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Welcome to Matot-Masei / Tribes-Journeys, this week’s Parasha (Torah Portion).

Prophecy 7, 14, 119;

Numbers 30:2–36:13

Jeremiah 2:4–28, 4:1–2

Matthew 23:1–25:46

AMIGHTYWIND YAHUSHUA'S New Blood Covenant Prophecies

This is from Prophecy 105, YAHUVEH said to put this up on all Prophecies from now on: I warned you a long time ago Elisheva not to name this Ministry after a man or a woman even before there was a Ministry. I put it in your spirit for none of this has been done by your hand, none of this has come forth from your mouth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUVEH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of the RUACH ha KODESH your IMMAYAH that has given birth. If it had only been by your hand it would have failed long ago (this entire ministry was birthed in 1995, and what he speaks here is of the anointing. I give all praise honor and glory to ABBA YAH YAHUSHUA and IMMAYAH, for it is their anointing in each page that you read, for it is not by my words, it is by the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH that I can even hear what YAH speaks). It is by the SHKHINYAH GLORY’S Wind that blows across this earth, the Holy Wind of Revival, it is not by your breath or it would have failed. (Isaiah 42:8)

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July, 18, 2020

Prophecy 7, Hold On Tight To The Hem Of MY Garment!

Given to Prophet Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Sherrie Eliyahu)

The Hem of MY garment, it’s not enough to just touch it anymore. Keep knocking at MY door, then when the answer doesn’t come fast enough, pound. When you get weary, keep on asking, seeking and ye shall find, but don’t stop till you hear from Heaven.

For I have promised you MY Children, bread and not the crumbs of this world. For you see judgment has come to the house of YAHUVEH and it’s not as easy as touching MY hem, or knocking softly for your answers, you better be prepared it may take wrestling for your blessing, like Jacob. But it only proves your faith and makes it stronger, which is needed in these end times. So keep on saying no more crumbs. You will not be denied. For you’re the Blood bought Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH.

I will answer and deliver you. I do not lie. For you are promised not the crumbs of this world, but the bread of life, the children’s bread of healing, deliverance, prosperity, life abundantly and full of glory. For YAHUSHUA is your Bread of Life and I want to see if you will still praise ME, and hang on to your faith though I don’t answer right away. I am not always a microwave God.

Yes, I know about microwaves, who do you think gave you the invention? You have scripture to stand on, read Matthew 15: 22-28 about a Canaanite woman’s faith. She was worshipping YAHUSHUA, yet he ignored her, let the disciples rebuke her, call her a dog, said the blessing was for another not her. You say, “Why YAHUSHUA, why would you have done all this?” Because in these last days, all of this will happen to MY most faithful followers, those that worship ME, this will be done by others in MY Name.

You will be insulted, rejected, persecuted, yet if you continue to hold on to your faith, though I don’t rescue right away, then like this Canaanite woman you will be rewarded. For I will see how great your faith is. For in these end-times I am preparing MY body in this way, when I come again how many will have hung on to their faith? How many will turn away when they call out in prayer for a need and I don’t answer right away?

You must tell them to be willing to wrestle with ME for their blessing like Jacob did. For I desire to bless. I only want to test and see how badly you want this blessing. Will you still worship ME when I don’t answer right away? It’s not MY chastisement that is causing this, for the woman fell and worshipped at MY feet. You are worshipping at MY feet. But judgment has started at the house of YAHUVEH and one of the things I am testing is how strong is your faith?

How loyal and how much will you rely on ME? Like the Canaanite woman, your faith and loyalty will be rewarded for you shall see what you desire, and even more exceedingly and more abundantly will I shower down MY blessings like a river overflowing. You will have so much joy. And I will bless you so much. You will be forced to give unto others. Hold on tight to the hem of MY garment. Don’t let go. Keep knocking till the door opens to your blessings you have asked for. I will answer eventually. Lean not unto thy own understanding but in all thy ways acknowledge ME and I shall direct your paths.

Remember the trials of your faith are more precious than gold. Keep your eyes on your Savior and not on the turbulence of the sea or the waves will drown you. But I am here to save you. For I am your Savior and redeemer am I not? I will not fail you nor forsake you. I know how much pressure to put on the clay before it breaks, how much fire to allow you to go through before you get consumed. The waves of despair will not drown you. For I am here to rescue and deliver not only your soul, but mind, body and Spirit. Trust ME and ye shall see it come to pass. Then remember who delivered you ’twas no man or woman, but your God who created you.

Yet it is I who will answer your call, for I know what you want even before you ask. In the spiritual realm it is finished, I am only waiting for MY perfect timing to manifest in the physical realm. Your faith helps this to come forth. Does not MY Word say it’s impossible to please YAHUVEH without faith? You please ME by showing your faith in a God who cares and hears and knows all.

You show your faith when you realize you cannot deliver yourselves, but need ME, your Savior to deliver you, and so I shall. For am I not your Master and Savior? Is the God you serve deaf? No. Is MY arm too short to deliver you? No. Is your faith being tested? Yes. Do I desire to bless you? Yes. Will you be one of those that hangs on tight to the hem of MY garment, and keeps knocking? Will you be one of those that stands and waits for MY deliverance and the blessings I have promised you? It’s your choice. I have spoken forth this day from this handmaiden, so you will understand why some things promised have not yet come to pass. Keep holding fast to the measure of faith I have given you and deliverance you shall soon see at last.

Given to Prophet Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Sherrie Eliyahu)

* * * * * * *

This is the latest prophecy given to me to pass on and feed YAHUVEH’s sheep. Hold on tight to the hem of his garment. Though my long blonde hair is trailing in the dirt as he passes through the crowd, my face is looking upward at his, and I am not going to let go. When you’re going through this and I was meant to read this when I did, to receive it so I could pass this on to others that want to know why they are not getting their prayers answered quickly.

Is YAHUVEH deaf? No! Is his arm too short to reach us? No. As YAHUSHUA said, our faith is being tested, not a pleasant experience is it? But necessary for it to grow. I am right now like Jacob wrestling with God till he blesses me with the deliverance he has promised me. But I have ground in my heels and told my Master YAHUSHUA I will not be denied for he has promised me no more crumbs. The world gives crumbs, but we are promised the bread of life, the children’s bread of healing, deliverance and prosperity. We have been promised life and life more abundantly. My knuckles are sore from pounding. My eyesight is dim from weeping. But we must persevere on. When YAHUSHUA comes again how many will he find that still have faith? I want to be counted in that number, don’t you?

In the Master, Savior YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH service a broken vessel of clay but a mighty warrior in YAHUSHUA, Pastor Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Sherrie Eliyahu). Now if you have not been tried yet with a prayer you have waited so long for and not have seen it come to pass, (I have waited 21 years) then you will not understand what I am talking about. But I am sent to those that have not had their prayers yet fulfilled in the physical realm, although it was promised in the spiritual realm. That’s why in these end-times even YAHUSHUA said, “Will he find faith when he comes back?” I must warn the people. Now you must warn the people. So they will understand and not give up on YAHUSHUA and turn to the world for answers or turn to the spirit of the antichrist.

Prophecy 14, Repent America, The Blood Is On Your Hands!

Prophecy given to Apostle Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Sherrie Eliyahu)
April 10, 1993

Taxpayers beware, the blood of the unborn babies will be on all Christian and non-Christian hands, if Clinton succeeds in passing federally paid abortions. All those who have ears to listen — hear, all others remain Deaf. You who would never murder your babies will be committing murderous abortions, by allowing the government to use your tax dollars to pay for this hideous crime against YAHUVEH and Man. You will not be paying for one abortion, one murder, but untold millions of babies will die, and with the money I gave you to prosper you.

This innocent blood will be on all your hands. The wrath will fall on this nation and world undiluted and you MY people will have angered ME by remaining silent. Beware I am not only a God of love, but I am a God of mighty wrath when angered. Start protesting now. Let you voices be heard. Stand up for what you know is right, now before it’s too late. Clinton condones homosexuality in the armed services. He wants you to support this sinful lifestyle.

You MY Children, you the taxpayers will be condoning it by paying their salaries, and by doing this I will no longer bless America. America will never win another world war again, it has only been by MY grace, you have not lost this country thus far. All those who have ears to hear, listen, all others remain deaf.

You who are called by MY Name (Christians) have done little to nothing, to stop this holocaust on the unborn. You pray to your God to stop this, but do little else. It’s the minority who lay their reputations, freedom, finances and lives down. These are MY Children I am proud of, and great will be their blessings in heaven. Does not MY Word say, greater love hath no man than one who lays their life down for another? These are the ones who will have no abortion blood on their hands for they did more than talk. They put action behind their protests.

“Faith without works is dead!” When MY Children come home to heaven, do you want all the unborn babies to come to you and ask why your money paid for their deaths? Why didn’t you try harder to stop the abortions, to tell the government no? YAHUVEH’s people have more power in YAHUSHUA (Jesus) than the heathens and their false gods! Prove it, by rising up in MY Name. Let the government know enough is enough. MY Children, see this vision of clean hands, now see the hands blood soaked, now see the hands flinging the blood off.

If your hands are soaked in the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit) and you put action, finances behind these prayers and you warn the people, protest to the government and refuse to allow your money to go for the executions of innocent babies. Then you too will not have the blood of the innocent babies on your hands. The more you protest and pray, the less the blood will be on your hands. Those who have ears to hear listen, all others remain deaf.

Let the White House know, MY People will not accept the blood of the innocent babies on their hands, nor will you accept the stench of the sins of homosexuals, and you refuse to pay for armed services that condone homosexuals and their lifestyles. Do not allow the public schools to teach this damnable lie that will corrupt the youth of this nation, sending millions into hell.

Homosexuality is in the minority now but will not continue to be, if this is taught as an acceptable lifestyle in schools, beware again. Taxpayers, you pay for these schools and this sin will again be on your hands if you don’t rise up now and put action behind your prayers. America was given to MY People; take back what the heathen have stolen before it’s too late. (Genesis 19:1-28) “Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.”

Rise up, speak up, and prove it now! MY Word says, “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” but truly I say Caesar did not do the unspeakable things that Clinton is trying to do. Truly I say Sodom and Gomorrah will have been better off than America. This nation, America, was separated by MY hand, so you should be free to worship and honor your God YAHUVEH. How can you ask ME to bless America? When will America again bless ME?

You MY Children, by remaining silent condoned the act of the heathens, while the government, because of a handful of people decreed no God in school, no bibles, no prayer; you allowed it and now wonder why the public school systems and the youth seem to be accursed. How can you ask ME to bless, what the people have said is not MINE. Take back the schools in MY Name and take your children out of these dens of iniquities. For without MY light, MY presence, MY truth, these dens will only get darker and the children also. They (the public schools) are quickly becoming dens for the antichrist and your silence and tax dollars are supporting them.

Those that have ears to hear, listen, those who do not remain deaf. Christians were once thrown to the lions, murdered, tortured, yet they stood up for YAHUVEH! Great is their reward in heaven. Now MY Children, those called by MY Name (Christian) refuse to rise up, stand up and tell the devil and the heathen to shut up in MY Name! They are afraid of losing their jobs, or reputations’ forgetting it was their God who gave those jobs and promotions to them, and I can easily take them away. Christians are afraid to offend the heathens or their false gods instead they would rather face an angry YAHUVEH the Father! Woe unto MY rebellious children when I say rise up, speak up, tell the devil to shut up and his heathen children, and MY Children say but Lord I am afraid truly I say I will chasten those that I love to the point of correction, giving them someone to fear ME.

You MY Children, have been the silent majority too long. You have your Heavenly Father’s power within you; use it to defeat the enemy. You must start somewhere, so sign petitions; take them everywhere you go, churches, mall, employment, go door to door, there is power in great numbers, PROTEST, PROTEST, PROTEST! Till the enemy fears you coming, for it is not by your might, your power, but by MY Spirit, you will be victorious — taking back all the enemy has stolen — use MY might, MY power, MY wisdom and you shall overcome, let Clinton and the heathens hear the roar of the Lion of Judah and hear the roar of the Lion of Judah’s children.

Roar loudly until Clinton and the heathen in the White House recognize, you MY People have more than a form of godliness, you have godliness within. “Devil beware, if MY People who are called by MY Name (Christian) will humble themselves, fall on their faces, before their Father YAHUVEH, I will heal their land.” The dung hills don’t stink when it’s in the neighbor’s yard. You look at it, shake your head, and say that’s my neighbors problem, it’s terrible, but it’s not my responsibility!

But now I say unto you, the dung hills are now in your yards, in the front yard for all to see it’s now your responsibility to clean it up. Because you are taxpayers, you MY Children must protest. The innocent unborn have no voices or screams of protest but yours, no one hears them cry but ME. Let Clinton and the heathen hear your cries of outrage. Don’t you think if YAHUSHUA was walking the earth still he would protest. Where are MY Children who have been given the Spirits of Jeremiah, or John the Baptist?

Come forth MY Children who have the Spirit of the Living God within, all those who know, and have the power of the RUACH ha KODESH, come forth all those who know you are more than a conqueror in YAHUSHUA’s name. Come forth, you who know what is right and what is wrong. Come forth you who understand. The government who seeks to give free abortions to the poor and also the majority are Spanish or black will be attempting to commit genocide on those who cannot save themselves.

I created all life. All life is precious in MY sight, rise up, speak up, and show the heathen all life is precious in your sight. The poor don’t realize the government is doing genocide. It’s cheaper to pay for a baby to be ripped from a mother’s womb, pretending it’s for the mother and baby’s best, instead the real reason is the government doesn’t want to pay 18 years for that poor mother and child’s expenses. The poor must wake up and realize they are being exploited. How long before the poor will be forced to have abortions?

WAKE UP! How long before the government will force Christians to have abortions? Never could happen? They already did it to the Jewish people. Hitler almost wiped out an entire race of people. Who is next? What race? What age? Now they say kill the elderly, they’ve outlived their usefulness. The unborn never lived so what does it matter? It matters to me, the Great God of all Creation charge you, don’t stay the silent majority anymore.

Wake up MY People. You’ve slumbered too long. The nightmares have only begun. The dung hills are now in your yard, together we can clean it up. One voice alone is hard to hear, but millions of voices joined in one accord, in one Spirit, in one name, the name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, not only will the world hear but all of hell will hear also. Come forth MY Children, rise up, speak up, tell the heathen and devils to shut up in YAHUSHUA’s name and you have the power, use it wisely for MY glory and the sake of all mankind.

There are those who call themselves by MY Name who are not of ME and never were, they are not of MY RUACH ha KODESH, although these false prophets sit in churches disguised as my sheep, you will recognize them for what they are, spawn of the devil, they will nurture the lie of the devil that abortion is not murder, homosexuality is not wrong. See them for what they are, for they say these things in YAHUSHUA’s Name, yet there is no RUACH ha KODESH in them. Beware of them! Those that have ears to hear, listen, all others remain deaf.

Thus saith YAHUVEH on 4-10-93, given to this broken vessel of clay and mighty warrior in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Sherrie Eliyahu). Those that have ears to hear “Listen” all others remain deaf!

* * * * * * *

New Update regarding this Prophecy written on December 22nd, 2015:
This Prophecy was first given to me in the year 1993, it is the oldest prophecy I have posted among the main prophecies here on the website. YAHUSHUA gave me this prophecy before I even had a computer! It wasn’t until years later that YAHUSHUA told me to put this on the website. YAHUSHUA told me to call it prophecy 14. At the time I did not understand, but now I am blessed to see that YAHUSHUA had me number this Prophecy 14. It is a reminder of Rev. 14 Bride. I didn’t know it at the time, but now I do.

I was a hit and run Evangelist/Prophet at that time, I created that name to describe, what I did. I would go where JESUS sent me, this was the only name I knew back then, and I would go minister at various churches. If the Pastor could handle the truth I would be invited back. If not I called it hit and run. LOL Yeah that is the way I looked at it, because I was sent to hit them with the truth, and they ran from it!

This Prophecy was not a blessing to several Pastors, I shared it with the Pastor and congregation and was not invited back by majority of Pastors. Gee I wonder why! LOL. I didn’t know how to get YAH’S word out to a mass audience so I put it in the largest newspaper in Indiana. It cost $500.00 for a half page ad, in large red fonts and it was this Prophecy! 1993! Before I even had a computer! I grieve I don’t have the newspaper proof anymore, but I never dreamed I would be a prophet and like I said , I knew nothing about the Internet. It was 1995 when I first had a website called AmightyWind HOLY GHOST Fire Church I only knew the name of JESUS CHRIST at that time, and was leading souls to JESUS in that name. I shared this Prophecy at that time.

During the time YAHUSHUA gave me this prophecy I only knew the Sabbath as being on Sunday. It was not time for me to know this but quickly I would learn about the Sabbath and the Sacred name of YAHUSHUA. I was originally taught Yeshua , until I read an Aramaic Bible transliteration and saw that is not the way to spell the name. I didn’t know yet that the name of Yeshua was denying the name of YAH. I called YAH by the name of Jehovah. The Prophecies are Ramah words, words of life, just like the Bible! Each time you read the Scriptures you will get a new revelation, and the same with the Prophecies , a line will stand out that did not before.

I only knew what the Pentecostal Churches taught me. YAH knew in 1993 no one would have received the true Sacred Hebrew Names, and we already have a battle 2015 to get people to understand the importance of knowing the Hebrew Sacred names, and observing the true Sabbath, the gender of the HOLY SPIRIT. It took 7 yrs to write a book there is so much proof to back this fact up now. The Book of Judges is full of the proof. Every time in KJV you see Wisdom called a She. However in 1993 there was no proof or revelations given to me, I have been the 1st that I know to teach the Gender of the HOLY SPIRIT on the Internet I think but not sure.

YAH let me call YAHUSHUA, JESUS, and the HOLY SPIRIT a HE because there is a time for every season. I am grateful ABBA YAH does not put on HIS Prophets, more truth than they can bear because there would be no faith to back up the words, if HE had done so in 1993. I learned as HE speaks with every Prophetic revelation.

Prophecy 119, 2011 A Call To Repent Or Perish, YAH Has Your Number!!!

Written/Spoken under the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH
through Apostle Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)
Received December 24, 2010
Released January 1, 2011

Elisabeth [Elisheva] speaking on audio tape:

I woke up and I heard the phone ringing, going ring, ring, and I heard the telephone. The first time this happened was yesterday which would have been what is called the winter solstice the 22nd. So I heard the telephone ringing on the 22nd of Dec. and [the household] said there is no telephone ringing.

Anyway this is where I was today (23rd Dec.) when I was woke up for the second time to a ring, ring, ring, and this time, oh my gosh, the phone would not stop ringing. I told [another] your phone is ringing and he said no it’s not. I said I still hear it even as I am talking and it rung, oh my gosh, so many times even as I was talking it was still ringing off the hook.

It was so real and I couldn’t understand it and then I go oh my gosh this is in the spiritual [realm], God’s trying to get my attention. So I fell back to sleep and when I woke up—at 10 o’clock I wake up in the morning – and about the telephone and the praying out loud, I am saying [and praying] you know this is going to be supernatural I’m hearing the ringing of the telephone, what is it, what are YOU trying to tell me Heavenly Father? And then I heard this much.

It’s a call that nobody’s answering, and that’s what happened and so I started repenting and I started…….., wait I said, a call that nobody’s answered, and I said well what, what kind of call? I said, have I failed you in some way and then I heard it’s a call to repent. Oh Abba YAH, I do, I do repent, I’m so sorry I know I’m not perfect, I know I mess up. I was trying to think of what I had done wrong that God could have said you didn’t repent for.

I really worry over this thing with Youtube, I worry where my heart has been, such a coldness on my heart sometimes. These people are brutal and it’s been none stop for a year and I worry bitterness had set in because God has allowed it and the enemies mock and laugh and they say, ya see, she’s no Prophet I’m still standing here and I’m still alive and nothing has happened. This Molly especially and I read the same woman was mocking on her sock account I don’t even know her name. I don’t know these people. So as I was repenting and I was worried because what I was praying about the second time before I fell back to sleep, how many blessings have come forth reaching people with the Salvation message and the Prophecies, but I feel like I have hurt my own self in some ways.

So this has really been a double edged sword this Youtube, as much of a blessing it’s been it’s also been horrible, but as I was thinking and praying about all this and thinking that is why God has been angry saying nobody has answered the call, the call to repent.

Then I heard HIM say,

Prophetic Word starts here:

“It’s not you Elisabeth [Elisheva]; it’s not you I’m talking about”. HE said, “It’s those who do not answer. It’s (those in) the world who refuse to answer the call to repent, knowing that I have warned. Only those who are counted worthy will escape the Great Tribulation. It’s those who know what they are doing and offend ME and continue on in their sin, who say I have the Holy Spirit within yet they continue on with their sin, (those) who make excuses knowing I watch everything that they do whether it be porn, whether it be homosexuality, whether it be booze, whether it be adultery, fornication, drunkenness, drugs, cursing, they know I watch, they know they are to be an example, they claim the name of Jesus Christ, even YAHUSHUA and yet I am far from them. The Holy Spirit can not dwell in a Tabernacle of sin, yet they test ME again and again.

I issued a call to repent, how few have listened. It’s like a telephone that rings and rings and no one answers. I put you on a media far and wide, I put you there to show that I am a God of judgment as well as mercy, I do not lie. Yet they abuse the Prophet, they call MY Ministry evil, they dare ME and they mock and they say, nothing is going to happen to us, Elisabeth [Elisheva] go away. They say it is all by grace it’s been done at the cross. Now I can sin all I want, see my souls not lost. It’s you, you live by the law, you think you have to obey this God you say and yet we say there is no such thing as sin it’s been done away.

They hate you (Elisabeth [Elisheva]) with a passion; they hate all who will preach against sin. They hate all who warn. You issued a call, I sent you there Amightywind to warn the people who call themselves Christians to repent of their sins. I’ve said it again, and again, and again. How few will listen.

I sent Amightywind Ministry to YouTube and what they have done unto you they do to ME and yet they claim MY Holy Name and yet I am far from them. They quote MY Words, they use them as a weapon against you and everyone else who warns to repent and seek YAHUSHUA’S face before HE wipes them off the world in HIS rage.

They forget I was only that Lamb once. They forget I’m coming with fire in MY eyes. They forget it’s the wrath of the Lamb. They forget that sin I despise. They make excuses to sin and those who are held most accountable are those who have abused, mocked, hated and slandered a Ministry that I named Amightywind.

So Elisabeth [Elisheva] I let you hear the telephone ring. I want you to warn them once again. How few have answered the call to repent and turn away from sin. How few are going to be saved when the Great Tribulation begins.

It’s not enough to say repent, there must be action behind those words. There must be a renting (rending-shredding violently) and tearing of your garments, but not in a physical way. I have said repent. I have placed this Holy Ministry there for all the world to see if they choose too and yet the majority have closed their ears and blinded their eyes, they say we do not see, we do not hear you and Amightywind Ministry and Prophet Elisabeth Elijah [Elisheva Eliyahu] it’s you we despise. We are the Christian community and no matter what you say take your Amightywind Ministry and take your Prophecies away for we will continue in our sin and you see, we’re still alive and it doesn’t matter if Amightywind Ministry we despise for your God hasn’t killed us yet. Your God hasn’t even touched us so your God must not be our God because our God says we can sin. Our God says we can hate you. Our God says we can destroy Amightywind. Our God says you are a false prophet and there is no need to repent of our sins.

Oh, but you foolish, foolish people this is I, YAHUSHUA, who speaks through this vessel of clay. You have tempted ME and tempted ME and tempted ME and I have used this Ministry for a call to repent and yet you say it’s the devil that’s been sent. You forget what I did to the fig tree. You forget it was I, YAHUSHUA that cursed it for it refused to bear good fruit. You forget it withered and died. You forget there is a reprobate that I despise. That fig tree represents you with a heart of stone, you who use MY Words, you who use MY name, you who call the Ministry evil because you heard the word repent and turn from your sins. You hate that I have spoken and you call her a false prophet because you think you have all knowledge and yet I tell you, you are a fool for revelations are given to this Prophet, yet you think you know everything. Yet, I call you a biblical educated fool for you just use the word that killeth and there is no spirit in what you say and you use the Holy Scriptures and say only the King James Version is going to do, away with all the rest of you, you’ve added to it extra books and no we’re not even going to take a look.

Foolish, foolish ones, I look at your life and I shake MY head. You are the ones if you do not repent and truly turn away from sin, you are the ones I’ll say away from ME you workers of iniquity for I have never known you. Just because you said a salvation prayer you must put action behind your words, you can not just say that you love ME and not obey ME. This is a lie straight from hell. This is a lie and because this Ministry is the one who tells you and every Ministry that walks in MY holiness that refuses to compromise with sin and with sinners. You who call yourselves the Christians there is no holiness in you and you despise anyone who comes to you with the Spirit of Holiness and with MY anointing upon their face and it’s not changed from times of old. You despise anyone who speaks MY Words, who are anointed and bold and so I’ve given Elisabeth [Elisheva] a sign as you go very soon into what you call another year. There has been a call to repent and oh, how few, how few are listening or even hear the telephone ringing.

Don’t you yet understand? Don’t you yet understand? The only way into heaven you must answer the call. You must hear that telephone ring. You must answer the call to repent and turn away from sin, stop making excuses because soon it’s going to be too late.

The harshest judgment is going to come on those who have mistreated this Ministry that I have placed at a media with so many eyes and ears and you’ve known about it and you’ve not defended it and you’ve hated her words because I shouted loud and clear REPENT, REPENT and turn away from your sins.

You’ll pick apart the prophecies and use your own human intellect although I’ve warned again and again it’s only by the Holy Spirit you’ll understand the Words that are spoken are not to be interpreted by the intellect of man. Each Prophecy without exception leads people to repent. Lead people into MY loving arms. Leads people and teaches them Holiness. They are not the Words of a woman or a man. I only use this vessel of clay, the very one you have hated and abused, you’ve said we will destroy you, we will humiliate, we will speak our words of hate because we can. We will even steal and defile the very name of the Ministry Amightywind because you dare to call us sinners and you dare to expose our sin because we can not stand the Holiness on your face or the faces of the workers that work by your side, so we tell everyone to make sure they too despise and do not listen to the Holy Prophecies for they are false and so you blind them oh you hypocrites and so you deafen them.

Oh you reprobates, I will show you what I do because of your hate. There is no Holy Spirit within you. You are satan’s spawn and I have been patient with you for oh so long. I put the Last Chance Ministry before the coming days of doom and remember, what you’ve done to her you’ve done unto ME. You shall stand before ME in a Court of Law that comes from heaven and you’ll stand before MY face and I’ll remind you of your words of hate and I’ll say, depart from Me you workers of iniquity for I have never known you, I have never known you. My Holy Spirit either withdrew long ago or never was even in you.

So Elisabeth [Elisheva], I let you hear the telephone. I let you hear how long it’s been ringing, just a symbol of it, 8 times. Some will listen and it will be their new beginning and they truly will repent and they will truly know that Amightywind Ministry is Holy and it’s a Ministry that is God sent.

To all of those who will humble themselves turn away from their sins and with their mind, body, heart and soul they will truly, truly repent. They will truly, truly repent. These are the Words I have to say, you answer that call, oh Holy Ones of repentance, each and every day. Even you Elisabeth [Elisheva], you said, what is it that I have not answered? How is it I have not repented? Oh please forgive me anyway I fail you for I know I am not perfect. I said unto you, Elisabeth [Elisheva] it’s not you for you hear MY ring and you answered MY call and all those who minister by your side and all those who know that Amightywind Ministry speaks forth the truth and has not lied. They’ve answered the call to repent, but then there are some who know the truths are in this Ministry and yet, they test ME and they believe it’s just enough to know you. They believe it’s just enough to read the Prophecies. They believe I’m always going to have mercy and there’ll be no consequences to sin. These are the ones I’m going to judge most heavy for they do not realize they are held accountable for the sins that I despise.

So tell them MY Daughter, they want a new Word to come forth. Tell them how pleased I am to those that go the extra mile, who not only strive to obey ME each day, but believe and speak and share the Words I say. They are not afraid of offending a man for their soul desire is pleasing ME YAHUSHUA, for they know their rewards will come from Heaven.

So tell them MY Daughter, you be that Elijah of New [in Hebrew, Eliyahu] that I’ve given you the anointing and a job to do.

Tell them MY Daughter, though they will spit in your face, you warn them MY Daughter, very soon they’ll be wiped off the human race.

Tell them MY Daughter, oh I’m coming again. I’m coming again, but this time it shall be with fire in MY eyes and I’m not talking about when I call MY Bride to MY side, I’m talking about the enemies who are as that fig tree I shall curse it and it will wither and die for all to see.

Tell them MY Daughter, you be that brave Prophet. Stop caring what women and men say.

You tell them MY Daughter, you tell them for ME for that is the ringing of the telephone. You have a call to be a Prophet. You answered it long ago. I’ll not let you not pick up that telephone. It is a calling upon your life that you can not escape for I have called you MY Daughter to warn this human race before the Tribulation is here, the time of Jacob’s trouble. Oh and for so, so many it will be too late.

These are the Words I have to say. Once again the enemies will send you mock and hate. Just know this, they are not of ME. Just know this, they are not sent of ME. Just know this, they are satan’s children, the bride of satan, the reprobate, the workers of iniquity and with their souls they shall pay with Hell and the Lake of Fire there soon coming fate.

Just don’t keep those words of hate, give them to ME. I can handle them, you can not. There not even meant for you oh Holy Ones, the words of hate are meant for ME. The mockery, the insults are meant for ME. They can not behold the anointing and the Holiness I’ve placed upon ALL who are MINE especially MY Bride who strive each day to please ME and serve ME and worship ME and call ME ALMIGHTY GOD and LORD, RULER of their life, MASTER, SAVIOR, they acknowledge ME. These are MY Bride. They take the abuse, they take the hatred, they are cursed, they are slandered, their name is spoken of as evil. These are MY Bride and oh so quickly I’m going to draw you by MY side. You know who you are. You receive the truth coming forth. You know who you are. You recognize the good fruit in this Amightywind Ministry for as amightywind it’s rushing over this earth. And now I take it in so many different languages and there’s many more to come.

You know who you are oh precious Bride of MINE. How do you know? Because you’ve been hated, you’ve been slandered, you’ve been despised, you’ve been cast out as evil. While all you do is try to please ME in every way and tell the sinners to repent and turn away from sin and you’ve been abused because of it. You know who you are, but you do not just speak of Holiness, you live a life of Holiness and you never pre-meditate sin. You are MY Bride. You are MY First fruits. So few of you when I look over this earth, but you are MY Bride and it’s you that I love and treasure. As your enemies that are MY enemies like unto Esau’s I do despise.

You take these Words Elisabeth [Elisheva] , you warn them the telephone is ringing. I’ve sent you as a Prophet to tell them. How many have heard it and yet refuse to acknowledge they’ve heard it. So I tell you, oh Prophet of MINE, tell them the call to repent, tell them what I let you hear and there will be those who will repent and turn from sins and the telephone you tell them that it’s ringing. They will hear. They will hear and they will be forgiven and as the number 8 says (8 rings on the telephone) we will have a new beginning all because I have a Prophet that’s willing to be mocked and despised for MY names sake as you shout out, answer the call to repent the telephone is ringing from Heaven, for I love enough to warn through MY Elijah of New [in Hebrew, Eliyahu], how even your name Elijah [in Hebrew, Eliyahu] is despised. Just remember, the Spirit of Jezebel chased the Elijah of Old [in Hebrew, Eliyahu] and can you expect anything less? Can any Holy Prophet expect anything less? Can any of the Bride of YAHUSHUA, MY Bride, expect anything less? For if they would’ve received ME, if all would’ve received ME with love they would be receiving you, but you look over this earth and I even send the cold to show the hearts of stone and yet they don’t repent, they don’t turn away. They say that I’m o God of only love and mercy and I don’t even convict of sin, but their going to see that’s why there is going to be what is called a Great Tribulation.

Thank you Elisabeth [Elisheva] for answering the call for if you were living in sin you wouldn’t have even heard the telephone ring, but you did and it rang 8 times because for many, many will listen and this will be their new beginning.”

Spoken under the Anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH
to Apostle Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)

Offending most, and a blessing to others, a Child. Warrior Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH/JESUS CHRIST