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Prophecy 13, 81, 99;

Leviticus 21:1-24:23;

Ezekiel 44:15-31;

Matthew 26:59-66;

AMIGHTYWIND YAHUSHUA'S New Blood Covenant Prophecies

This is from Prophecy 105, YAHUVEH said to put this up on all Prophecies from now on: I warned you a long time ago Elisheva not to name this Ministry after a man or a woman even before there was a Ministry. I put it in your spirit for none of this has been done by your hand, none of this has come forth from your mouth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUVEH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of the RUACH ha KODESH your IMMAYAH that has given birth. If it had only been by your hand it would have failed long ago (this entire ministry was birthed in 1995, and what he speaks here is of the anointing. I give all praise honor and glory to ABBA YAH YAHUSHUA and IMMAYAH, for it is their anointing in each page that you read, for it is not by my words, it is by the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH that I can even hear what YAH speaks). It is by the SHKHINYAH GLORY’S Wind that blows across this earth, the Holy Wind of Revival, it is not by your breath or it would have failed. (Isaiah 42:8)

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May 9, 2020

Prophecy 13, Tell Them MY Child, Tell Them for ME!

Given to Rev. Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Sherrie Eliyahu) on January 24, 1998

This is from Prophecy 105, YAHUVEH said to put this up on all Prophecies from now on: I warned you a long time ago Elisabeth (Elisheva) not to name this Ministry after a man or a woman even before there was a Ministry. I put it in your spirit for none of this has been done by your hand, none of this has come forth from your mouth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUVEH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of the RUACH ha KODESH your IMMAYAH that has given birth. If it had only been by your hand it would have failed long ago. It is by the SHKHINYAH GLORY’S Wind that blows across this earth, the Holy Wind of Revival, it is not by your breath or it would have failed. (Isaiah 42:8)

In July 2010 YAHUVEH GOD also said to add the following from 2nd Chronicles before every Prophecy:

2 Chronicles 36:16, “But they mocked the Messengers of GOD, despised HIS Words, and scoffed at HIS Prophets, until the wrath of the LORD arose against HIS people, till there was no remedy.”

* * * * * * *

During prayer today, 1/23/98, I was praying with my friend Sharon. I was telling her about Gabriel and how I can still see the vision of the trumpet pressed to his lips, waiting for the cue to blow it from Father YAHUVEH on the throne.

She said, “Oh Sherrie (Elisheva Sherrie) you seen that?” And as I attempted to answer, instead tongues tore out of me! But they were different, urgent tongues; hot tears fell on my face. Then the RUACH ha KODESH showed me YAHUSHUA. He was knelt on the ground. He is facing Gabriel and he has his face covered with his hands and he is weeping. Sobbing so hard. He spoke and I can hear these words. The sobs tore out of me as if it was he weeping through me. The tears I let dry on my face, so hot they were. Knowing somehow these weren’t fleshly tears but tears coming from YAHUSHUA. I can still feel them on my face as though they were dried there and stayed.

These are the words the RUACH ha KODESH now puts back into my spirit for I am ordered to, “Tell them MY Child, tell them for ME.” 1/24/98 given to this Child, Warrior, Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH.

* * * * * * *

Although I rejoice at coming to take MY Children out of this wicked world, to carry MY Bride home in MY arms, I weep and I sob for I am torn in half. So many will be left, so many that call themselves MINE and yet MY Spirit is not in them. They will be left to suffer the wrath of Almighty God YAHUVEH! Tell them MY daughter, tell them for ME. Warn them. Many will listen and obey this prophecy. I weep for the churches that are overflowing and people stand in line to get in the churches.

Yet MY RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit) is not in these churches. These people call themselves mine, and they don’t know ME. They are the church of the pretenders. Tell them MY child, tell them for ME. They will be left to suffer the wrath of Almighty God YAHUVEH if they don’t REPENT! What a tragedy. Tell them MY child, tell them for ME, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH IS COMING QUICKLY! I weep for the husbands that will leave their heathen wives. I weep for the wives who will leave their heathen husbands. I weep for they tried but the heathen spouses would not listen.

Tell them MY child; tell them for ME for I am coming oh so quickly. I weep for the ones who think I hate them. Yet for their sins I died and arose for them. Tell them MY child; tell them for ME for I am coming now oh so quickly. I know it will seem like so few are listening and more will cover their ears, than hear. But nothing has changed. Did they not also do the same to ME? Did they not watch me crucified at Calvary? Did not the same ones that saw the miracles I did, shout crucify him on that tree? When all I wanted was to be a blessing to them and thee, and I died for all from satan’s grip to set you free for all eternity.

And yet how many lips still curse, deny, disobey, mock and blasphemy ME? You will be a like a voice crying in the wilderness and MY Daughter, it will seem as though you can hear only your own echo coming back unto your own ears. Yet it is not your echo, but MY echo the world shall hear coming forth out of your lips that I have ordained and anointed to speak forth MY words, not your words.

Great has been the price you and others I have ordained, anointed to speak forth MY words, a great sacrifice you have paid. But great will be your rewards. For nothing you give up for ME, will go unrewarded. No pain or suffering you have endured will go unrewarded. Whatever you have suffered for MY Name’S sake. I will reward you not only on this earth but also for all eternity in Heaven. Tell them MY child; tell them for ME for I am coming oh so quickly.

Great will be the blessings I have reserved for all who serve and obey, tithe, who are holy and worship ME. Tell them MY child; tell them for ME For I am coming oh so quickly. I tell you others will hear this prophetic echo all over the world. And they will not hear the voice of a woman speaking, but hear the voice of Almighty God YAHUVEH speaking. They will not hear one voice but many will be echoing MY voice.

Even the heathen will be forced to hear MY voice. Can you not hear an echo even afar off? Though they shut their ears, they shall hear MY voice speak. It’s their choice whether to obey, but I will force them to listen. Do not fear the enemy’s hatred, wrath, or rejection, and threats. As the world hated ME so they will hate thee and all who truly belong to ME. Tell them MY child, tell them for ME so souls can still in MY Name and Blood be set free from the wrath of YAHUVEH Almighty that is coming upon this world quickly. First I am coming to take MY Children home oh so lovingly! I know who are MINE; those with MY Spirit in them already have the unseen wings to fly.

Tell them MY child; tell them for ME, for I am coming oh so quickly. Those that I call MY Children will hear and recognize MY voice. Those that are not MY Children but are of the church of the pretenders will cover their ears and say go away. We don’t want to hear what you say. Even when what I prophesy comes to pass at last, they will blame you of causing it. For you spoke it forth and what you prophesy for others will happen very fast.

This world will never embrace MY Children. This world is sinful and a stench in MY nostrils. The sin stench in America and in these nation leaders and of this world is gagging ME. And from this stench I will be free. That’s why I am coming to get MY Children safely home quickly. Then the judgment of YAHUVEH will fall on this earth in a way that has never been dreamed of nor ever will happen again. And it will happen to this heathen land. But if the world is embracing you when I come, then know this and beware for you’re not MY child. You belong to satan, and your name is not written in the Lamb’s Book of Life under the heading redeemed. You are only fit for the judgment and wrath of Almighty God YAHUVEH! Hell is what you will see.

There is a Lamb’s Book of Life that was created before the world was formed, and I knew in advance whose name would be written and under what heading. There are but three headings there. The redeemed…. blotted out…..the damned… your name is already there in one of the places. Even those that are listed under redeemed can have their name blotted out, and if it is blotted out, it will be because you knew the goodness of YAHUVEH the Father, yet chose to serve the god of this world fleshly desire and turned your back on ME and only pretended to give your hearts and lives to ME. I knew all this in advance which choices you would make, for I am the God of all wisdom and knowledge I am never surprised at anything that happens.

Remember whatever, whomever you love the most is the God you serve. Mick Jagger the world embraces and applauds, yet he serves another god. The god of evil and though I have allowed the fame and fortune, this is all he will ever know for he sold his soul to hell long ago. Now he only seeks to take others where he is going. So many rock stars as they are called, even this name satan mocks me for he knows there is but one Living Rock and it is I your Lord YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Know this; rock music is not of the Living Rock! Rock stars have not the spirit of the living rock. They have sold their souls for fame and fortune. Made pacts with the devil that I could easily break and I do many times. Yet they can still repent, turn away, and wash them in MY shed Blood of Calvary.

Entertainers, you have sold your souls. You are paid to curse all that is holy and MY Name for mere worldly fame and fortune. Yet you cannot buy your way into Heaven. The rich and famous of this world are not the rich and famous in Almighty God YAHUVEH’s eyes. You are paupers, yet you know it not. You are starving for the Bread of Life, yet you know it not. You are dying of thirst for the Living Water, yet you know it not. You are naked, and have no covering, yet you know it not. You are heading for hell, and you know it not. You are rich in worldly possessions, yet paupers in spiritual gifts. Your money cannot buy what I have given MY Children freely. MY Children serve ME, and put me first in their lives, live holy for ME, and witness for ME, suffer for MY Namesake. MY Children tithe, give offerings to support the work I have commanded other ministers to do, using holy tithes and offerings.

For this reason I will spare them on the Day of Judgment MY children are not afraid to stand up for holiness. They will speak out against homosexuality, and abortion, pornography, and all manner of sin. Did I not love enough to even warn the Pharisee’s? How much more should you? Did I not send Moses to warn the evil Pharaoh? How much more should you? MY Children know I have promised, the same reward this minister receives in Heaven for ministering to the people, bringing souls to ME, praying, teaching, setting captives free in MY Name. Speaking out against unholiness and speaking forth MY prophetic messages.

The same treasure is laid up for whoever supports, encourages, and prays for these apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers those that set the captives free for MY Glory. They will also receive the same rewards stored up for them in Heaven.

I admonish you, sow your seed only into ministries that preach and teach the entire truth, even if it offends. Pray for these ministers, support them. I am not speaking of man made licenses this world calls spiritual credentials. Many have these and have huge churches also, yet they use them to lead the people astray. Only Almighty God YAHUVEH ordains, not man.

For I know the Spirit of that man or woman, I know if they are fit to be a spiritual leader. Once again man is playing god. Many are called and few are chosen by ME. So do not let satan deceive. You will be held accountable if you are giving tithes and offering money to a church you know is not preaching the true gospel of YAHUSHUA. If that pastor is teaching error and leading others astray and you are helping him with your tithes and offerings you will feel convicted even as you read this, and you will know I am not pleased. For in doing so you have helped the enemy to cause MY Children defeat.

I am pleased when you give tithes and offerings to those who daily lay his or her life down for ME. Daily is a servant to the people and ME. Most of the time they are abused, rejected, hated for standing for holiness, and speaking forth MY messages.

So many of the ministers are carrying the financial burden alone. Where are MY Children I have blessed? Why do you sow seed in hard dry infertile soil? Why aren’t you praying and asking where to plant your holy tithes and offerings? Yes, I have exposed Satan’s counterfeit who rob ME by stealing holy tithes and offerings and only use them for their own purposes. The wolves in sheep’s clothing are being exposed, and they will stand before Almighty God YAHUVEH who they robbed from on Judgment Day! Woe is unto these ministers.

Pray I will show you the genuine to satan’s counterfeit. I had a greedy disciple, a son of hell, yet that does not mean all the disciples were traitors does it? So it is true again. You have asked, “Why aren’t I blessed for my giving ten percent”? I will tell you, because you’re sowing seed into hard dry soil that is teaching error and leading others astray into the very bowels of hell. REPENT TODAY! If you’re MY child and you’re not giving tithes and offerings then you’re not obeying ME. Then why do you say you love ME when you’re not obeying ME? REPENT TODAY! So I can bless you like the loaves and fishes miracles. So your prayers will get quick answers.

Some of MY Children I hear now saying, “Oh no, I am not going to give any of MY money to a ministry, I don’t believe in tithing” and others will say, “I give to a ministry, I don’t like it and I admit I give grudgingly but I do give not much but I do give”. Here is MY answer to the first group who call themselves MINE. Check yourself, for if you’re not obeying the word of YAHUVEH, how can you say MY RUACH ha KODESH is within you? How can you say you love ME and not obey ME? For those that give sparingly and grudgingly I tell you this, I will also give back to you sparingly and grudgingly.

For the same measure you give, and the same attitude is the same attitude I give back to you. So you now have your answers. When I don’t answer your prayers quickly, you now know why. When it seems as if holes are in your pockets, and the devourer comes and eats your seed so there is not enough to pay your debtors, you now know why. There is a curse upon all finances that do not remember to give the 10% as tithe. An offering is anything above that. When it seems everything that can go wrong in your life is going wrong. You now know why.

You have robbed YAHUVEH! Malachi 3 does not change. The famous ministers of this world are not always speaking forth truth but instead examine what they are saying, does it line up with the word of YAHUVEH or are they twisting line up with the Word of YAHUVEH or to conform to man’s image? Your tithes and offerings no matter how great the sacrifice is not holy to ME, if you are sowing into satan’s kingdom! And that is what you’re doing if you’re supporting someone whom teaches error, and teaches man made doctrine, not the Holy Word of YAHUVEH that cannot lie. I am the Word that was made flesh! You are now held accountable for what you did not know, or were taught.


I could make money rain from Heaven to support the ministers’ needs, yet I chose to not do this for instead I want you to share in the blessing by being a part of giving your 10% tithe and offerings to support the work of YAHUSHUA. Many of you think the tithe is after taxes, after you pay your bills but read Malachi 3 carefully and you will see it’s the best, not the leftovers. REPENT, before you didn’t know better, now you are held accountable for what you know. You will know you are truly MINE, when you desire to tithe and get excited as you get this into your Spirit. When you tithe you are only storing up your blessings in Heaven to be released when needed and quick answers to your prayers. Test me and see if I am a God that lies. Read Malachi 3 then put ME to the test.

Since I know most won’t take the time to read, I will have MY servant stop here and type it out for you. Remember the devil has deceived you by using his servants to make you think all pastors drive Rolls Royces, and have private jets, and line their pockets with silver and gold. These who do these things rob the tithes, offerings from the ministers who need it and who I have told MY People to tithe and give offerings to. Why am I speaking of this through this prophetic message? It is because you won’t hear these truths in the wealthy ministries, they are too afraid to offend man. They won’t warn you where the wolves are. They won’t tell you sin is sin, YAHUVEH has not changed, man has. The wealthy ministers take the heathen’s money and don’t even care to tell them they must repent, for they are on their way to hell.

The ministers I am raising up will speak forth MY words; they have not the wealth of this world to fear losing. But in these end times they must also have your support. It will be these ministers who in boldness will be like John the Baptist. Many of MY Children think because the rich and famous ministers have churches over flowing, lines standing to get in, on TV and radio the very names famous, then surely the tithe will reap more seed given to someone doing MY work, but are not famous, or have the material possessions listed above. MY faithful ministers support the ministries out of their own finances. They rely on ME to move on the people’s hearts to sow seed into the humble ministries. I have spoken to this servant that I now use to convey this message when she has asked ME why I have not sent the fish with the gold coins in their mouths. Thus saith the Almighty God YAHUVEH to all MY servants and ministers who have asked the same question. I have sent them, I have told them to give, but they would not obey.

So I will rise up obedient servants who will sow their seed into the fertile soul winning ministries. Yes even this ministry for the laborer is worthy of wages. Why is it when a person has a worldly job, everyone thinks yes they should be paid for the hard work. But when the person works for ME and even works harder. For a minister works every waking moment, and every day of their lives. Yet how few understand these are worthy of pay also. Are they not? This is what the tithe is for. Did I not command the first tithe to go to priest Aaron? Read all of Malachi 3 and ask ME to teach you why there is a blessing in this, not only for the soil the seed is planted in, but also for the sower of the seed. You who are reading this MY RUACH ha KODESH is convicting and showing whether you are obedient or not. Malachi 3:6-18. I YAHUVEH do not change. So you, oh descendants of Jacob, are not destroyed.

Ever since the time of your forefathers you have turned away from MY decrees and have not kept them. Return to ME and I will return to you, says the Almighty God YAHUVEH. But you ask how are we to return? Will a man rob YAHUVEH? Yet you rob me. But you ask, how do we rob you? In tithes and offerings. You are under a curse, the whole nation, because you are robbing ME. Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in MY house. Test me in this, says the Almighty God YAHUVEH and see if I will not throw open the windows of Heaven (floodgates) and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it. I will prevent pests from devouring your crops, and the vines in your fields will not cast their fruit says the Almighty God YAHUVEH. Then all will call you blessed, for yours will be a delightful land, says the Almighty God YAHUVEH and you have said harsh things against ME, says YAHUVEH.

Yet you ask, “What have we said against you”? You have said, “It is futile to serve YAHUVEH, what did we gain by carrying out his requirements and going about as mourners before the Almighty God YAHUVEH?” But now we call the arrogant blessed. Certainly the evil doers prosper, and even those that challenge YAHUVEH escape. Then those that feared YAHUVEH talked with each other, and YAHUVEH listened and heard, a scroll of remembrance was written in his presence concerning those that feared YAHUVEH and honored HIS Name. They will be mine says Almighty God YAHUVEH, in the day when I make up my treasured possessions I will spare them, just as in comparison a man spares his son who serves him and you will again see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between those who serve YAHUVEH and those who do not. Those who support MY ministries that speak forth MY Word, do it not for their praise, honor and glory, but for MY Praise, Honor and Glory. So that their goodness will be a reflection of the God they serve. What a joy you are to me.

Oh the shame I have for those of you who do support MY ministers and yet do it for a tax deduction. Truly there will no other blessing than this. Beware of those who give to the charities so they can get money back on their taxes. I know your hearts. They are far from ME. This is a stench of a sacrifice not pleasing unto MY nostrils. REPENT TODAY! I have many millionaires yet so few support those that dare to be MY messengers. They will be held accountable on Judgment Day.


Invest in souls. You can’t take the money and possessions when you leave this earth. I will ask those who have been blessed abundantly, “How did you use your money for MY glory, for MY Children?” What will you say? Satan has people sow seed into evil works, evil shepherds that twist MY words, speak forth messages that do not offend less they suffer financially, or lose their tax exempt status. Or who fear offending the heathens and don’t fear offending Almighty God YAHUVEH. Woe be unto you. I have raised up ministers who have not worldly wealth. But in boldness speak forth MY words, blessing MY People and ME.

I speak unto the hearts of MY People, and say tithe, give love offerings and they act as though they were deaf and blind to the needs of the ministers. Woe be unto you rebellious children! I will take what I have given you away and give it to one of MY Children that are not greedy. The job you have I have given you, not to store up in case you need it someday, but to use it to preach the Gospel around the world. I am speaking to the hearts of those who have worshipped material possessions more than ME. Who have worshipped money more than ME. These things will not spare you when I come again. Build up your treasures in Heaven, where moth and rust cannot destroy them, where thieves cannot steal them. How many of you are doing these? Do you clothe the naked? Feed the poor? Not in your name but in MY Name! Not for your glory, but for MY glory.

Entertainers and the rich give to all manners of charities thinking this will appease MY anger, yet it does not. For many do these things, give little out of their abundance for their praise, honor and glory not for MINE in their names not in MY NameS. Truly this is their only reward. Money cannot fill the void that I was meant to fill. Everyone has a void; it is a vacuum that was placed inside each human being made in MY image to love ME and desire to love their creator. Yet mankind fills that void with so many worldly things, material things seeking after other gods, yet I am the only one that can fill that void. I grieve for the world thinks when someone is taken by death that is rich or famous and everyone knows that person’s name, that this person because of his fame and fortune on this earth will inherit the kingdom of Heaven. Yet it’s a lie from hell! If the rich and the famous are loved by this world, and not rejected for belonging to ME, then again I say they have not the Spirit of the Living God within them!

Tell them MY child; tell them for ME, is this really worth the price of hell for all eternity? Tell them only serving and worshipping and loving YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, putting ME first in their lives, obeying ME, living holy, defending holiness, loving others enough to warn them, this will get them into Heaven. Tell them MY child; tell them for ME, they have stolen the love and adoration that was meant for ME. Tell them MY child; tell them for ME, if they want salvation it comes by the way of the Blood I shed at Calvary.

The Entertainers do so many good works, yet they don’t do them for ME, for MY Praise, Honor and Glory. Tell them MY child, tell them for ME. Tell them to REPENT; turn away from their sins, there is forgiveness in MY shed Blood of Calvary. I died for them also to set them free. Tell them, MY child; tell them for ME for you’re not just sent to the poor, and abused sheep, you’re sent to the ones that set themselves above the average who believe their own publicity they bought. You are sent to the leaders of this land, and many [lands]. Tell them MY child, tell them for ME for the rich and poor are the same to ME. I shed MY Blood for them at Calvary, so from hell they could be set free. Tell them MY child, tell them for ME for I am coming quickly! Faith without works is dead! Many of the rich and the famous have not put their faith in ME, but in the popularity of this world. In the power of the one who has the most money.

Even a beloved talk show host that the world knows once was MINE but now has gone astray. The world embraces her for she stands for the world. She no longer stands up for holiness, but instead scoffs at what she knows is holy. She mocks the Word of YAHUVEH she once believed seeking other gods for her itching ears. She has gone a whoring after other gods, yet tell her to REPENT and come back to ME for it is I who have given her this favor and popularity, so she would lead others to MY saving Blood at Calvary. Tell this to Oprah Winfrey. Tell her MY child, tell her for ME for Princess Diana’s fate will be hers for all eternity if she doesn’t quickly repent and come back to YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, who paid the price, so she could be from satan’s grip set free. Tell Oprah Winfrey, to come back to Calvary to come back to the roots of her forefathers where she belongs. Tell her no one can love her like I love her.

Tell her I have blessed her with every desire of her heart, and nothing can fill that God made void but ME. I am waiting for her to return and yet she calls herself MINE, and MY Spirit is far from her. Tell her for me MY Daughter, I weep for her! I weep for this world she leads astray. Tell Oprah, MY child, tell her for ME though she may mock, she will know in her spirit a prophet of YAHUVEH has warned her and the one I have sent is thee. Tell her MY child, tell her for ME, return to the God of Holiness she once worshiped, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH who paid the price at Calvary. Tell her she must live by the Holy Word of YAHUVEH, or she will never see her family that waits for her in Heaven. Tell her; tell her MY Daughter, for ME for I have called you to minister to the world’s talk show host Oprah Winfrey.

Tell her she was meant to be MINE, yet she has run from ME time after time. Tell her MY daughter, tell her for ME. All of MY Children that watch her each day, and make her rich, quote the words that she says, I now convict you sorely with a message like this. You call yourself by MY Name, yet you watch her daily take the meaning of holiness and profane. Rise up and tell her, tell her for ME, you also are MY voices that must bring her back to the Spirit of repentance through MY Blood shed at Calvary. Tell her MY Children; tell her for ME it’s you she tries and pleases and not ME.

I rejoice over you, MY Children who are rich in faith. Not putting your faith in the riches of this world. You cannot serve two masters. You will hate one and love the other. You cannot serve two worlds, the world of the flesh, and the world of the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those that deny the flesh and live and walk in the RUACH ha KODESH will I spare. Tell them MY child, be MY voice and tell them for ME. To whom YAHUSHUA has given spiritual ears and eyes, with this message will be set free. Tell them MY child, tell them for ME. MY black sheep, no matter how far you have wandered, come back to your only Good Shepherd, come back to ME.

Rebuke satan and from these demons of unholiness flee and Heaven you shall yet see. Tell them MY child; tell them for ME, YAHUSHUA paid the price at Calvary. I have done all I can do; now I leave the choices up to you. Tell them, all who have ears to hear, and eyes to see, pass on these messages I have spoken to thee, so you will on the coming day be worthy, as I gather MY elect in MY arms and take them home, you will know because of your words you’re not going alone. Tell them MY Children; tell them for ME, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH is coming quickly. For Gabriel has his eyes on our Father YAHUVEH, the horn to his lips, he only awaits Father YAHUVEH’s sign, and then YAHUVEH will turn to ME and say, “GO, NOW IS THE TIME, GO AND GET YOUR BRIDE!” Till then I wait, watch and listen knowing who will obey, and pass on this warning of the coming Judgment Day.

Tell them MY Children, tell them for ME. Together let your voices echo with this prophet of MINE while there is yet time. Tell them MY Children, tell them for ME. Tell them MY child, tell them for ME. Having faith in ME is the key to their destiny. But it’s not enough to just believe who I am, MY children must obey, love, serve the Great God YAHUVEH “I AM!” Tell them MY child, though many will not listen, tell them for ME! Heaven or Hell is for eternity. Tell them MY Children, tell them for ME. You have been warned this day, what will it be? Will I say, “Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter in,” or will I say, “Depart from ME you worker of evil and sin, The RUACH ha KODESH of Father YAHUVEH you never had within. You have served the god of this world and sin now you who have served satan you will suffer forever with him.” Tell them MY Children, tell them for ME. YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH IS COMING QUICKLY! Tell them MY child, tell them for ME!

Given to Child, Warrior, Bride of YAHUSHUA, Prophet Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Sherrie Eliyahu)

Prophecy 81, Oh Yisrael! I, YAHUVEH, Rebuke You!

Written/Spoken under the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH
through Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)

January 24, 2006 at 7:00 p.m. (1st part of prophecy)
YAHUVEH said do not release yet, it is not finished

Released 2nd part February 7, 2006 – 5:00 p.m


This is from Prophecy 105, YAHUVEH said to put this up on all Prophecies from now on: I warned you a long time ago Elisabeth (Elisheva) not to name this Ministry after a man or a woman even before there was a Ministry. I put it in your spirit for none of this has been done by your hand, none of this has come forth from your mouth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUVEH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of the RUACH ha KODESH your IMMAYAH that has given birth. If it had only been by your hand it would have failed long ago. It is by the SHKHINYAH GLORY’S Wind that blows across this earth, the Holy Wind of Revival, it is not by your breath or it would have failed. (Isaiah 42:8)

In July 2010 YAHUVEH GOD also said to add the following from 2nd Chronicles before every Prophecy:

2 Chronicles 36:16, “But they mocked the Messengers of GOD, despised HIS Words, and scoffed at HIS Prophets, until the wrath of the LORD arose against HIS people, till there was no remedy.”

* * * * * * *

Oh Yisrael, Oh Yisrael, I grieve. What more must I do, for I sent MY Son YAHUSHUA to you.

* * * * * * *

[On Audio Tape]

Elisabeth [Elisheva] saying “Hmmm.”

“Stop, Stop, Stop!” [She was told by YAHUVEH to stop and take our spiritual authority, first binding satan and his demons away from the area we are living, binding all princes, powers, principalities and rulers in high places over this area, in the Name of YAHUSHUA, so this word could not be hindered.] [Elisabeth (Elisheva) continued in Holy Tongues and this is the prayer that came forth under the anointing.]

“This is the word to be given to Yisrael after a dream that stirred up the anointing in me. So I beg you, Abba YAHUVEH, because you love me, because you created me, you created these lips and this tongue, I would rather that you never created me than to let me ever falsely prophesy a word in your Name. So if this is truly of you, let this Word come forth. If not, let these Words go away.

In the Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, I pray. I ask you, Abba YAHUVEH, in the Name of YAHUSHUA, to put your heavenly coals on these lips. Let your words come forth in a way they have never been before (Holy Tongues) Holy, Holy, Holy, we praise you Abba YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA.”

[I stopped the Word from coming forth until I took that Spiritual authority.] Oh Holy, Holy, Holy Abba YAHUVEH, what is it you want to say?”

* * * * * * *

Prophecy 81

Oh Yisrael! I, YAHUVEH, Rebuke You!

Oh Yisrael, Oh Yisrael, that which is a apple in MY eye that has a worm in it, I rebuke you! I, YAHUVEH, the one that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob worships and they obeyed,


You say why are we forced to give up the land our forefathers gave us? I ask you this question: Are you walking in Torah? Are you living in Torah? As your forefathers did?

Oh, Yisrael, just as surely as MY Son YAHUSHUA had a Judas betray HIM for 30 pieces of silver, so too you have a Judas, the one who hands you the so-called road map of peace that will only end in your destruction, to prepare the way for that which is called the antichrist, the anti-Messiah.

People say you are the Holy Land, but I, YAHUVEH, say there is no holiness. So few of a remnant I have that actually walk in Torah and live in Torah. You have a Pharisee spirit. And I tell you this: although it is not I dividing your land, but I will allow the enemy to do so for your disobedience.

But I tell you this; I swear by this, by MY OWN Name I, YAHUVEH, swear by this. I will take vengeance on your enemies for it is MY, and MY alone authority to punish you in a way that I have decreed. These enemies that come against you shall have the fate of a Judas. I, YAHUVEH, will have mercy on the remnant that is Holy, those of you who weep and mourn and wail as you see a Judas’ betrayal, those of you who plead for the land, for Jerusalem, those of you who despise and rebuke the man of sin. Those of you who call upon MY Name in MY Son YAHUSHUA’s Name, I will have mercy and I will bless you. You are not appointed to MY wrath.

But you oh America and the other nations that join you, who dare to touch that which I told you not to touch, to divide that which I told you not to divide, you shall suffer the fate of a Judas. You will rue the day that you threw the 30 pieces of silver Yisrael’s way. For as you divide the land, as you bribe the one to divide the land so too I shall divide you in every way. 2005 was just an example. You know not, nor even comprehend, the horror I have coming your way straight from Heaven no man sent. Oh Yisrael, Oh Yisrael, how long will you fight against ME? I know the very day when you relinquish your will to ME. Oh, but a bloody road you have to travel until MY SON YAHUSHUA comes and you will shout, “Blessed is he who comes in the Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH.”

But until that day, oh what a bloody road you have to travel. The dead are all around, to the left and to the right, weeping and lamenting for the horror that comes at night. You knew better, you knew better, and still you did what I told you not to do. You accepted the bribe, symbolically called the 30 pieces of silver. I cover MY face everytime I hear Yisrael referred to, Yisrael as a Holy Land. I search far and wide and there is only a remnant that can be called Holy before ME and they are those that weep and lament, for they see what is happening to their land.

Abortion and homosexuality, pornography, fornication, idolatry should have no part in you. Again and again I see the Pharisee’s spirit still rule you. You oh Yisrael, have a form of godliness and how much Godliness is within? I, YAHUVEH, rebuke you and I am chastising you and it has only just begun.

Evil Rabbis who are not a Rabbi, yet they dare to call themselves Rabbis, have a form of godliness but no Godliness within. They have no fear of I, YAHUVEH, or MY Son YAHUSHUA or the price HE paid at Calvary. They are only fit for the fire of MY destruction. I have a remnant, so few of a remnant. They even shudder at the name of Rabbi, for they are humble before ME and these are the ones that please ME who say there is but one Rabbi, and HIS Name is YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH.

Oh Yisrael, I look over your land and how much of it is Torahless. Lawlessness abounds and you wonder why? You fear your enemies of this world more than you fear ME, I, YAHUVEH. You allowed those you called Rabbi to steal MY Sacred Name, to teach you, “Do not call upon that Name, you are not worthy to call upon the Name of the Creator!” You believed their lies but I send MY Handmaiden Prophet to tell you now, “Do not believe these lies!” Call upon ME in MY Name, YAHUVEH once again and use the Name of YAHUSHUA, to get to MY throne. You are allowed to know MY Name. What child doesn’t know the Father’s Name? Believe not these lies. There is anointed Power in MY Name and I will hear and answer your cries when you come to ME in MY Holy SON YAHUSHUA’s Name!

Read your own scriptures. How many times do I tell you to call out in MY Name and I will deliver you? Ask yourself who is it that would teach us that we are not worthy to call upon the Name of the Creator? This has been the devil doctrine’s lies taught to you by your own Rabbis. Rebuke these lies. I am not G-D. I am not L-rd. When you have deleted MY Name, you have sinned and taken MY Name in vain. I am YAHUVEH. However you pronounce it (YAHVEH, YAHWEH), at least you are acknowledging MY Name. I defy you tell ME where I have told you in your Holy Scriptures you are not worthy to call upon MY Name? MY Name is not Ha Shem (the name). MY Name is not merely Adonai (Lord)!

I am YAHUVEH, Creator of all. MY Name is not spelled God. These are labels and titles given to ME by your Rabbis and translators of the scriptures who desire to omit MY Name, spelling it YHVH or YHWH. I have given each person a name. I am YAHUVEH, I have a Name. Prove you love ME and trust ME by using MY Sacred Name. Did King David not call upon MY Name for deliverance? Do you not read your own Psalms? What does Psalm 91 promise if you call upon MY Name? Oh Yisrael, so much as been stolen from you, even as the Holy Books have been rewritten to exclude MY Name. Take back what has been stolen, and see when you call upon I, YAHUVEH, in MY SON YAHUSHUA’s Name, will I not quickly deliver you from your enemies.

Oh Yisrael, Oh Jerusalem, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH MY SON was sent from Heaven, born from a Hebrew virgin maiden. YAHUSHUA is a Jew and HE prophesied on your land, and did miracles and the blind saw, the lame walked, the deaf heard, the mute talked, lepers were cleansed, sick were healed, and the dead arose, all in your land, oh Yisrael. YAHUSHUA taught in your own Temples on Shabbat, kept all the Holy Feasts, for do you not see that YAHUSHUA is symbolized in all those Holy Feasts?

YAHUSHUA did countless miracles in your land. HE taught and is the Living Torah as HE prophesied. YAHUSHUA lived and was executed even though HE was sinless, for this world’s sake. YAHUSHUA arose from the dead from a tomb in Yisrael after pouring out HIS Holy Blood out on your land as people cried out, “Crucify HIM” at Calvary. YAHUSHUA prayed for you with his dying breath, “Abba, forgive them, they know not what they do.” Therefore I will have mercy on your land, oh YISRAEL, oh Jerusalem. As YAHUSHUA’s hands were nailed to a tree with spikes driven in HIS hands, HE withstood more torture and torment than mere man could stand.

I, YAHUVEH, chose your land oh Yisrael, to give birth to the only MESSIAH of this world. That is how much I, YAHUVEH, love you and favor you oh Yisrael. YAHUSHUA’s Blood will keep your Yisrael from being totally destroyed and keep it from being wiped off the face of the map even though even the Name of YAHUSHUA the majority of Jews despise that Name and deny HIS Deity. YAHUSHUA’s veins and arteries are spread out across Yisrael. YAHUSHUA spurted out HIS Lifeblood that penetrated the ground at Calvary and spiritually now reaches the 4 corners of this earth. I, YAHUVEH, chose you oh Yisrael, of all the nations of the world to do this. For whosoever can believe and will receive MY Son YAHUSHUA as the only Holy Blood Sacrifice for the remission of sins. YAHUSHUA is the only Intercessor before I, YAHUVEH.

YAHUSHUA is the only Holy Blood atonement I will accept. For those who refuse this shed Blood to wash away their sins, those who refuse YAHUSHUA’s sinless Blood as HE was executed in a sinner’s place, you will be judged by Moshe (Moses) who will have no mercy on you when you say YAHUSHUA is not worthy to be called the Son of YAHUVEH and to be your Mashiach and you thought being called a Jew and following Torah is enough to save your soul. Foolish humans, do you not know there is no one that is perfect that walked this earth except MY Son YAHUSHUA. Until Yisrael shouts ‘Hosanna’ to YAHUSHUA once again and HE rules as King of Kings, there will be no true peace until Yisrael admits YAHUSHUA is I, YAHUVEH’s only Begotten Son, birthed from a virgin Jewish handmaiden, totally sinless. And YAHUSHUA is all HE prophesied and all that was prophesied by the prophets of old foretelling HIS coming.

YAHUSHUA’s heart beat pulses throughout Yisrael, HIS veins and arteries carry the only Holy Blood sacrifice that washes away the stench of sins all over the world, to those that will acknowledge I sent YAHUSHUA in I, YAHUVEH’S Name to be the only MASHIACH.

Oh Yisrael, there is no remission of sin without a blood sacrifice. Where is your blood sacrifice? Do you really think an animal will suffice again? Oh Yisrael, oh Jerusalem, can you not see there will be no true peace. The fear, lamentations and blood will continue to flow from your land until you rebuke the Judas’ who also come in the form of politicians and evil Pharisees, evil Rabbis, with a form of godliness but no Godliness within. Yisrael, beware the coming of the son of satan, he is the son of perdition who will come with his false peace, and will lie to you when you think peace has at last come, now you can let down your guard. Instead trust the only Prince of Peace and accept the only sinless blood atonement I gave you through MY SON YAHUSHUA at Calvary.

There is no salvation, no true peace for you oh Yisrael, until you no longer reject the new Blood Covenant I gave you through YAHUSHUA, as YAHUSHUA is the only Holy MASHIACH (Messiah)! The old blood covenant cannot save your soul from Hell. The old blood covenant was only there until the appointed time when there would be a better, new blood covering covenant. Oh Yisrael, no longer conform to other nations’ image of what sin is. Instead be as a King David once again. Praise I, YAHUVEH, and humble yourselves and repent of your sins in MY SON YAHUSHUA’s Name. Do not rely on any nation to save you from destruction, for you will be sorely disappointed.

Because of the covenant I have made with Abraham and MY SON YAHUSHUA, I will heal your land when you repent before I, YAHUVEH, and turn again to follow the laws of Torah that Moshe (Moses) gave you on Mt. Sinai. Stand for Holiness even though the world will mock you. Oh Yisrael, do not stone the Prophets, or imprison, or kill the Prophets I will send to you to rebuke you. Instead be grateful I love you enough to chastise you and warn you before I loose MY wrath on those who refuse to obey and who are MY enemies.

Your wailing wall is drenched in tears and soaked in prayers begging for mercy. Your enemies surround you on all sides. Now those who have deceived you have convinced you to turn Jew against Jew, even to kill each other, evicting one another from their homes and lands, betraying one another. You run away from your Goliaths instead of turning to ME as King David did as a shepherd boy. I cannot bless you until you stand for Holiness. Oh Yisrael, I make you this promise and remind you through this handmaiden of MINE. You will be cast down, but not utterly destroyed. Oh Yisrael and Jerusalem, you will be perplexed but not forsaken. I, YAHUVEH, will send you hope when there seems to be no escape. I, YAHUVEH, will chastise you but not forsake you. You will be trodden down by the heathen, but you shall arise again to a greater glory. As in the time of Moses, I shall bless those that obey and bless me, and curse those that disobey and curse I, YAHUVEH.

This world shall see when MY wrath is poured out in these end times, that I will hide those who are hidden in MY SON YAHUSHUA. All the plagues that were poured out in the time of Moses shall be poured forth in a greater measure on MY enemies from I, YAHUVEH’s hands. There will still be martyrs again such as the apostles and prophets of old, and all those who are Holy, whose blood flowed then and even like it still does now in various parts of the world, because MY Holy will never compromise nor deny that YAHUSHUA is the only MASHIACH and MY only Begotten SON sent from Heaven to rule and reign. Oh Yisrael, I have made you a cup of trembling terror to the world and they shall drink of it. The enemies gnash their teeth at you and bare their claws, envying all I, YAHUVEH, have blessed your land with. Your enemies count the number of days before they will try and plunder you and kill your men, women, and children without mercy.

Again I say I have sworn an oath I will never leave nor forsake you, I will and I have begun to chastise you until you stand for Holiness and say, “Blessed is HE who comes in the Name of the Lord YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH.” Then I, YAHUVEH, shall defend you oh Yisrael straight from Heaven, and the world will see just like in the time of Moshe (Moses) no one but I, YAHUVEH, could deliver them from the hand of the enemy and so it shall be again. There is a mystery golden box called the Ark of the Covenant that holds mysteries of old in your land, oh Yisrael. The ark no one will touch except those I have preordained who are truly Holy before I, YAHUVEH. satan wants to destroy what is in that golden box, for there is anointing power held within the objects in that golden box. Satan is sending his son the one called the anti- messiah to seek and destroy the Ark.

Of all the nations of the world I chose you oh Yisrael to hide what has been protected until it is needed. In all the world I chose you oh Yisrael and Jerusalem, to bring ME Praise, Honor and Glory. I, YAHUVEH, chose YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH’s Holy Blood to drip and flow into the ground and over the Mercy Seat and it is in Yisrael I will give satan his final blow. This Mystery box holds the rod that separated the Red Sea among other miracle objects such as the Manna from Heaven. The Ark of the Covenant is a duplicate of what is in Heaven. I tell you this now as a warning as in the times of old, think not that just anyone will live who touches this mystery box called the Ark of the Covenant, unless they are preordained to be worthy enough to touch and open it.

Study your Scriptures and see only with much prayer and praise with Holy hands washed in MY Son YAHUSHUA’s Blood can The Ark of the Covenant be opened and it will be used once again at a set and appointed time. And just like in the time of Moshe, it will be used to deliver YAHUVEH’s people in a way, in a time you think not that will bring I, YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA all Praise, Honor, and Glory. Oh Yisrael, do you not know when the Roman soldiers stripped off YAHUSHUA’s clothes and divided HIS garments as stated in the Tanakh, “They divided MY clothes among them and for MY robe they did cast lots.” (John 19:24)

They said therefore among themselves, “Let us not tear the robe but cast lots for it, to see whose it shall be.” Oh Yisrael, do you not see just as the Roman soldiers divided YAHUSHUA’s clothing, so too your land is being divided and Rome has a hand in it behind the scenes. Just as YAHUSHUA’s robe was gambled for, the one with the highest bid to divide your land will expose and betray you for all the world to see.

Oh Yisrael, I always send MY Prophets to warn before the Judgment comes. You have been warned this day but only the Holy remnant will listen and obey. For whosoever calls upon I, YAHUVEH, in the Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, whosoever will repent, turn away from their sins asking I, YAHUVEH, for forgiveness, love and obey ME, believe and receive I and MY SON’s Deity so YAHUSHUA can be your only intercessor before ME. For HE alone is worthy to come before ME in HIS Name. Do not try and approach MY Heavenly throne without YAHUSHUA’s Name. Do not come in your righteousness but rather come dressed in HIS robes of righteousness. Then I will hear and answer your prayers and you will be from Hell’s fire saved.

Oh Yisrael and oh Jerusalem, you who prefer to remain deaf I, YAHUVEH, am repeating MYSELF again and again for your sakes. Wake up now, for the time is late. I am not telling you to convert to Christianity for even they see YAHUSHUA only in part. They have denied the importance of teaching the Jewishness of YAHUSHUA. They have denied the anointing in speaking YAHUSHUA’s and MY Sacred Names. They have denied MY Shabbats, MY Holy Feasts and Holy Days, those who call themselves Holy Christians and yet must learn to embrace the Jewishness I placed within thee by and through Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac’s seed.

Oh Yisrael and Jerusalem, wake up now from your slumber of sleep. It was because of your stubbornness, and for the Gentiles’ sake, I closed your eyes, but the time has now come, open your eyes wide, expose those who are speaking evil lies.

Offending some, enlightening others in the Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH.

* * * * * * *

Beloved Family, Please feel free to copy the prophecies and help us reach the nations of this world, especially Yisrael and Jerusalem. All nations of this world are affected to what happens in Yisrael. All Elisabeth [Elisheva] asks is please leave the message intact, even her personal notes.

Elisabeth [Elisheva] knows that normally names are not written in all capital letters, but the RUACH ha KODESH has told her that the names of our CREATOR and MESSIAH should be set apart and written differently, showing the sacredness and respect of their names. Out of respect to what she has been told, please when transcribing the prophecies do the same thing.

Elisabeth [Elisheva] apologizes for the length of time it has taken to get these prophecies posted, but there was a price to pay for prophecies 80 and 81. It was a battle against satan but because of your prayers and support in the name on YAHUSHUA, we got the victory over that battle. All Praise, Honor and Glory to YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH.

Because I am both a biological Jew from my biological mother and father and a Spiritual Jew through the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA. I have a love for Yisrael and Jerusalem and the Jewish people, even though I know most in Yisrael will hate me for this word. I am but a Prophet sent by YAHUVEH to speak forth HIS words and I do this in awe and trembling. Any true prophet not doing so, I question…how can they be a Holy Prophet?

I pray that I have not left one word out nor added one, and now deliver this prophetic message and ask all those that love Yisrael and Jerusalem to copy and post this on their websites. We have had orthodox Jews and Moslems accept YAHUSHUA as MASHIACH and you never know when we sow seed what will grow into beautiful fruit of Salvation. This prophetic message came after a dream about me and the 12 tribes of Israel. It will be posted ASAP. This message came forth on January 24, 2006 but YAHUVEH said do not release it yet for HE was not finished. On February 7, 2006 YAHUVEH again started prophesying and it was the continuation of this prophecy.

P.S. Urgent. A prophet a brother in YAHUSHUA wrote me from Jerusalem last year and told me he was taking the prophecies given to me all over Israel and warning people. I never had a chance to thank this man, and I want to do so now. I am so sorry I wasn’t able to write you back for I have lost your email address. I don’t know your name, but I want you to know I am truly grateful and you are in my prayers and that you will email me again.

I have been praying for a Hebrew translator to translate the English prophetic messages into Hebrew. During prayer, YAHUSHUA told me HE had already sent the translator who could do this, and YAHUSHUA reminded me of you. Please email me again. I have no doubt this Brother is a member of the Bride of YAHUSHUA. If anyone reading this knows of someone that can write Hebrew and speak it fluently so that the prophecies given to Yisrael can be re recorded in Hebrew, please email me ASAP at Contact Us I have no doubt that we have some of the Bride of YAHUSHUA residing in Israel and especially Jerusalem.

Please come forth, for time is so short now to reach Yisrael. We are a breath away from the Great Tribulation. Please, members of the Bride of YAHUSHUA, agree with me in prayer that this man will write me once again, and that a Hebrew translator will come forward. This year our eyes should not be upon ourselves but on Yisrael. Bride of YAHUSHUA please pray for the peace of Yisrael and Jerusalem in a new way. Pray that the Prince of Peace YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH comes once again.

Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)
February 7, 2006 at 5:00 p.m.

* * * * * * *


* * * * * * *
Hi sis,

I just took a bible, and wanted to highlight some of it to give to someone. And I opened it at Revelation 14:14-20. Here is talking about what you heard. The winepress of God’s wrath. A long with the great harvest.And before that that YAHUSHUA has got HIS Bride ready and sealed. So we are about to see the plagues come upon this world, undiluted. It is all unfolding, because the antichrist is not afar off.


* * * * * * *

Blessings to your household,

I have to tell you I prayed for the greater annointing this morning from prophecy 81 and when I had an intersessory prayer for another this afternnon the annointing came upon me so strong it appeared like another voice coming out of me with tears! Wow, it was overwhelming but more than welcome and I am ready to do what Yahu’weh and YAHUSHUAh have for me to do. Shabbat Shalom.


* * * * * * *

Dear Sis,

I have just read the prophecies 81 & 80 and I want to and have to let you know this as a confirmation to you. 2 weeks ago on our Sabbath Gathering we were praying and as we prayed I felt the anointing as I have not felt it a while. And I was praying fervent all I was seeing in my spirit. And that was about Israel en Jerusalem and Haman (S). They are the same enemy on a new form. But the name stands for the same thing. And I new that the coming Purim should be a celebration that just like Haman did not prevail, so Hamas also will not prevail.

L…… A member of the Bride in (Holland)

* * * * * * *

Beloved Sister Elisabeth (Elisheva),

I pray for your health and well being. I just read the latest prophecies from your site.Prophecy 80 is very reassuring and let’s pray for the peace for Yisrael! When I read the prophecies, I get the feeling of the presence of our heavenly father YAHUVEH! It feels so good.

Much love in YAHUSHUA,

* * * * * * *

Shalom in Yeshua!!!

The body of 80 and 81, RUACH HaKodesh has already caused me to pray!!! HalleluYAH!!!

Brother Tito

* * * * * * *

Shabbat Shalom in Yeshua!!!

Wow!!! I blew Shofar like I said for you and your family, and for YHVH to be an Enemy to our enemies. I do not know if I fainted or if YHVH by RUACH knocked me to the ground, but indeed I went down!!! HalleluYAH!!!

* * * * * * *

Shalom Elisabeth (Elisheva),

Thank you for sharing the dream “Elisabeth (Elisheva) and the Wok” re: olives in the cooking process. It falls together in the bottom. The faithful bride called “Israel”

What came to my mind about the olives, yes I do agree the olives represents the twelve tribes of Israel.

These 12 tribes are the remnant of YAHUVEH who are faithful and obey his commandments, and hold the testimonies of Yahushua. It is not the Israel (secular) we think today. The true Israel are the believers who walk and hear his voice. They are the faithful bride without wrinkles and spots. When all the 12 tribes are gathering together as one. It will be become very powerful and greater anointing in the end time before Yahushua return. Yahushua will not return until the 12 tribes are to come together. There are a lot of cleansing need be done among the believers. Oh let us get rid of our wrinkles and spots to prepare for our coming bridegroom, Yahushua.

John Davies

* * * * * * *

Hi Elisabeth (Elisheva),

Maybe it’s time for the Two Witnesses to be recognized or called by Yahuveh. We need to pray as the anointing may be coming onto these people and Satan may be very angry. We need the saints to pray for the Witnesses protection. They eventually are prophesied to be killed but raised again after three days.

It’s time to send you an article on Elijah and the Prophets of Baal. This is very telling. I did not write it, but it has pricked my heart for years now. I send it out to news groups every once in while.

I am in agreement with the Yahushua bringing the 12 tribes together through Elisabeth (Elisheva). There will be some helpers in this. I have been having the groaning in my spirit to tie the ‘Lost Ten tribes’ with the web site Kosher for Gentiles that is already under construction. I have been waiting for confirmation on my site, and for Yahushua to help me build it. It has been over 1 year as I am waiting on ‘His timing.’ I believe I need to be cleansed before this happens. We all need to be patient and as King David says, “wait on Yahuveh’s Timing.”

The rebuke may be that Judah has not allowed the ten tribes to return because they like the parable of the Prodigal Son(10 tribes) have gone off whoring after other gods(Christianity) and have become Gentiles, they are in the process of returning home to the Father’s house (Torah) and the loyal son (Judah) who stays home is jealous of the retuning son and rejects him as a part of the Family (Israel). Judah has been refusing to allow Ephraim to come Home. Ephraim’s every attempt has been looked at by Judah as another attempt of replacement theology or dispensationalism.

Secondly, likened to the 12 heads of the tribes (the brothers) sold Joseph (Ephraim) into slavery (sin) and Joseph then became second in command the ruler of the then ruling empire(America) when he showed himself to his brother(Judah) they did not recognize him( Ephraim) until He revealed himself to them. Yahuveh opened their eyes and then the Family was reunited.

I will need to include the Jews, as they will be curious about Gentiles and Kosher.


* * * * * * *

Dear Elisabeth (Elisheva),

There was an evil spirit binding me from praising and praying and had gradually gotten to the point of not being able to speak YAHUVEH or YAHUSHUA’s Name. I was waiting for HIS perfect timing to be delivered from this, and once I read the newest prophecies 80 & 81, I am FREE!!!!! Praise YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and RUACH HA KODESH!!!!!

Prophecy 99, I, YAHUVEH, Say, “You are on a Countdown of MY Patience!”

Written/Spoken under the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH
through Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)
May 25, 2008

This is from Prophecy 105, YAHUVEH said to put this up on all Prophecies from now on: I warned you a long time ago Elisabeth (Elisheva) not to name this Ministry after a man or a woman even before there was a Ministry. I put it in your spirit for none of this has been done by your hand, none of this has come forth from your mouth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUVEH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of the RUACH ha KODESH your IMMAYAH that has given birth. If it had only been by your hand it would have failed long ago. It is by the SHKHINYAH GLORY’S Wind that blows across this earth, the Holy Wind of Revival, it is not by your breath or it would have failed. (Isaiah 42:8)

In July 2010 YAHUVEH GOD also said to add the following from 2nd Chronicles before every Prophecy:

2 Chronicles 36:16, “But they mocked the Messengers of GOD, despised HIS Words, and scoffed at HIS Prophets, until the wrath of the LORD arose against HIS people, till there was no remedy.”

* * * * * * *

Audio Tape Transcribe starts down the page a little bit.

Five Chinese couples were having wedding photos taken when the earthquake struck on May 12, and all escaped without injury. The site of the photo shoot, a century-old seminary, was destroyed.

YAHUVEH often gives us “pictures” in history of things that are prophetic. This, I believe, is what happened during the recent China quake and the pictures of the FIVE brides who were trying to exchange vows right as the quake struck (interesting, isn’t it – did you notice —that there were FIVE brides?) It is a picture of this world which defies YAHUVEH by basically saying. “We will, eat, drink, and be merry…” right up to the END. The photos show the five brides all standing about in confusion AFTER the quake with dirt-soiled-garments – and there is rubble, ruin and dust and dirt all around them in heaps…what a “picture” of this world! Woe be unto this world that mocks the sanctity of life abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, and same sex marriages. YAHUVEH will not be mocked for long. Woe be unto the nations that turn their back on the one and true Creator YAHUVEH and Messiah YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH and our Precious Mother the RUACH ha KODESH.

It is ironic that there are 5 brides standing in the midst of devastation, crumbled sanctuary, reminds me of the 5 foolish virgins as told in the parable by YAHUSHUA waiting for their Bridegroom to take them away. YAHUSHUA comes but only takes the 5 wise virgins with extra oil in their lamps. Read about the earthquake and see the pictures taken in China, their gowns are soiled, torn, organized old church lies in ruins. Wake up and see this is not a coincidence. Read the prophecy and pray and see that YAHUVEH especially mentions China and says that this was judgment from Heaven and what happened to China will happen to California and other states, countries, and nations especially America, when they least expect it. 60,000 people in China and still counting were killed from what I heard last reported. Read what YAHUVEH has to say about this. PRAY that you are counted worthy to escape HIS WRATH as HE counts down to the day HIS PATIENCE comes to an end! As we count down the days of the Omer, so too YAHUVEH counts down the days until the end of HIS PATIENCE, and woe be unto this earth when that happens!

Be not decieved for YAHUVEH is not easily mocked! Those who do this satan mocks them because he knows the price to pay for doing this, he pays the price for eternity.

For the great day of his wrath is come; who shall be able to stand? Revelation 6:17

John, in the sixth chapter of Revelation, describes the most tragic, unavailing prayer meeting in the world’s history! Pray now while your prayers are still able to be heard for mercy! Repent and turn from sin while there is yet time! Tomorrow may be too late!

Cries and groans, shouts and demands, moans and Whispers—all will be heard in that coming Day of YAHUVEH when the wrath and judgments of YAHUVEH are released. Even the mountains and the islands will be removed from their places.

But by then, the prayers and cries of sinful men and women will be too little and too late!

All of the rich and famous actors, actresses, talk show hosts, politicians including, kings, president, rulers of other countries, believed the lies of the devil and scientists and put their trust and hope in themselves and others with human abilities. They put their faith in ‘money can buy anything,’ yet they will join those crying out in fear. They will call on the crumbling rocks and mountains to fall on them to hide them from the wrath of YAHUVEH and the only begotten Son of YAHUVEH HIS Name IS YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH!

We are among those who believe that the judgments of YAH are certain. We do not know the day nor the hour. But YAHUVEH is indeed going to shake the earth as it has never been shaken before, and HE will turn it over to the only KING OF THE UNIVERSE YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH!

Note: We have omitted the name of the person in this Prophetic Word. Elisabeth [Elisheva], and Katherineyah were in prayer for a partner, who is struggling with obeying YAHUVEH. He is in an unequally yoked marriage and he is jeopardizing an invention MOMMA SHKHINYAH has given to him by remaining in this unequally yoked marriage. YAH has said the invention will not be completed while he remains in this marriage, a marriage which was not of YAHUVEH.

As soon as they began praying Katherineyah heard the word ‘quicksand’ and saw a vision of a man sinking in quicksand. This Brother is mired in quicksand. Katherineyah then saw concrete blocks over his feet. Elisabeth (Elisheva) said he had become accustomed to the concrete blocks and not being able to move but she saw a vision of a large hammer in his hand if he chose to use it. He could break free of those concrete blocks if he chose to. It’s within his power to do so but it’s his choice.

Audio Tape Transcribe starts here.

Elisabeth (Elisheva): He’s got the hammer in the hand and he is able to break the concrete off if he chooses to, if he chooses to.

Katherineyah: I feel like the LORD’S going to send a lightning bolt and hit that concrete.

Elisabeth (Elisheva): It is the anointing, the RUACH ha KODESH fire right now that’s got to hit that concrete in the Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. But again, he has his choice. I keep hearing it again and again and again. He is so used to wearing concrete shoes, he is so used to not being able to move, he has grown comfortable. He is so used to taking orders from his wife, just like Gary is. He is so used to it and yet he knows. He knows what he is to do. He looks to others to tell him what to do but he already knows the answer. He knows that he is not to go back to work. He can never say that he was given a, “Thus saith YAHUVEH,” that he was to go back to work. His ‘work’ was that invention. It is his wife that gave him the order to go back to work. She is giving him an ultimatum and ……. you (Elisabeth [Elisheva] starts praying in tongues) are to let her know that her intimidation and manipulation will not work that she cannot use mind control, manipulation, intimidation against you. She’s so hung up on security. In fact she’s filled with shame, she’s more interested in impressing her parents, her family. I don’t know if this is her actual parents or someone she is turning to for parental advice but they are saying, “He is not back to work yet? How much are you going to take of this?” So it is an issue of her pride. She is nowhere on, nowhere, I see a book with an empty page. She is nowhere, nowhere on …….’s page, nowhere, nowhere, nowhere ……. on your page. You keep wanting her to get on your page, but she’s nowhere there.

* * * * * * *

YAHUVEH begins speaking:

Who are you going to fear, saith YAHUVEH? MY beloved Son …….. , who do you fear more? Who do you fear of offending, of disobeying?

You are being tested. (Exodus 20:20, Zechariah 13:9) There is not one, not one, not one, not one, not one, not one, not one, of the Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH that is not being tested right now to see who they obey, to see who they fear offending. It better be I. It better be I. It better be I, YAHUVEH. It better be YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH. For did HE not set the example? That HE refused to disobey YAHUVEH. HE refused to disobey HIS Heavenly FATHER?

The time is so short. I’ve been weeding them out one by one. There’s no more free rides. I told you I am on a countdown of MY patience. Why do you think I keep asking you, ” Are you counting down the Omer?” (Leviticus 23:15-16) If you cannot hear ME now, how will you hear ME then? This Ministry has the anointing to give the desire to the people whose names are written in the LAMB’S Book of Life to hear MY voice, to do MY will, for you are an example unto them. What will you do …….? I already know.

It would be so easy for ME ………. to do it the easy way for you but how would you have passed your test? How would you prove obedience? How would you prove who you love more? This goes for all the men right now and all the women right now who are in unequally yoked marriages. It was not by MY hand they were put together. What will you do when the time of the Great Tribulation comes and if you are not found worthy to be called MY Bride, if you are not found worthy to be the Bride of YAHUSHUA? For remember whatever is YAHUSHUA’s is MINE. And whatever is MINE is MY Son YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH’s. What will you do when you are left behind? Will it be worth it? For the very ones that you have yoked yourself to will be the very ones that will betray you. What will you do? You think it’s hard now? You don’t have a clue. At that time husbands shall betray wives and wives shall betray husbands. Children shall betray parents and parents shall betray children. There will be no loyalty. The only family that will count will be the family in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. These are the only ones you will be able to trust. Even when you meet a stranger, you will recognize who they are. It will be evident for all to see.

So men, I am not going to cancel your tests. That’s what you want ME to do. All are tested. Does not MY Word say, “The trials of your faith are more precious than gold.” (1 Peter 1:7) The one I speak through now, these five that represent the Five Wise Virgins, all have been tested. Adam walked away from that which he called his home for many, many years. He walked away from a lucrative job and oh how long he waited for it to become union, yet I told him to walk away. [When a mother] had to leave her biological family, her own child from her loins—all of you, all of you, all of you, the mother’s heart that comes before ME so battered and broken and bruised. You miss your children but you laid them on the altar of sacrifice and you [parents] said, “Do with them as YOU will for they are not MY Children, they are YOURS.” So I raise you up spiritual children that cry to you like a Momma and a Daddy and they desire your mentorship and they desire your love. They want to obey ME and I tell you to lead them and to guide them. And I am about ready to give you a shock, these spiritual children love you more than your biological children could ever love you. They respect you. They honor you. Take none of them for granted. As you have patience with your biological children, have patience with your spiritual children. Do not throw up your hands and say, “I have had enough.”

Never get so puffed up in pride, to make people think that you have always been obedient unto ME for all, all, all have struggled at some point, all of you said, “I would rather do it my way.” It is just that I gave you such a butt beating, all of you learned the hard way. And that is why now you say, “Whatever YOU say ABBA YAHUVEH, I am doing it YOUR way.” I do not even have to raise MY voice. You know when you do wrong. I am not saying that anyone is perfect but MY Son YAHUSHUA, but I am saying all I expect of any of MY Children is just try.

So you do your part, you know what I told you to do. You know what I told you not to do. Satan does not want this invention to ever see the light. So he has one woman stand in the way. And she is like a mouse that roars and you go scampering in the corner. How can she respect this?

The time is later than you think and I sent China as an example of what happens when MY patience starts to wear out. Long ago I gave you a Word Elisabeth [Elisheva], ‘End of round one, now for round two.’ Beware China because a round three is coming. (China just had a devastating earthquake that killed at least 60,000 people)

And America, I have not even begun. Again and again I said, I have saved the worst for last. You have not even, even, even begun to taste MY wrath. And Europe, think not that you will escape your fate. Right now there is only one loud voice protesting that which I find an abomination and I use the Catholic church, remember, as I used the donkey to speak out of, (Numbers 22:22-32) I use the Catholic church to warn, to warn about the sanctity of life. Where are the others? Where are the other organized religions? A worldwide outcry should have gone forth to join together an animal and human embryo, to even devise such a plan, to have a half human and half animal, you do not even begin to know the road that you have started to walk upon. To mock ME with the sanctity of marriage? There should have been a worldwide outcry against same sex marriage! Why is it so silent? Where are the churches? Why don’t all those in Islam raise up? They care about a cartoon! They send terror into anyone that does not agree with them. But why are they silent?

This is why I am on a countdown of MY patience now. That which you think is years away, all of you, all of you have a rude awakening coming. I am commanding this Ministry to do that which they are to do and do it quickly. There is no time any longer to mollycoddle (over protect) the babies. It’s time for them to grow up. It’s time for men to be men. This is why I have put women in the leadership. This is why I raised up a Deborah! The men are Baraks! (Judges, chapter 4) They are cowards! Not all MY men. I have MINE, MY own. And they hear MY voice and they speak forth MY Words but oh how few, how few. And you women who have been browbeaten in these unequally yoked marriages and the Scriptures have been used against you to say, “Keep silent.” I only told you to obey that husband as he lines up with MY Word. If he does not, kick him to the curb! Enough is enough! Enough is enough!

My darling, I anoint you this day to speak forth the words in boldness to these men so they can remember what a man is supposed to be! They are to please ME before they please any woman, before they please any child and for the women who are unequally yoked in a marriage, I remind you of the spirit of Deborah! You are to please ME. You are to please YAHUSHUA! Before you try to please any man! Before you please your children. Obedience, obedience, obedience is better than sacrifice! Take away your tithes and take away your offerings and take away your praise, if you are not obeying ME! For if you do not obey ME now, what makes you think you will obey ME in the Great Tribulation when it will be rare to hear a Prophet speak as this? Learn to obey now! How do you prove that you love YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH? Does not MY Word say, “If you love ME, you will obey ME.” (Gospel of John 14:15, 21) How did YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH prove that HE loves YAHUVEH? By obedience to every Word I say. Do not make promises to ME that you never intend to keep.

I am not concerned with manmade marriage vows to marriages I did not even put together and now you see each other for who you are. I am only concerned with those marriages that have been ordained from Heaven. And how do you know they are ordained from Heaven? Because you are one in ME. It is true that the Word says the husband should be the spiritual leader of the household (Ephesians 5:22) and when that husband is not fit to be the spiritual leader of the household, then I shall have a leader of the household, whether it be the woman or whether it be a child, I will have someone speaking forth MY Words. I will have someone speaking forth MY Words! Even if it be a little child, I will have someone that speaketh forth MY Words! MY glory shall be evident for all to see! You in these organized churches, you know that they are a stench in MY nostrils but you say you have to have a building to fellowship in. What happened to fellowshipping with ME one on one? What happened to fellowshipping one on one with MY Son? You are in the countdown of the Omer. You are in the countdown of MY patience.

Woe, woe, woe, woe be unto this earth when MY patience is done! Pray that you will be counted worthy to escape MY Wrath! This should be your constant prayer each and everyday. I am not angry at those who are obeying ME. I am not angry at those who are trying to obey ME. I am not angry at those who will say, “I am listening for YOUR voice. Lead me and guide me.” I am not even angry at those who will say, “Please forgive me.” I am angry at those who refuse to obey. And Judgment starts at the House of YAHUVEH. The heathen do not know how to hear MY voice. But I am angry at those who claim they are MINE and belong to YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH and refuse to obey!

China is tasting MY Wrath now. But I spare those who are MINE. They stood up and they said, “No Bibles allowed here.” They imprison MY saints, those who truly love and serve ME, they execute them. They torture them. They starve them! Taste MY Wrath China for more is to come!

(Elisabeth [Elisheva] says: “I have a vision right now and I see clouds and inside the clouds before the earthquake and now I understand why, there was a cloud and it had, if we look at it we would say it had the most brilliant rainbow (We do not agree with all the comments on the link to youtube) in the cloud, but I saw it on youtube and other news reports. It was so bright, different colored lights inside a white cloud and it looked so beautiful and they said from 30 minutes before that devastating earthquake, these clouds hung and I saw the pictures that they took and we have got to be able to put these pictures up for all the people to be able to see but now I understand and I said, “Why would such beauty come before the earthquake came in China?” And this is what YAHUVEH says to me now as HE shows me this vision.”)

Word continues: Because the rainbow represents a promise and I made a promise to those who called on ME, to the afflicted, to the persecuted, to those who were martyred in China, to be in prison, those who are in prison and who have been tortured because they worship YAHUSHUA, I made a promise that I would take vengeance for them! And this is just the beginning China! This is just the beginning, as an example as one nation around this world does the same.

Does not MY Word say that I, YAHUVEH, take vengeance? Vengeance is MINE saith I, YAHUVEH! (Deuteronomy 32:35) Call on ME and I will cause your enemies to run in 7 different directions! How many different directions are you running now oh Chinese government? But I am making sure the Holy angels are there to protect and provide for your brothers and sisters in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. Woe be to the world because watch China. You are going to see what happened to China hit California. I will not mention the other parts of the world but America you want to play a harp? (H.A.A.R.P.) Wait until I play MY harp. You want to control the weather, you have not seen anything yet.

I am sending confusion to the scientists. I am sending confusion to the astronomers. There is insanity in the White House. There is insanity in the government. The people run to and fro. The politicians are insane. How can they lead the people? So call on ME. Call on ME. Call on ME while I will yet listen, call on ME. I do not do anything until first I speak forth out of the Prophets. (Amos 3:7) I warned out of this Prophet’s mouth what would happen from the moment that they left America, a Prophecy was released and warned you what would happen when the price of oil went up, I warned you of the food prices. (Prophecy 85) I warned you of the costs. I even warned you of the truck drivers as their costs go up, you have not seen anything yet.

But know this, this famine is not of MY making. It is the manipulation of those who are full of greed. As they heap the gold and the silver to themselves and plot to kill those that are in need. It started with abortion and then it went to those too sick to defend themselves. This was the genocide that I speak of. There is death in the vaccinations. I have warned again and again. Because this world does not think it needs poor children. I warned you it would go to the elderly. All of it is genocide. All of this is so the rich can be provided for in their own eyes. And now you wring your hands and you wonder why teenagers suicide is so high. Your only hope is in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Your only hope is in repentance and obedience. Your only hope is in MY mercy. For I am long suffering. So continue on what you are doing. Continue on warning. While you have the freedom to speak forth for there are powers that be that seek to silence you, that seeks to silence MY true Prophets. So speak while you can.

End of Word

* * * * * * *

Elisabeth (Elisheva): It is an unequally yoked marriage and he has got an invention to change the world and an unequally marriage is holding everything back.

Katherineyah: Have faith that YAHUVEH knows what HE is talking about when HE tells you to do something. Do not doubt HIM. It is an insult to HIM. If you obey you are being respectful to God Almighty who is the Authority above everyone.

Katherineyah: It grieves Father when they disobey HIM. It grieves God Almighty, all men, all women who do not listen to Father and obey, period. And I know you do not want to grieve HIM so as Elisabeth heard listen, obey, over and out.


Offending Most, Enlightening a Few
Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)