Prophecy 31
Your Passover DEY FOR Where Your Faith DEY

Given to Apostle Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)
March 30, 1999

Dis na from prophecy 105  YAHUVEH say make this the begin all prophecies from now on: E don tey wey I tell you Elisabeth (Elisheva)make you no call this ministry by a man or a woman name even before this ministry start. I put am in your spirit because nothing wey dey here come from your hand, nothing come from your personal mouth. Na di mouth of YAHUVEH bring this one. Na di mouth of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH(MESSIAH\SAVIOUR) wey bring this one. Na di mouth of di RUACH ha KODESH,(HOLY SPIRIT) also bring this one. If to say na by your own power e for don fail long time ago. Na by di SHKHINYAH Glory’s wind wey dey blow across this earth, di Holy wind of revival, no be by your own power or self o, e for don fail tey tey.(Isaiah 42:8)).

For July 2010 YAHUVEH also talk say make dem add this scriptures from 2nd chronicles before every prophecy:

2 Chron. 36:16, "But they mocked the Messengers of YAH, despised HIS Words, and scoffed at HIS Prophets, until the wrath of the LORD arose against HIS People, till there was no remedy." )

* * * * * * *

Surely he took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows, yet we considered him stricken by God, smitten by him, and afflicted. But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.” Isaiah 53:4-5

* * * * * * *

I have dis thin against you America! Your leader no be only a whore monger but a war monger. Your streets no dey flow with enough perversion and enough blood shed but now you must take am to other people country. Di unborn wey you slaughter with less mercy than your animals wey you dey kill for food! You dey take more regard and compassion on di creatures than you dey do with babies wey una dey tear apart and burn alive everyday.

I have dis thin against you America. You been be di nation set apart by MY divine hand to glorify di Lord God Almighty wey in Name na “I AM.” You wey once stand for Godliness be nothing more than an empty shell. You dey pour your wrath out on a nation wey you get no right to pour forth your judgments on. “I AM” be di only one wey get dis right becos vengeance na MINE saith di Lord. How you go fit remove di small stick out of their eyes when you get  plank for your own eyes? First remove di plank out of your own eyes then  help someone with di small stick.

How can you cry dictator when you get your own dictators? America I don decree dis from Heaven unless you fall on your knees and acknowledge your sins as I don cry out di warning before thru dis woman servant I go speak am again thru her as well as thru other prophets.” America REPENT becos you no go ever win another war again!” You go reap wetin you dey sow. Di amount of destruction wey you dey pour out and di amount of death wey you dey pour out you go drink from MY cup of wrath until there is no more. America, you be once a nation that was trusted and respected but now you be a joke of everything wey dey Holy. Your people dey once stand for wetin dey good and your leaders also, but now your people and your leaders dem know dem around di world as evil and untrustworthy. You dey defend di wrong and you dey seek to silence di right.

You dey bomb country wey dey at least worship a God. Even a heathen God still betta pass none. Becos even a heathen nation dey acknowledge say dem no dey supreme. America I have dis thin against you. You dey serve no God! You dey bow your knee to no God although for your money e say, “In God we Trust” but you no trust in any God. You America, get something wey be like Godliness but no Godliness dey inside you. America you go reap wetin you dey sow.

You wey dey send missionaries to other countries and I bless dis missionaries with MY anointing and di heathen lands dey come to know YAHUSHUA as Lord and Savior. Yet your own country dey mock di same message. No be all of una dey do dis thin for I get a people. I get a remnant that will not be moved. Dem no go bow their knee to satan and di doctrines of di anti-christ but oh na so few. Oh I dey  weep, so many dey go astray. Multitudes dey listen to strange fire teachings, dem dey demonstate strange fire for their churches and dey even pray strange fire prayers. Come out from among dem. Listen to di voice of MY RUACH ha KODESH you know di voice of your Good Shepherd. Test every action with di word of YAHUVEH. Test di Spirit wey dey speak. For dis time and season di false prophets look so good. Dem dey speak words saying all is well and only blessings dey ahead.

Yes for MY Children I go protect. But remember Moses and learn di lesson of di children of Israel. Di plagues no come near those wey get their faith in ME, di God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. But dem see di plagues wey come upon di others. I dey send MY Beloved Son YAHUSHUA, your MESSIAH to come and catch MY Bride away. I no give una signs in di Holy Scriptures of wetin to wait and watch for? Una never see dis things come to pass? I no say truly dis generation no go pass away wey see dis things without di Son of God, YAHUSHUA coming again. Why you dey doubt ME? Why then be say na only 50 percent of una wey claim to love and serve ME believe say I dey send MY Beloved Son YAHUSHUA to rescue those wey no dey appointed to MY wrath wey dey come? Becos those of una wey dey refuse to use your faith to believe in dis Blessed Hope I get news for una HE no dey come for you.

Just as you no go fit get saved without faith in di truth, na so too, you no go be counted worthy as YAHUSHUA Bride if you no get faith. If you dey live as if MY Son YAHUSHUA  no dey come, you dey plan for years to come you dey interested for only worldly things and possessions then I get news for you. You no dey included in di Bridegroom list wey dey sealed to be HIS Bride. No be everyone dey fit to be called a Bride of YAHUSHUA. Some dey only fit to be di Guests. Dis no mean say at some point you no go be saved. E mean say until you waka in a world wey dey only fit for MY wrath you see wetin you don miss, nain you go then turn to ME in a new way with a new faith.

Then there are others wey dey worthy of being MY Bride (I believe say dis be for di 7th Day Adventist beliefs) and yet satan don deceive you to make you think say you dey do ME a favor to stay  here in di Great Tribulation to stay to minister to di people. Your faith na wetin you say, “I go stay here miss dis great wedding day so that I go fit help others!” Where your faith dey nain you go also dwell. You think say I no fit raise up others wey need dis chastisement to get dem ready for Heaven? Do you really think say I need to leave behind MY beloved Bride wey I say for MY Holy Scriptures pray make you dey counted worthy to escape di wrath wey dey come. Yet you say you dey counted worthy and dey take pride in being left behind. Be warned where your faith dey na there you go dwell. Some go walk in the times of Great Tribulation because dem choose am. No be MY choosing but their own. I go do as dem believe and protect dem as their faith allows ME to do. So much suffering wey been no dey unnecessary if dem go only now repent for speaking and thinking like dis.

Undiluted and in full measure nain dis world go take reap wetin e don dey sow. I warn di evil Pharaoh and I dey warn MY enemies again. REPENT! Turn away from Evil. I warn Ninevah and I spare dem but in di end dem turn back to evil and I had to destroy wetin I don predestined to destroy. Becos I know di hearts of di reprobate. Those like Evil Pharaoh wey dey speak like say dem dey  sorry and go stop their wicked ways only to increase di evil in di next breath by lying to ME and MY People. In di reprobate truth dey inside dem. No matter wetin I do to dem dem  no go serve ME or worship ME.

I have a message to MY beloved wayward daughter Israel. Beloved Israel make you no give wetin I no give you to give. You don give far too much away, I promise you a land of milk and honey. I di God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob promise to bless your land with beauty and prosperity, I never do so? Yet di leaders of dis land dey weak as women wey dey bow their head in fear in a corner at di hands of an abusive husband. Israel dey believe di lies of a bully. Israel dey pray to di God “I AM” dey ask for deliverance and yet dey show with their actions say dem  no believe “I AM” can and go protect a land where one day very soon MY Son YAHUSHUA, shall put HIS feet upon di Mount of Olives. Israel dey refuse to believe say di God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob don already prove MY love for dem by sending dem their MESSIAH their DELIVERER, YAHUSHUA na his Name!

MY beloved Jewish People, I send MY Son as one of your own, he is not a Savior only to di Gentiles but to you beloved also. MY desire na for both Jew and Gentile to become as one in YAHUSHUA. Why you dey wait for another Savior? When I don give you MY best. Satan dey seek to deceive you with his best. I send MY Prophets and I dey send dem again to tell you oh beautiful and wayward daughter of MINE, listen to your own scriptures. Look with new eyes of discernment to your own feasts and celebrations.Make you no just love half of ME love all of ME.

You wey say you belong to di God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and I get a remnant wey do, just like for other parts of di world, but you must accept all of ME. Becos YAHUSHUA na MY Beloved Son that was slain as a perfect, pure sacrificial lamb for everybody wey go accept di Saving Blood shed at Calvary for di forgiveness of sins. HIM Blood soak di sand on Calvary but as e poured out for ground e also cover Jerusalem with mercy. “Father forgive dem dem no know  say wetin dem they do na for you also.” All dis time I get more patience with you My beloved wayward child wey dey seek to please ME and yet dey turn away MY gift at Calvary. Di only way to Heaven na thru YAHUSHUA; there is no other name wey can save but HIS Name.

I look for how to make you jealous come give dis understanding to di gentiles, people wey no even dey look for a MESSIAH. Now I dey come back to you thru dis prophet and others wey I dey send wey dey say make you no cast YAHUSHUA away. HE no be MESSIAH only to di Gentiles but he was first sent to di Jewish people wey I love with a love wey una no go even fit begin to understand. Was not YAHUSHUA, born from di loins of a Jewish handmaiden? You Israel must not fear di giants in di land. Why una forget say I don promise to protect those wey dey set apart and redeemed?

You Israel must not give away any more land wey I no give you to give away. I give una dis thru una forefathers. Dis land dem no fit take am but dem fit make you and don even force you into thinking say di giants go possess di land and dem no go fit take wetin you no give dem. MY People dey cry out for a “Passover from evil Pharaoh once again.” MY People “I AM” dey instruct di RUACH ha KODESH to get those wey believe say “I AM” na a God wey no dey change and remain di same and HE go protect everybody wey say wetin be MINE na yours, wetin be yours na MINE. Just no bow to another god, Israel! Israel, no bow to di heathen men wey  no be  god but merely be dust to match under your feet.

No listen to di sweet words of di enemies wey dey say just give us a little more land, then we go go away and leave you in peace. I don instruct MY Children in di Holy Scriptures to pray for di Peace of Jerusalem. Today, thru dis prophet, I dey speak all dis words again. Make una no trust di ones wey dey come like giants dey intimidate a little child. You no be little child, Israel. I don pour forth MY anointing on your land. Use am for “I AM’s” Glory. Your Temple Wall wey dey stain with your tears dey ever before ME. Your cries dey echo in MY ears. Oh I desire to put MY hand around you and comfort you and I go do so. But make una no turn away any longer from MY gift wey I gave una at Calvary, HIS Name na YAHUSHUA. He alone na your Salvation.

Make you no just recite di prayers wey you dey speak Israel, but believe di prayers wey you dey recite. No just celebrate Passover believe say na your Passover. Dis dey also go for all MY beloved children wey dey seek to please ME, wey dey obey ME, wey dey serve ME, dey worship ME, dey put ME di great God “I AM” and YAHUSHUA above all things. I dey send out dis message and don already speak am to multitudes thru MY RUACH ha KODESH. If you want Passover deliverance from di hands of di enemies, then you must celebrate and believe and encourage one another. Dis na your Passover and you go dey counted worthy to escape di wrath of “I AM” wey dey come. Di plagues go Passover you and no go touch you, all di plagues, as in di time of Moses e go be so again but you go have a way of escape. You shall have a Passover once again. Di Blood of YAHUSHUA na your Passover. If you dey read dis then you dey held accountable for wetin you know. Wetin you go do with am?

The Passover na your promise! Di God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob di great God “I AM” go deliver you once again in ways wey you no go think of if only you go believe. Where your faith dey na there your Passover dey. Those wey dey live in America and I don prophesy di wrath to come, dis na true but those wey believe “I AM” di Passover and like Moses, I go provide a way of escape for you, you shall not be ashamed say you believe. I go prove say di great God “I AM” no go fit and will not lie to you. Where your faith dey na there your Passover go dey.

MY beloved no think say I dey say none of una go suffer, Becos in dis world there is pain and suffering but I don send a way of escape. I dey send MY Son as I don promise. Yet, that no mean say make you sit back now and do nothing. Now na di time wey una must gather in di end time harvest while there is yet time. Use your paper and plastic as seed to bring ME Glory.(paper and plastic na your money) Support with your prayers and gifts, ministries wey I don make you to intercede for and labor with. Not for dis ministries to store up riches on earth, for di ministries wey dey do dis, I go personally see to it that everything wey dem do go become waste fit only for destruction.

Eat di bread of affliction wey be matzoh bread. Eat am not only becos say na symbol of wetin di Israelites eat when dem flee before di bread rise. I also want make you partake in di days of unleavened bread and eat di bread of affliction as a reminder of YAHUSHUA and how he pay di price as di bread of affliction. He was afflicted for your sakes. Di bread dey hard becos di price wey HE pay for you no come easily. Partake in the LORD’S Last Supper as YAHUSHUA take do. Do am on di eve of March 31, 1999. Do am in remembrance of di Blood wey YAHUSHUA pour out so that you would be saved and di Bread that was dipped in di Blood, becos YAHUSHUA na di Bread of Life and his Body was sacrificed so that you go fit have fellowship with “I AM” and di forgiveness of sins so you go have a way of escape from di flames of hell. Satan no get claim to those wey be truly MINE.

Every time wey you pray remember say now na di time to pray say make you be counted worthy to escape di wrath wey is to come on dis earth. Di wrath of “I AM” no just be temper display, e don  dey build up and na fearful thing to fall into di hands of a Living God. But MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones, and Elect no need to fear. I go only shower you with MY blessings and not MY wrath. Weep for wetin America and her allies dey do now. Weep becos even di heathen dey worship a god. Weep becos some na your brothers and sisters in YAHUSHUA wey di bombs dey fall upon. Dis blood wey dem dey spill and vengeance wey dem dey give out and “I AM” dey watch and don allow am thus far for those wey dey partake in dis, dey only heap damnation upon their own countries and upon themselves. Make you no partake in dis war Make you no believe di propaganda wey dem dey talk, di excuses wey dem dey make. Di governments get their own reasons and pleasing di Great God “I AM”  no be one of di reason . To Rescue di helpless no be one of di reasons. Acting in arrogance and pride na one of di reasons. Pray say your leaders go repent of dis evil before e go too late.

Protest, speak out against dis war. America, you don bring dis upon unasef thru your pride and your domineering spirit. You don bring wetin dey come to a nation wey I don personally protect with MY hand so far. War never come to your border but it will. For di sake of MY beloved ones I go hold [off] di hand of di executioner for yet a little while but oh so little of a while. You dey send war to other nations. You go taste of war in your nation for acting in arrogance. You dey speak against another nation and yet you no dey hear di echo of wetin you talk dey come back to your own ears. Becos na di words wey you accuse others of nain your leaders themselves dey do in secret. Every American should shake in fear at wetin dey happen. Your leaders both politically and spiritually better repent and turn away from wetin dem dey do. If MY People wey dey call themself by MY Name go humble themsef and fall on their knees and repent, I go heal their land! I go forgive them. Oh but dem dey stubborn  people wey no dey gree change, dem dey say they are not sinning and yet di whole world dey see di sin but American politicians and those wey dey follow after di evil ones wey dey do all dis things.

If America no repent “I AM” go destroy their land, I go make a mockery out of di land once called di free and di brave. For all MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect wey dey read dis, no turn against Jerusalem. No turn against Israel. Pray for di peace of Jerusalem so that I can bless you. Pray for di nations wey NATO don send di hand of war against. My people make una Pray and grieve for wetin dey happen. Once again di heathens dey defile MY Holy Days. I no be a God to take play. All those wey desire a PASSOVER from MY wrath then I dey give una dis commandment wey still never change,watch and pray for your PASSOVER to come. HIS Name na YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH and pray say you will be counted worthy to escape MY wrath and tribulation wey dey come. Prepare a ready to go bag in case you need am before your MESSIAH come for you. There are those wey dey read dis wey go walk thru di fire of MY wrath and tribulation. Some go do dis and I go shelter dem in a way wey you no go think.

Others go read this and mock di handmaiden wey dey deliver dis message. Beware, dis no be her words wey you dey mock so again beware. Dis words wey you dey mock now go come back and haunt you becos you dey mock di Great God “I AM,” no be Sherrie Elijah’s [Elisheva Sherrie Eliyahu’s] word. If to say na her words dem for be just like air, but when dem be MY Words spoken dem be words of living power and I go do wetin I dey speak. I send MY Prophets and apostles out to prophecy before I send di Doom or blessings. Those of una wey dey mock go taste MY wrath wey dey come. She don dey instructed to speak MY words whether una ears like am or not. She go be held responsible if she hold back and compromise because of fear of wetin you or others wey dey in authority go talk. All MY Prophets wey dey hear di Great God “I AM” many of una don compromise and only dey look for how to deliver words wey dey sweet to people ears and yet e dey bring much pain when wetin you speak no come to pass. You dey worry wetin your Prophet club get to say and not wetin di Great God “I AM” dey talk. Una dey compare notes and discern by your wisdom and revelation, not MY wisdom and revelation.

Beware those wey dey call themselves MY Prophets and never even speak di word REPENT and turn away from sin. Beware those wey dey only speak of evil wey dey come and yet dey give MY Children no hope! “I AM” no dey for dis kain prophecies. There is always a way of escape for MY beloved Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones, and Elect. I go provide a way when there seems to be no way. Just because say you no know am now, e be like a man with a ticket to ride, dem no need di ticket until na di time to leave. You no need di wisdom now becos if I were to tell MY Prophets of MY ways of escape then beloved, di enemy go also know. I have MY ‘Hidden ones’ that na all una need to know at dis time. No be everybody go hear to Flee. If you no hear me speak am and confirm and witness am in your Spirit, then I go protect you where you dey. If I no tell you where to Flee now, then I go tell you when di time come for you to leave.

As e be for di time of Lot and Moses na so e go be again, “I AM” go send you your Passover. YAHUSHUA na your Passover. No let March 31, 1999 sunset passs without praying for your true Passover, YAHUSHUA, wey dey come. Practice dis day not in legalism but do wetin you can. Study and show thyself approved to know wetin to do on dis day. E dey really too much to tell you make you no eat Leaven for 8 days?(leaven na wetin dey make food rise like yeast) make you eat di Bread of Affliction to remind you of di one wey pay di price as di Bread of Affliction to bring you your Passover.

I do am on purpose so that di Israelites no go have di time for di bread to rise. I do am on purpose but dem no know and no be by accident I make dem to flee so dis go take place. For again di Jews partake and were offered di Bread of Affliction first which is called Matzoh Bread and now I give di knowledge wey dem receive even then, for it was YAHUSHUA wey was to come, given as a reminder. YAHUSHUA na both di Jews and Gentiles Passover. There was and is no other perfect Sacrificial Lamb that can be slain for the remission of sins, washing sin away as if they never was a sin but one Person. His Name na YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, HIS name na SALVATION! HE alone na your Passover. Celebrate dis for March 31, 1999 when sun come down and learn di true meaning of di Passover that was and di Passover wey dey come.

Honor di Sabbath Days, also di High Holy Days, April 1, April 2. Honor all Sabbath Days wey be on Friday when sun come down, evening time untill Saturday when sun come down evening time….no be Sunday as so many of una dey remember ME on Sunday and dey live like di devil on Friday and Saturday evenings, dey partake of di worldliness on di days wey dey set aside for our Sabbath. Pray for di Passover from di wrath wey dey come upon dis world. Pray make you be counted worthy and all dis bowls and trumps of MY wrath go Passover you and you go be counted worthy to escape. Becos “I AM” is a God wey cannot and no go lie, I prophesy wetin is to come to pass thru MY Prophets so no one go say “I AM” no warn di people.

When you Passover to di other side will it be Heaven or hell and curses? When your Passover come, will you experience di Rapture or Great Tribulation wey dis world has never known or no go ever know again. Wetin you go do with dis prophetic message from “I AM”? Will you Passover am and forget am and dismiss am as foolishness or folly? Or will you prepare for your Passover wey in Name na YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Pray today for all di people wey dey read dis prophecy and no know how to be ready without spot or wrinkle. Make you write dis  Pastor. She go introduce you to di true Passover lamb that was slain and rose again from di dead on di 3rd day. Wey willingly lay down his life for you so you can be saved by having all your sins wash away with di perfect Blood of di true Passover, di perfect sinless lamb of God, Son of “I AM” wey in name na YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH HE alone na your MESSIAH for those wey accepted “I AM’s” Passover gift at Calvary.

For those wey love, dey serve, dey try hard to obey “I AM’s” commandments, knowing say when you fail you have a Passover lamb wey HIS Blood was shed at Calvary for your sins, yet you also know say you no go test ME and sin on purpose becos you think you can. “I AM” is not mocked and every person must work out their own salvation with fear and trembling becos na only “I AM” know your true heart and motives and intentions. Now I don speak. Wetin you go do with your Passover? Becos many of una wey dey read dis there no go be any more chances to celebrate di Passover. Na time for you to decide, na your choice. Beware I already know wetin you don choose. Will you honor ME on dis Passover?

AS it is spoken, Na so dem take write am dis day of March 30, 1999 4:26 a.m., thru MY Woman servant Sherrie Elijah [Elisheva Sherrie Eliyahu], under MY anointing of di RUACH ha KODESH wey go destroy all yokes and bondages.

* * * * * * *

Personal message from Rev. Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Sherrie Eliyahu). Please make una feel free to encourage and send dis to one another to teach and to encourage, also to warn. I don speak and write dis message that was locked up like fire inside my bones wey dey wait for di time and season. Dis Passover I dey look for deliverance from di Evil Pharaohs wey don try to destroy me and dis ministry and also for di beloved congregation. I dey expect to be delivered from all ungodly yokes and bondages.

I dey celebrate Passover for di first time as many of una are directed by di RUACH ha KODESH. Dis Year of 1999 na di most uncertain year wey we don face so far. But by remembering and celebrating di days of unleavened bread and di Passover we go be certain say we have our God YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA attention. I want di evil to Passover and no touch mysef or my loved ones, dis ministry or those wey be a part of dis congregation. Please write and let us know wetin e be wey you want deliverance from on dis Passover. If you approve we go post your need before others so that dem go pray also. All of us need deliverance from something or someone.

For dis ministry I also dey look forward to a Passover of freedom from di bondage of debt. We dey work behind di scenes now to get another site up and running coming from ISP in Israel. Dis na big step of faith and very expensive project wey we wan do yet. I get di instruction to do dis becos when di “powers that be” dey seek to silence me in one area of di world we go continue to speak forth in other areas of di world. “I AM” don give me di instruction to do dis. although mankind may think am as foolish I dey obey God and not man. If anyone feel led by di RUACH HA KODESH to help me in dis step of faith please email me or write me. We get sites now for Canada, USA, and soon coming for Israel. Another one more after that, if di Lord never come yet go be Africa. Please feel free to copy and circulate to those wey need to hear di truth wey go set dem free. All I dey ask na to no remove or change any part of dis message, to deliver dis entire message in full even dis last part wey I dey write. I no give anyone permission to post dis Holy Prophetic message if dem mean am to use take mock me or dis message.

I dey humbled by being used once again to deliver Almighty GOD messages from Heaven. To be a prophet na both a reward and yet sometimes dey feel like a curse. Becos all of us get di fear of what if we no hear GOD correctly? Abi I speak everything wey God wan to speak? I ask for forgiveness now if I ever miss di mark I dey do di best I can to hear wetin YAHUVEH speak to di RUACH ha KODESH wey dey inside me. I must deliver di messages and not compromise by letting di spirit of fear to come in.

I be a vessel of Clay but a mighty Warrior in YAHUSHUA, Apostle Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)

* * * * * * *