Prophecy 63
Oh Israel,
Where Is Your Blood Sacrifice?

I wake up with dis word on September 16, 2002 and di Lord tell me say make I write dem down.
Given to Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)
on Yom Kippur

* * * * * * *

Dis na from Prophecy 105, YAHUVEH say to put dis up for all Prophecies from now on: I warn you a long time ago Elisabeth [Elisheva],make you no call dis Ministry after a man or a woman name.
Even before dis Ministry start, I put am for your spirit. Becos nothing wey dey here come from your hand.Nothing wey dey here commot from your mouth.Na from di Mouth of YAHUVEH dis take come out .Na from di Mouth of YAHUSHUA,your MASHIACH, na dis take come out.
Na from di Mouth of di RUACH HA KODESH,your IMMAYAH, na dis take come out.If to say na by your hand e for don fail long time ago.Na by di SHKHINYAH GLORY Wind
wey dey blow across dis earth, di HOLY Wind of Revival. No be by your breath, or e for don fail.  Isaiah 42:8

For July 2010, YAHUVEH GOD also say to add di following as a warning to those wey dey mock:

But dem mock di Messengers of GOD, despised HIS Words,
and no take HIS Prophets serious, until di Wrath of YAHUVEH
arise against HIS People, till there was no remedy.
      —2 Chronicles 36:16

* * * * * * *

Oh Israel, Oh how I weep. Yes, ME, YAHUVEH, di Creator of everything, Creator of even time eself. I weep becos I don pour out MY love, pour out MY mercy, I give MY very best, MY Beloved Son YAHUSHUA. I, YAHUVEH, give YAHUSHUA wey pour out HIS Blood to redeem di sins of Adam and Eve. Oh Israel, di Blood of YAHUSHUA still soak your ground. Why you think say satan hate you? Why you think say he hate you more than any people or any nation? Becos ME, YAHUVEH, come to you in di flesh thru MY Son YAHUSHUA, MY Beloved Son.

Abraham been think say he go sacrifice Isaac. Abraham only jus experience di feeling of great sorrow and grief as he hold di dagger above his beloved son for Him mind e think say no ram go dey available to offer up as a sacrifice, as a blood sacrifice. But in faith as Abraham ready to slay his son Isaac believe say ME, YAHUVEH, go raise up Isaac from di dead if need be, just as I take raise MY Son YAHUSHUA. Na becos of who ME, YAHUVEH, be. Becos of who I be, becos of MY love wey no get beginning or end for those called MY Children and only those wey be MY Children be di people wey dey call out to ME in di Name of MY Son YAHUSHUA. Na only ME stop Abraham from sacrificing his son Isaac. I provided a ram wey Abraham no fit see until di right time.

Abraham no dey perfect. Even Isaac no dey perfect. Israel pay di price of Abraham sin wey produce Ishmael and di seed of Ishmael. Abraham also needed a blood sacrifice. Na di ram wey hide inside that thick bush be di symbol. Dis symbolize MY Beloved Son YAHUSHUA, di only Lamb of YAHUVEH, di perfect Lamb without sin or spot or stain. Di bush(thicket) hold di ram horn still for one place. MY Beloved Son YAHUSHUA cry out to ME. HE HIMSELF also di thicket of MY will hold am still. “Father, if e even dey possible, take away dis cup from ME, but no be as MY will, but as YOUR will be done.” YAHUSHUA was symbolized as that ram, as that blood sacrifice wey Abraham receive that day wey take di place of Isaac.

YAHUSHUA Blood sacrifice na di only human sacrifice wey dey Holy enough to wash away di sins of all mankind. If mankind go jus accept and obey dis new Blood Covenant wey I give at Calvary thru MY Beloved Son YAHUSHUA, dis na MY promise to MY faithful children wey love YAHUSHUA and accept dis new Blood Covenant. As I no leave MY Beloved Son in di tomb, I raise AM from di dead and He ascended into Heaven, na so I go do di same for you. All MY Children have to do na receive, believe, love and try your best to obey MY Commandments. Is this so hard?

I speak to those wey refuse MY Son YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH. Where is your blood sacrifice? Everyone know say there must be a blood sacrifice for di forgiveness of sins. Which animal dey perfect? Which human being dey perfect? No one, except MY Beloved Son YAHUSHUA. ME, YAHUVEH, cancel di old blood covenant to give mankind a better blood covenant. Dis na di only way I can forgive your sins. There is no other way to MY throne, for ME to answer your prayers, except thru di name YAHUSHUA, thru HIS shed Blood at Calvary for di forgiveness of your sins. There is no other intercessor wey dey near ME other than MY Son YAHUSHUA. Mohammed no go fit save you. Calling upon Abraham no go save you. Allah no go save you. Only calling upon di name YAHUSHUA go save you. Study di Torah as I don speak before thru dis handmaiden. Those wey think say keeping di Torah alone go save dem must realize say every body have sinned and fall short of MY Glory [Romans 3:23]. Breaking one commandment na di same as breaking all of di commandments. You need a Savior. YAHUSHUA na that Savior. Those wey refuse to accept YAHUSHUA as their Lord and Savior, di MESSIAH of all mankind, will not be judged by YAHUSHUA, but instead dem go stand before Moses wey  go open di Book of Judgment without mercy. Becos he warn Israel say a new covenant dey come, a new Blood Covenant. Him know say di old covenant no fit calm MY wrath. Dis animal sacrifice at di time na for only a short time.

Oh Israel, I send di new Blood Covenant to be born for your own ground. I do miracles thru di Name of YAHUSHUA. I use AM to be a human sacrifice, a human blood sacrifice, di only perfect blood atonement for sin. And I raise HIM from di dead in di ground of Israel.

On dis day of Yom Kippur, 2002, I dey speak unto Israel and I tell dem say I hear your prayers of repentance, as you dey ask for MY forgiveness. I see your fasting. I feel your fear as you realize say your sins na ugly smell to MY nose. Oh Israel, you know  say “I AM” Adonai and I go judge you for di works of your flesh. Oh Israel, you know say there is no blood sacrifice. You dey desire to build that temple with walls so that you go fit to once again do sacrifices of animals for di forgiveness of sins, where your high priest go cry out loud for mercy. And yet, you refuse to receive di gift wey I give you, a temple without walls wey dey fill with di RUACH ha KODESH, fill with MY love and mercy, MY miracles and MY judgment. A temple wey no human hand build, a perfect, holy, sinless temple. HIS Name na YAHUSHUA. MY Name [YAH] dey joined in HIS Name. Di power dey for HIS Sacred Name, di power dey for OUR Sacred NAMES.

YAHUSHUA na that Temple. YAHUSHUA na di only Blood Sacrifice wey I go accept. YAHUSHUA come to Israel as a baby. YAHUSHUA was your Blood Sacrifice. YAHUSHUA na di only Holy Blood sacrifice. Oh Israel, hear ME, YAHUSHUA Blood pour into Israel soil and yet e fill di entire four corners of di earth. Oh Israel, hear ME, becos you refuse dis new Blood Covenant, I give am also to di gentiles,  I graft dem into di branch, waiting for you to repent and accept YAHUSHUA as your MESSIAH. Wetin e go take, oh Israel? How few of a remnant wey I get for Israel. As I dey speak dis words thru dis Womanservant, there will be new disciples wey go arise and take dis word into Israel. Becos I tell you now, you get di proof dey pour out from your own wailing wall where a symbol of MY Living Water dey pour forth.

Where is dis Living Water coming from? ME, YAHUVEH, dey give dis gift to you again, as di RUACH ha KODESH was released thru YAHUSHUA for Israel. Now e dey pour out thru a wall where Israel dey kneel, weep, wail and pray. Accept YAHUSHUA as your MESSIAH. As di temple wall dey swell up dey destroy before your eyes. Can you not see oh Israel, say di old covenant don pass away. I do not desire animal sacrifices.

Only di Blood of MY Beloved Son YAHUSHUA wey come from di tribe of Judah can be Israel Blood Covenant and di whole world blood atonement for sins. There is only one sin than cannot be forgiven, rejecting YAHUSHUA and di life and di Blood wey HE sacrificed at Calvary. Beware, mocking and rejecting di RUACH ha KODESH na blasphemy. There is no forgiveness of dis sin.

Accept YAHUSHUA life and Blood and [know] say thru HIS Name nain be di only forgiveness of sin. I give you dis gift at Calvary; I give di world dis gift. And Israel, on dis High Holy day, ME, YAHUVEH,  dey speak thru dis Jewish womanservant. Oh Israel, you wey stone, torture, murder di apostles and prophets, you wey kill MY Children wey I send to witness to you. Oh Israel, even di blood of di people wey die  for di sake of di gospel soak your ground. Only ME know oh Israel, how much of your own blood must flow before you go accept di only Messiah that can save you. YAHUSHUA still dey weep for you as HE do for di garden of Gethsemane.

Di eyes of di world fix on you, oh Israel. MY eyes never leave you. Di power dey for di Name wey you dey reject, di cornerstone of di temple wey you reject. But you must accept YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH. Na thru YAHUSHUA Name, Word and Blood. YAHUSHUA go save Israel. Oh Israel, YAHUSHUA fast for you forty days and forty nights.  You really think say one day of fasting dey enof to cover your sins? MY Children wey don accept YAHUSHUA as Elohim and MESSIAH rejoice say their sins was paid for in full for Calvary.

ME, YAHUVEH, dey wait for you oh Israel. Oh Israel, you wey dey observe and remember di Jewish feasts and holy days, you never yet see say YAHUSHUA dey for all of dem? Oh Israel, return to ME in Holiness. Turn away from your sins in true repentance in di Name of MY Son YAHUSHUA. Oh Israel, I dey weep for your pain. But remember, as I dey Holy, so too you must dey set apart and be Holy.

You really wan be judged by di laws wey I give Moses, and also Moses go judge you without any mercy. Since you reject di only intercessor, di only Perfect Lamb of YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA go say to those wey depend on di old blood covenant to save you. Those wey dey depend on dis blood covenant, beware! HE go say, “You choose to be judged by di old blood covenant, na Moses go judge you.” Since no body dey perfect, woe be onto those wey Moses go judge. No one  go get his mercy. Hell and di Lake of Fire go be your everlasting house. Everyone dey make their reservations for eternity.

No one get guaranteed to have another second of life. Every body wey dey for ME, YAHUVEH mercy, today na di day of your salvation. Tomorrow may be too late.

* * * * * * *

Na so HE take talk am, na so dem write am, on Yom Kippur, September 16th, 2002. Give am to dis servant, Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)

* * * * * * *

Matthew 10:18-42

18 And dem go bring una before governors and kings for my sake, for a testimony against dem and di Gentiles.
19 But when dem deliver you up, no worry about how or wetin you go speak: becos you go receive am on time wetin to speak.
20 Becos no be you dey speak, but di Spirit of your Father nain dey speak inside you.
21 And brother go deliver up brother to death, and father go deliver child: and children go rise up against their parents, and cause dem to be put to death.
22 And every body go hate you for my name sake: but di person wey endure to di end shall be saved.
23 But when dem persecute you in dis city, make you run go another: for verily I say unto you, You no go finish go over di cities of Israel, till di Son of man go come.
24 Di disciple no dey above his master, and di servant no dey above his lord.
25 E dey enof for di disciple say he go be as his master, and di servant as his lord. If dem don call di master of di house Beelzebub, how much more dem go call di ones of his household?
26 No fear dem: Becos nothing wey dey cover, wey no go be open; and nothing wey dem hide, wey people no go know.
27 Wetin I tell you for secret, that make you speak for public: and wetin you hear for ear, that make you preach on top of house.
28 And no fear people wey go fit kill person body, but no no go able to kill di soul: but instead fear HIM wey dey able to destroy both soul and body in hell.
29 Dem no dey sell two sparrows for a farthing? and one of dem not go fall for ground without your Father.
30 But di very hairs of your head dey all numbered.
31 Make you no fear therefor, you dey of more value than many sparrows.
32 Who so ever person go therefore confess me before people, na him I go confess also before my Father wey dey in heaven.
33 But who so ever person go deny me before people, him I go also deny before my Father wey dey in heaven.
34 No think say I come to send peace on earth: I no come to send peace, but a sword.
35 For I AM come to put a man for disagreement against his father, and di daughter against her mother, and di daughter in law against her mother in law.
36 And di person enemy go be among di people wey dey leave for di same house.
37 Person wey love father or mother more than me no dey worthy of me: and person wey love son or daughter more than me no dey worthy of me.
38 And di person wey no carry his cross, and follow after me, no dey worthy of me.
39 Di person wey only dey concern for his life go lose am: and di person wey lose his life for my sake go find am.
40 Di person wey receive you go receive me, and di person wey receive ME receive HIM wey send me.
41 Di person wey receive a prophet in di name of a prophet go receive di same reward of a prophet; and a person wey receive a righteous man in di name of a righteous man go receive a righteous man reward.
42 And who so ever person wey go give a cup of cold water to drink unto one of dis little ones only in di name of a disciple, truly I say unto you, di person will never lose their reward.

Matthew 12:50
For who so ever person go do di will of my Father wey dey in heaven, di same person na my brother, and sister, and mother.

Matthew 21:42-46
42 YAHUSHUA say unto dem, una no read in di scriptures, say Di stone wey di builders reject, di same Stone don become di head of di corner: dis na YAHUVEH’s doing, and it is marvelous for our eyes?
43 Therefore I say unto you, di kingdom of God will be taken from you, and given to a nation wey go bring forth di fruits thereof.
44 And who so ever person go fall on dis stone shall be broken: but for who so ever person di Stone fall on, E go grind am to powder.
45 And when di chief priests and Pharisees don hear HIS parables, dem understand say HE dey talk about dem.
46 But when dey look for how to arrest HIM, dem fear di multitude, becos di people see HIM as a prophet.

Matthew 23:29-39
29 Woe unto una, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! Becos you build di burial ground of di prophets, and beautify di burial place of di righteous,
30 And you say, If to say wey dey alive in di days of our fathers, we for no join with dem in di blood of di prophets.
31 Wherefore una be witnesses unto unasef, say una be di children of di people wey kill di prophets.
32 Go ahead then finish wetin your fathers start.
33 You snakes, you generation of vipers, how you go fit escape di damnation of hell?
34 Wherefore, see, I send unto una prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of dem una go kill and crucify; and some of dem  una go flog for una synagogues, and persecute dem from city to city:
35 That upon una go come all di righteous blood shed upon di earth, from di blood of righteous Abel unto di blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, wey una kill between di temple and di altar.
36 Truly I say unto you, all dis things go come upon dis generation.
37 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you wey dey kill di prophets, and stone di messengers that are send unto you, how often wey I wan gather your children together, even as a hen take dey gather her chickens under her wings, and you no allow ME!
38 See now, your house is left unto you abandoned.
39 For I say unto you, you no go see me again, till you go say, blessed is HE that cometh in di Name of YAHUVEH.

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YAHUSHUA In A Fireball!

* * * * * * *