Anointing comin'! It is—that is gonna' be an Anointing that we are going to be praising YAHUVEH & YAHUSHUA for because we DO have the VICTORY!"

So don't give up!

We are in this together! One of us can't do it alone. HE always sends HIS disciples out two by two, but now we need to gather together in the NAME OF YAHUSHUA HAMASHIACH! ABBA YAHUVEH we ask in the NAME OF YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH for victory!

For each and every person that is listening HEAVENLY FATHER—those that have been beaten down, [down] trodden! Who[ever feels or] thinks that satan has been stompin' on 'em. Well NOW is the time FATHER for us to get up off [that ground & on] our feet and now is the time for us to be "YAHUSHUA'S demon Stompers"!


Victory over sickness in the NAMEOF YAHUSHUA! Victory over financial losses and poverty! Victory over the devil—in every way that he can hit us—we have the victory!

And we thank YOU ABBA YAHUVEH right now, because it is the Anointing that breaks the yokes and bondages (Is 10:27)!

Let the [Holy]Wildfire Anointing of the RUACH HA KODESH come upon each and every one of those that are listening and that are Holy right now and that have been crying out for a greater Anointing!—because this is my prayer; I don't ask for more wisdom of this world. I ask for—each and every day I live on this world—[I ask] a greater Anointing of the RUACH HA KODESH/THE HOLY SPIRIT.

In that lies our victory in the NAME OF YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. That is our only weapon: THE NAME, THE BLOOD OF YAHUSHUA & HIS ANOINTING. And that is my prayer for everyone listening.

Please write me. Let me know if you're part of the special elite forces. WE NEED ONE ANOTHER! And I would really look forward to hearing from you because I want to know where the Holy Bride is scattered around this world. Where are you? We need you. We need one another right now.

2015 Shoutout of Love to the YDS

[It's] May 24th [2015] and I just want to give a shoutout—I want to give a shoutout of love to the precious "YAHUSHUA'S demon Stompers." I want to tell you how much I love and appreciate each one of you. Your faces are not before the public. Some of them are, but most of you are hidden.

You are so precious and without YAHUSHUA raising you up, and bringing the Holy angels to give me the name of the most Holy prayer intercessors, I really, with all my heart and soul believe, if it hadn't been for you, if it hadn't been for the Holy prayer covering, there would be no Ministry right now.

How Did it All Happen?

Due to a lack of time Prophet Elisheva wasn't able to fit all details into the last recordings, so she asked that the following be recounted for the 2020 anniversary celebrations on her behalf by a daughter who went through this spiritual experience with her at the time.

Michael the Holy archangel came to Prophet Elisheva with two more angels, stood over her bed awakening her—and Archangel Gabriel gave her a message from YAHUSHUA. Hallelu YAH!

She had been in a very fierce battle for three long days, though actually it began weeks before. She had been invited as a guest to a radio show (she's had been on 3 other radio shows so far total) but this time it turned out to be satanic plants trying to infiltrate and YAH forced them to see ALL their plans and curses backfire!

In Spring of 2005, ministry partners around the world kept writing to Prophet Elisheva that they too were under extreme spiritual warfare —but what the devil meant for evil, YAHUSHUA turned around for good and HIS glory! That is what happens when the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy—when we serve YAHUSHUA, HE gives us life abundantly instead!

Little did Elisheva know at the time that this was the battle for the birth of "YAHUSHUA'S demon Stompers," all that time, Michael warring his way through the Heavenlies. Elisheva, exhausted after the most serious attacks she had yet experienced, all of a sudden, saw Holy angels standing next to her in her bedroom!

Of course, now we all know this battle was the labor pains of a new branch of the Ministry on May 24th 2005, "YAHUSHUA'S demon Stompers"! And also for the prophesied 500,000 to come forth and stand on the wall in a greater way! (For in 1997 Prophet Elisheva had had a back to back, repeating dream where YAH told her, "Gather the Troops on the Wall," and she saw them all dressed in white from around the world, the number being 500,000. The HOLY SPIRIT would gather them with this Ministry.

As we unite in the Anointing, shouting together in victory, it would be as the walls of Jericho come tumbling down again—and like David slaying Goliath again!

Years later, YAH also told her, "These are the partners who stand with this Ministry to help accomplish all it has been ordained to do," meaning not financial partners only, but those helpers who believe and stand with the Ministry 100% helping, however YAH leads, to take the good news of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH and theProphecies to the four corners of this earth! And it has already begun—with "YAHUSHUA'S demon Stompers"!)

Elisheva was awakened by three Holy angels. Michael's very large wing hanging over the bed, she reached out to touch it like a child, marveled at the softness, and beautiful, shimmering embedded iridescent colors though she saw no gems directly.

At that very moment, she immediately felt the battle and birth labor end. The three days of non stop warfare lifted as she touched his finely jeweled wing and received a new spiritual gift of healing in his wing for all the Bride.

Praise YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH! Our MESSIAH, LORD, GOD & SAVIOR! All the angels were so excited!

Then Archangel Gabriel spoke, reading to Elisheva from a scroll, listing the names of the intercessory prayer warriors and the name of the group, "YAHUSHUA'S demon Stompers," telling her YAHUSHUA wanted her to give birth to this new branch of the Ministry who would be "Holy prayer warriors like none other!"

He also told her, "All of Heaven is rejoicing and preparing for the Bride of YAHUSHUA!" and that the next time he would come to her, would be as part of the announcement of YAHUSHUA'S return for HIS Bride (1 Th 4:16).

Later everyone, including the enemies, had to hear in her voice that she was alive and thriving—every curse reversed— praising YAH with all her heart, mind, body, soul and spirit, with all her life and perfect health! They had to listen to her testify for YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH'S glory that she had literally touched the wings of an angel and how these Holy angels had delivered a special message which she would even share later on the radio show mentioned before.

All those enemies were gnashing their teeth in rage as they never really planned to have Prophet Elisheva on air since they wanted her dead, but of course she was MORE ANOINTED THAN EVER. They had to listen, more than once, to her testifying of the victory YAH had just granted us while they were pretending to wear the mask of Christian —but even that, only for as long as YAH allowed it before the masks were ripped off!

The response was so overwhelming!

As the request for prayer had gone out, Elisheva felt all the prayers and love as people went to their knees and began interceding for her and the fellow ministers.

The YDS, "YAHUSHUA'S demon Stompers" were proclaimed to Elisheva May 24, 2005, and announced online to the world the next day, May 25th when YAHUSHUA spoke to her.

"These are MY special elite forces who will take back what satan has stolen because in the NAME & BLOOD OF YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, you have the authority to stomp those demons! You are going to bring ME great glory by showing the enemy and the lazy, back-slidden, lukewarm Church just what MY people can do when they walk before ME as obedient, mature warriors who love ME, who love one another, and who will do MY will—no matter the cost" and also, "You are going to see the enemy in a way you've not ever seen before —no longer to wonder what side someone is on."

YAHUSHUA is giving greater gifts of discernment and victory. "The tide will turn if you can get a hold of it and believe it and receive it… Where sickness was, there is health, where oppression, there will be deliverance, where poverty"—believe me—"you will no longer be in lack" for the Bride of YAHUSHUA and for all those who are walking Holy!

The Internet had to listen to all this back then, the revelations YAHUSHUA gave Elisheva for the YDS and the 500,000 during that same season of the counting of the omer of Shavu'ot/Pentecost 2005, as she preached and prophesied under the Anointing against the devil and his servants who happened to be of that radio show!

Another Word she received at the time was that the YDS is also like unto a mighty Gideon's army. As it is written in Judges chapter 7, YAHUVEH weeded out the troops from 10,000 to a mere 300.

YAH told her that the YDS would be tested and those who remain, are YAHUSHUA'S Bride. There would be no Jonahs, Judases or Vashtis able to remain in the YDS, and many times YAHUSHUA has said, "There's no pride in the Bride."

Another Word she received long ago, spoken in a Prophecy before she was even on the Internet, was that Judases will come and seek to join with the Ministry but when they do they will have the fate of a Judas

There are MANY YDS around the world, some that we don't even know their names, but YAH does, and they also are being tested to see who is faithful to REMAIN, who will be counted worthy as YAHUSHUA'S Bride. But remember before we came to earth we chose the calling that we would walk in, what price we are willing to pay.

And YAHUSHUA paid the HIGHEST PRICE just so we could be with HIM and return to our ABBA YAHUVEH and Heaven.

It's an honor just to attend the Marriage Supper of the LAMB for the Bible says,"Blessed are all those invited to the Marriage Supper of the LAMB […] these are the true Words of GOD" (Rv 19:9). And it is for all those who have accepted YAHUSHUA'S GIFT OF SALVATION at Calvary's Cross.

We have people all over the world that come together and fight the hordes of evil that try to destroy this Ministry. We receive emails where people are covering this Ministry in prayer andeven though they are not officially known as a "YDS," they are part of our Holy covering and we love and appreciate their prayers so much.

Beloved ones, we no longer wait for spiritual attack before, with YAHUSHUA leading, going on the defense. As Prophet Elisheva has said, in the spiritual realm, with the YDS, we now go on the offense—and no defense that the enemy mounts will stand! How?

What does the Word say? We are to be in prayer continuously (1 Th 5:16-18)!

Don't wait for an emergency to occur before going into prayer. Every time you think about it, pray for the safety and well-being of "YAHUSHUA'S demon Stompers" and all the Holy intercessors. Bind up the power of the enemy with the authority given you in Luke 10:19 and thank ABBA YAH for complete victory over everything the enemy even thinks of throwing at us!

This is the best defense! The devil is just doing his job, but with YAHUSHUA we have the victory, through HIS NAME & HIS BLOOD, by walking in Holiness! In YAHUSHUA'S NAME, we are warriors, not wimps!

Happy birthday "YAHUSHUA'S demon Stompers"!