Prophecy 43 – Part 1

Na Apostle Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah receive dis prophecy (Elisheva Eliyahu)
for Febuary 3, 2001

Na thru Rev. Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu), by di anointing of di RUACH ha KODESH nain dis prophecy take come, dis word been first come for another brother wey him name na Chris, but na for all di Apostles and Prophets concerning di prophetic schools and other attacks on di Messengers of GOD (i.e. Brownsville, “Gold Fever Revival,” “Gold Dust Revival,” Rodney Howard-Browne, Laughing Revival, Prophecy Clubs wey be nothing more than popularity contests, na inner circle wey Apostolic-Prophetic ministers like me dem never ever invite , etc). Dem dey silence, manipulate, intimidate, embarrass, disqualify, discourage and chase away di true Apostles and Prophets becos say dem dey speak di truth  wey dey offend di flesh for di sake of di Spirit.

* * * * * * *

Dis na from Prophecy 105, YAHUVEH say to put dis up for all Prophecies from now on: I warn you a long time ago Elisabeth [Elisheva], make you no call dis Ministry after a man or a woman name.
Even before dis Ministry start, I put am for your spirit. Becos nothing wey dey here come from your hand. Nothing wey dey here commot from your mouth. Na from di Mouth of YAHUVEH dis take come out. Na from di Mouth of YAHUSHUA, your MASHIACH, nain dis take come out.
Na from di Mouth of di RUACH HA KODESH, your IMMAYAH, nain dis take come out. If to say na by your hand e for don fail long time ago. Na by di SHKHINYAH GLORY Wind
wey dey blow across dis earth, di HOLY Wind of Revival. No be by your breath, or e for don fail.    

Isaiah 42:8

For July 2010, YAHUVEH GOD also say to add di following as a warning to those wey dey mock:

But dem mock di Messengers of GOD, despised HIS Words,
and no take HIS Prophets serious, until di Wrath of YAHUVEH
arise against HIS People, till there was no remedy.
      —2 Chronicles 36:16

* * * * * * *

So all dis wild beast can fill up their pockets with silver and gold, dey tell di people say di RUACH ha KODESH gift na for sell. Healing, delivering and di prophetic gifts no be for sell! Dis message no be for everyone. If you hear Daddy GOD voice speaking to you one on one, then na for you. If not, then warn di others wey dey promote di prophecy schools like Pam Clark, Andrew Strom and Craig Martin. Dis na only 3 and yet di newest lie of satan na: you no be prophet if you no  go prophet school. GOD gifts NO be for sell.

Dis na why I dey ask to please lay hand on my picture wey dey for here and pray in di RUACH ha KODESH tongues becos dis ministry already dey under attack for speaking out dis newest message. Again I say I be only di messenger, please no stone di messenger. I no get anything to gain, but obeying God. Also say a prayer of intercession for di website manager and all those wey dey labor with me, dey support me with their love, prayers, or financial support, pray for di blessings to quickly be released and also, for extra protection from di enemies, wey dey use di occult power, wey dey seek our destruction, and destruction of dis ministry. Please pray for abundant financial blessings so that we go fit do more for di kingdom of Heaven and for a greater anointing like John di Baptist for bringing in di lost sheep and for all areas, and especially for di gift of discernment.

Please pray as you lay hands on my picture say make all bondages and hindrances to be removed from my life immediately wey dey hinder me from finishing wetin I was born to do.

Becos no be about who I be, na who dis ministry dey represent. We must dey willing to lay down all pride, man-made doctrines, personal motivation, your personal respect, and courageously bold say dis ministry go run GOD’s way and no be a church organization way, or man or woman’s way. We no go fit do anything without di anointing of di RUACH ha KODESH. Dis na ministry wey dey bring di truth as e be to  you and some times we may offend di flesh, but we go get one purpose na to lead souls to YAHUSHUA (Jesus), pointing di way to Heaven, warning of Hell, teaching holiness, di importance of keeping di true Sabbath day, teaching di unchanging Word of God for di glory of YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and di RUACH ha KODESH!

IF you dey interceed for us, will you please let us know so that I no go feel so alone? Thank you for agreeing with me becos dis na di desire of my heart.

* * * * * * *

Prophecy 43


MY Beloved One, hear ME clearly thru dis MY Woman Servant. If you don hear am once I go talk am again, I no dey call di person wey qualify, Na ME dey qualify di person wey I call. I dey promote you and yet you dey act as if I dey demote you. You hear MY voice and yet you continue to test wetin you know to be true. Remember say you dey responsible for wetin you know. I no dey tell you MY secrets only for yoursef to know, but for you to share di secret knowledge wey I give you with those wey I tell you to speak and share am with. No be your responsibility whether dem go believe di messages. Your responsibility no just to deliver di messages. Whether dem believe di message na di responsibility of di person wey hear am.

You are to be di doer of di message and deliver wetin I tell you to say and no change am or make am easier in anyway. Abi you dey more afraid of offending ME or di people wey I send you too? I dey take you to a higher anointing and I don give dis Woman Servant dis words to give to you. I dey promote you to di head of di class. Who are you to say you no deserve that kind position? Who are you to say you no dey qualify? No be ME be di Potter and no be you be di clay? Abi I no get di right to mold you and use you di way wey I choose? I love you and I know you and I know wetin I put for inside of you when I save you, when I create you and when I call and choose you. You care more about your personal respect and wetin people thinks of you or wetin ME di creator of all dey think about you?

I no tell you to do anything wey I never tell MY other apostles and prophets to do, and that na to obey ME and seek MY will and I go lead and guide you and no go ever forsake you and I dey prepare MY warriors before I send dem into di front lines of combat. You no dey ever go into any battle, alone, I dey there. And you no dey go empty handed or naked. Put on di full armor of God and pull out MY sword not yours. Take MY shield of faith and quench di fiery darts wey dem point at you. Beware of Judas’ wey dey come to you in di form of sheep and yet dem be wild beast. Pray for a greater gift of discernment and no ever think say you get enough of that gift becos no human being can ever say that dem always dey recognize di face of satan. Be careful becos di devil know MY plans for you and he know where you dey weak and where you dey strong.

MY true Apostles and Prophets no need a prophets school. Dem receive their schooling in di school of hard knocks as dem dey get knock down again and again in di flesh but when dem arise na with a greater anointing and no be any longer di flesh go rise up but MY RUACH ha KODESH nain dey rise up. A prophets’ school no go fit teach wetin only di RUACH ha KODESH can teach. Which price you go fit to put for di kain gift wey I place on MY apostles and prophets? Who dey dare to teach how to prophesy? Woe be unto all dis false fleshly teachers of lies wey only concern na to fill their pockets with gold and silver.

Be not deceived as di wild beast set up their own judges to speak lies to encourage false apostles and prophets wey no be of MY RUACH ha KODESH and dem no dey listen to di true RUACH ha KODESH. Di so called judges wey dey judge MY true apostles and prophets  dey discourage dem and encourage di ones wey dey move in di flesh no be in MY RUACH ha KODESH. Di prophet schools dey drive away and intimidate MY true prophets and apostles.

But dem dey under training whether dem go listen to dis so called human judges wey dey judge MY apostles and prophets or whether dem go listen to di Judge of All creation di great God “I AM!” Make you no waste your money with such foolishness. Becos dis schools dey train di flesh and no dey even hear MY RUACH ha KODESH. Dis na Harsh words but na true. Dem dey speak of only blessing but no dey warn about rebuking. Yes I dey encourage, thru MY apostles and prophets, but I also dey use dem to rebuke and send warnings of repentance and yes I dey send MY blessings but I also dey send MY curses to those wey disobey. I dey send MY apostles and prophets to speak before I send judgment.

Dis na why dem dey make MY true apostles and prophets to fall into a deep sleep or dem no dey bold or dem dey fear of offending di flesh, dis na why I dey send dis Woman Servant to wake up MY true apostles and prophets and to expose di wild beast wey dey pretend to be sheep dey look for how dem go take silence MY apostles and prophets in anyway dem can. Dem dey Make MY apostles and prophets to think say if dem no belong to a certain group or go to school to prophecy or if dem no dey speak in a proper grammar then make dem dare no speak and say they are not called. I dey call di one wey dey educated  and di ones wey no dey educated to speak forth MY words in all languages and I dey use all ages.

Everyone wey hear MY words and accept dem go hear wetin I want dem to hear. Certain words go get double meanings at least. Just as di bible take be when you read and meditate on am more than once you go hear something by MY RUACH ha KODESH wey you no hear or see before. E dey make ME sick as dem dey remove and add to MY prophetic messages to sound correct according to fleshly education. Who is to say wetin be proper grammar? Abi all apostles and prophets dey only speak one language? All of dem na di same age? all of dem na di same tribe? all of dem na man or woman? All of dem na from di same country? NO! I even dey speak out of di mouth of small children. Stop trying to put “I AM” inside a box. Stop trying to say wetin I go do and wetin “I AM” no go do. I dey do wetin human being no go expect. No man or woman go fit really know di mind of “I AM!”

When I tell MY children where to walk, you walk. When I tell you where to run, you run. When I tell you wetin to speak, you speak. When I tell you to be silent, you be silent. When I tell you to stand still, no move. When you no know wetin to do, no do anything, until you get di peace say “I AM” don speak. When di enemy remind you of your past, remind di devil of his future. When di spirit of condemnation attack you then remember say, I no condemn you, so who are you to condemn yoursef or allow anyone to condemn you? Your sins dey as far away as di east dey from di west. Use your eye take imagine a fishing hole and realize say na only you and di devil dey go fishing for past sins wey I don long ago wash away with MY shed Blood at Calvary. You must put up a no fishing sign for there and make you no go fishing there any longer no allow anyone else to go fishing for there. I don pay di price.

No allow di devil to remind you of a past wey no longer exists. Di old don pass away and become new. Make I ask you dis question, you dey rewash clothes wey dey clean? Then stop to dey remind ME of wetin MY Son YAHUSHUA don wash away. You dey qualified for di new position wey I don call and anoint you for. If you doubt dis then you dey say di God wey you dey serve dey make mistakes and also  say you know more than “I AM” know. na that be wetin you you dey talk? Abi di clay go tell di Potter how to take mold and use di pot of clay? I don anoint you for a time like dis. Di time dey shorter than you think to share wetin I don give you to share. All di doors dey open now if you go just see di blessings wey I don prepare wait for you and accept wetin I dey give you.

Remember Elijah of Old [for Hebrew, na Eliyahu] say no be him be di person wey been really dey in lack becos he bless di widow more than di widow bless am. Elijah [for  Hebrew, na Eliyahu] no really ever dey in lack becos how can a person wey dey so anointed go lack in anything? How can you be lacking any good thing when you dey blessed with more anointing and gifts wey you never even realized? Study and carefully read di scriptures I don tell MY ‘Elijah of New’ [for Hebrew, na  Eliyahu] to give to you. As you don bless her now I don tell her to speak all dis blessings unto you. Can you not yet discern one another? Una two dey more alike than una even know. I don choose to introduce una two for MY purposes and there are no accidental meetings, your ways no be always MY ways, but MY ways na  always for your good and no good thing wey I go hold back from two of una. Both of una stand before ME and both of una  don try to tell di Master Potter how to mold una and use una and both of una don talk say you no dey worthy of dis kain calling.

But I dey tell two of una, “Of course una no dey worthy by unasef.” I no dey choose di vessels wey dey boast of their own importance or their great value or beauty, and I no dey choose those wey dey think of demsef to be more highly than dem suppose to, or di vessels wey think say dem do ME a favor to be used in such a way. I dey choose vessels wey know say by demsef  dem no  fit do anything and speak anything of importance unless na for under di anointing of MY RUACH ha KODESH. I no dey choose you becos you decide to promote yoursef and think say you are better than anyone else. I choose you becos you know say you no be di best and your riches, or poverty, no impress ME and wetin you get or no get, di only thing wey dey impresses ME na di fact say you know with God all things are possible and I choose MY apostles and Prophets among those wey dey di most unlikely to be di ones wey di eyes of dis world go one choose. I choose di one wey no body go expect to amaze those wey think of demsef to be wise.

Study and meditate on di scriptures wey dey for here and you go know if dis word of knowledge suppose be for you. MY sheep know say I be di only Good Shepherd’s voice becos which pikin wey no know di voice of his Father? If you no hear MY voice then dis message no be for you but copy am becos you will be reminded when di time come to send am to another person. Dis na one on one Word although originally na prophecy given to another person but di prophecy no be only for one man or woman or child.

* * * * * * *

Jer 1:4-12
Di calling of a Prophet
Then di word of di Lord come to me, talk say: Before I form you for inside your mother womb I know you; Before you were born I sanctify you; I ordain you to be prophet to di nations. Then I come say: Ah, Lord God! See, I no go fit even speak, becos I dey too young. But di Lord come to me: Make you no say, I dey too young, becos you go go to everybody wey I go send you to, and whatever I command you, you go speak. Make you no fear their faces, for I am with you to deliver you,” says di Lord. Then di Lord use His hand to touch my mouth, and di Lord say to me: See, I don put my words for inside your mouth. See say, dis day I don set you over di nations and over di kingdoms, to uproot out and to pull down, to destroy and to throw down, to build and to plant.” Also, di word of di Lord come to me again, say, Jeremiah, wetin you dey see? And I say, I see a branch of a almond tree. Then di Lord say to me, you see am well, becos I dey ready to perform my word.

Isaiah 64
But now, oh Lord, You be our Father; we be di clay, and you be our maker; and all of us we be di work of your hand.

Then I come go to di potter house, and for there I see say e dey make something for di wheel. And di vessel wey him use clay take make damage for di hand of di potter; so him come make am again into another vessel, as him like na wetin di potter make.

Note: Well, I pray say I have been used to be a blessing to you and you go please let me know if dis word bear witness to you for anyway? I be only di messenger so please make you no stone dis messenger, but if you throw stones at me remember say dem go only bounce from me onto my Daddy God YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and di RUACH ha KODESH, becos that na who dey speak dis message forth, I no get anything to gain by doing dis except knowing say I dey obey my Daddy God. I really go consider am to be a privilege to pray with someone like yoursef for God himsef don validate you thru dis word if you hear Daddy God dey speak to you one on one.

Lately I don notice how when di RUACH ha KODESH go speak a Word e be like say na for more than one person although originally na for one person which is you Chris. Please let me know whether make I release dis message to di rest of di apostles and prophets. Please reread dis message more than one time. I know say I go also read again. A lot of meat dey here and please let me know if e bear witness to you. For those of una wey satan don deceive and silence di true apostles and prophets and yes women na apostles also. Di RUACH ha KODESH no dey respect whether you be man or woman, na only willing vessels wey go speak forth in boldness of di RUACH ha KODESH and wey no dey timid for voice in di flesh dem dey afraid of offending people more than dem dey desire to teach dem for di sake of their souls.

I wait to release dis word becos di original person wey di message dey intended for never receive di email wey  I send am to. Maybe he don travel out of di country. Please pray say make dis man  get dis message and reply to me, in a spirit of love and not be offended, before Valentines Day. Chris, you be di person wey stir up dis anointing in me, just by praying for you everyday. You say you dey more than able to be my intercessor and you be di man wey God use to bring me encouraging prophetic messages several times when I need am di most. E be like say di apostles and prophets, who are used to bless others in dis way, na very few people dey take di time to ask YAHUVEH for a word for us.

Chris, when you read dis remember say di word come originally for you. But forgive me I no go fit hold back dis prophetic word of knowledge any longer, di elect are getting deceived. Note to my intercessors Chris na one of di names wey him don use for him emails wey him write me, I no discern am as him real name but I no want to release him real name in case say dis go offend him. I dey attach dis personal note to prove to him say I first try to reach am with dis word of knowledge, pray say IF him dey  involved in a prophetic school like di one wey God warn about that he go hear Daddy God warning him to run quickly from am or rise up in boldness and speak out against di prophetic schools wey their only goal na to silence di true apostles and prophets and fill their pockets with gold and silver.

Much Love your Sister in YAHUSHUA
Rev. Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)

* * * * * * *