Prophecy 13

Tell Dem MY Child, Tell Dem for ME!

Given to Rev. Sherrie Elijah on January 24, 1998

As I dey for prayer today, 1/23/98, with my friend Sharon, I come dey tell her about how I still dey see di vision, of di trumpet, wey dey press to Gabriel mouth, as he dey wait for di word  from Father YAHUVEH on the throne to blow am. 

Na She say, "Oh Sherrie, you dey see am?" And as I try to answer, instead tongues pour come out. But dis time na different and urgent tongues; hot tears dey fall for my face. Then di RUACH ha KODESH showed me YAHUSHUA. HE dey kneeldown for ground. HE dey face Gabriel and HIM face dey covered with HIS hands and HE dey cry, deep cry. As HE dey speak I dey fit hear di words. Di sobs pour come out from me as if na HIM dey  cry through me. I let di tears dry for my face, di tears feel so hot. Knowing somehow say dis no be ordinary tears but tears wey come from YAHUSHUA. I still dey feel di tears for my face as if e dry there stay. 

Dis na all di words wey di RUACH ha KODESH now dey put back into my spirit and I am ordered to, "Tell Dem MY Child, Tell Dem for ME." 

* * * * * * *

Although I dey rejoice at di coming to take MY children out of dis wicked world, to carry MY Bride home in MY arms, I dey weep and I dey sob becos I dey greatly sorrowful, Becos so many people go dey left behind, so many people wey dey call demsef MINE and yet MY Spirit no dey inside dem. Dem go dey left to suffer di wrath of Almighty GOD YAHUVEH. Tell dem MY Daughter, tell dem for ME. Warn dem. Many go listen and obey dis prophecy. I weep for di churches wey dey overflow and people dey stand for line to get inside di churches. Yet MY RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit) no dey inside all dis churches. Dis people dey call demsef MINE, and dem no know ME. Dem be di church of the pretenders. 

Tell dem MY Child, Tell dem for ME. 

Dem go dey left to suffer di wrath of Almighty God YAHUVEH if dem no repent. What a tragedy. Tell dem MY Child, tell dem for ME, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH IS COMING QUICKLY! I dey weep for di husbands wey go leave their heathen wives. I dey weep for di wives wey go leave their heathen husbands. I dey weep becos dem dey try but di heathen spouses no dey gree listen. 

Tell dem MY Child, Tell dem for ME becos I Am Coming Oh very soon. 

I dey weep for di ones wey dey think say I hate dem. And Yet na for their sins I die and I rose for dem. 

Tell dem MY Child, Tell dem for ME becos I Am Coming Now, Oh, So Quickly. 

I know say e go be like say na only few people dey listen and more people go cover their ears, than for dem to hear. But nothing don change. Dem no also do di same thing to ME? Dem no watch ME be crucified at Calvary? Abi no be di same people wey see di miracles wey I do, shout say crucify HIM on that tree? When everything wey I been want was to be a blessing to dem and you, and I die for all, from satan power to set you free for all eternity. And yet how many mouth still dey curse, deny, disobey, mock and blasphemy ME? 

You go be like a voice wey dey cry in di wilderness and MY Daughter, e go feel as if say you dey hear only your own voice dey echo return back to your own ears. Yet no be your echo, but MY echo di world go hear coming forth, out of your mouth wey I don ordain and anoint to speak forth MY Words, no be your words. Great has been di price wey you and others wey I don ordain, anoint to speak forth MY Words, na great sacrifice you don pay. But great go be your rewards. Becos nothing wey you give up for ME, go go unrewarded. No pain or suffering  wey you don endure go go unrewarded. Wetin ever you don suffer for MY NAME sake, I go reward you, not for only on dis earth, but also for all eternity in Heaven. 

Tell dem MY Child, Tell dem for ME becos I Am Coming Oh So Quickly. 

Great go be di blessings wey I don prepare for all wey dey serve, obey and pay their tithe and wey dey Holy, and dey Worship ME. 

Tell dem MY Child, Tell dem for ME for I Am Coming Oh So Quickly. 

I tell you others go hear dis prophetic echo all over di world and dem no dey hear di voice of a woman speaking, but dem dey hear di voice of Almighty GOD YAHUVEH speaking. Dem no go hear one voice but many go dey echo MY voice. Even di heathen go by force hear MY voice. Can you not hear an echo even from far? Even though dem close their ears, Dem go still hear MY voice speak. Na their choice whether to obey, but I go force dem to listen. Make you no fear di hatred and wrath or di rejection, and threats of di enemy. As di world take hate ME na so dem go hate you and all wey truly belong to ME. 

Tell dem MY child, tell dem for ME so souls can still in MY Name and Blood be set free from di wrath of YAHUVEH Almighty, wey dey come upon dis world quickly. First I dey come to take MY children home OH so lovingly! I know who be MINE; those wey get MY Spirit inside dem already get di invicible wings to fly. 

Tell dem MY child, Tell dem for ME, becos I Am Coming Oh So Quickly. 

Those wey I call MY children go hear and recognize MY voice. Those wey no be MY children but are of di church of di pretenders go cover their ears and say, "Go away, we no wan hear wetin you dey talk." Even when wetin I prophesy come to pass at last, dem go blame you say na yo cause am. Becos na you speak am out and wetin you prophesy for others go happen very fast. 

Dis world will NEVER embrace MY children. Dis world is sinful and a bad smell in MY nose. Di bad smell of sin wey wey dey America and in their leaders and dis world I no fit breath, and from dis bad smell I will be free. That is why I dey come to get MY children safely home quickly. Then di judgment of YAHUVEH go fall on dis earth in a way wey nobody don fit dream of, and never will happen again and e go  happen to dis heathen land. But if di world dey embrace you when I come, then know dis and beware becos you no be MY Child, you belong to satan, and your name no dey written in di Lamb's Book of Life under di heading redeemed. You dey only fit for di judgment and wrath of Almighty God YAHUVEH. Hell na wetin you go see. 

There is a Lamb's Book of Life that was created before di world was created, and I know in advance which person name go dey written and under what heading. Three headings na dey for dis Book. The redeemed.... blotted out.....the damned... your name don already dey for one of di places. Even those wey dey listed under di redeemed still fit get their name blotted out, and if their name is blotted out, e go be because you don already know di goodness of YAHUVEH di Father, and yet you chose to serve di god of dis world of fleshly desire and turned your back on ME and only dey pretend to give your hearts and lives to ME. I know all dis thing in advance which choice you go make, Becos I AM di God of all wisdom and knowledge I AM never surprised at anything wey dey happen. 

Remember say whatever and whoever you love di most na be di God wey you dey serve. Mick Jagger di world dey hug and clap for you, and yet he dey serve another god. Di god of evil and though I don allow di fame and fortune, dis na all he go ever know becos, he don sell his soul to Hell long ago. Now he dey only look to take others with him where he dey go. So many rock stars as dem dey call dem, even dis name satan dey use am to take mock ME becos he know say there is but one Living Rock and na ME your LORD YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Make you Know dis say rock music no be of di Living Rock. Rock stars no get di spirit of di Living Rock. Dem don sell their souls for fame and fortune, dem make agreement with di devil wey I fit easily break and I don do am many times. Yet dem still fit repent, turn away, and wash dem in MY shed Blood of Calvary. 

Entertainers, you don sell your souls. You are paid to curse everything wey dey Holy and even MY Name for ordinary worldly fame and fortune. Yet you no go fit buy your way into Heaven. Di rich and famous of dis world no dey rich and famous for Almighty God YAHUVEH's eyes. You be paupers, and yet you no know. You dey starve for di Bread of Life, and yet you no know. You dey die of thirst for di Living Water, and yet you no know. You dey naked, and you no get covering, and yet you know. You dey on your way to Hell, and you no know. You only dey rich in worldly possessions, and yet poor in spiritual gifts. Your money no go fit buy wetin I give MY children freely. MY children dey serve ME, and put ME first in their lives, live Holy for ME, and witness for ME, suffer for MY NAME sake. MY children dey tithe, give offerings to support di work wey I don command other ministers to do, wey dey use Holy tithes and offerings. 

Becos of dis reason I go spare dem on di Day of Judgment. MY Children no dey fear to stand up for Holiness. Dem go speak out against homosexuality, abortion, pornography, and all manner of sin. Abi I no show love enough to even warn di Pharisees? How much more should you?Abi I no send Moses to warn di evil Pharaoh? How much more should you? MY children know say I don promise di same reward wey dis minister go  receive in Heaven for ministering to di people, bringing souls to ME, praying, teaching, setting captives free in MY Name. Speaking out against unholiness and speaking forth MY Prophetic Messages.  Di same treasure dey stored up for whoever supports, encourages, and prays for these Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, those wey dey set di captives free for MY Glory. Dem go also receive di same rewards wey dey stored up for dem in Heaven. 

I dey advice you, to sow your seed only into ministries wey dey preach and teach di entire truth, even if e dey offend. Pray for all dis ministers, support dem. I no dey talk of manmade licenses wey dis world dey call spiritual credentials. Many pastors get dis credentials and dem also get big churches, and yet dem dey use dem to lead di people astray. Only Almighty God YAHUVEH dey ordain, no be man. Becos I know di Spirit of that man or woman, I know if dem capable to be spiritual leaders. Once again human being dey play god. Many are called but few are chosen by ME. So make you no let satan deceive. You will be held accountable if you dey give tithes and offering money to a church wey you know say no dey preach di True Gospel of YAHUSHUA. If that pastor dey teach error and dey lead others astray and you dey help am with your tithes and offerings you go feel convicted even as you dey read dis word, and you go know say I  no dey pleased. Becos in doing so you don help di enemy to cause MY children to be defeated.

I dey pleased when you give your tithes and offerings to those wey dey lay his or her life down for ME every day. Every day dem be servant to di people and ME. Most of di time dem dey get abused, rejected and hated for standing for holiness, and speaking out MY messages. So many of di ministers dey carry di financial burden alone. Where are MY children wey I don bless? Why you dey sow seed for hard and dry ground where your seed no go grow? Why you no dey pray and ask where to plant your holy tithes and offerings? Yes, I don expose satan counterfeit wey dey rob ME by stealing Holy tithes and offerings and wey dey only use dem for their own gain. Di wolves in sheep's clothing are being exposed, and dem go stand before Almighty God YAHUVEH wey dem rob from on Judgment Day. Woe is unto all dis ministers. 

Pray make l show you di genuine to satan's counterfeit. I get  one greedy disciple, a son of Hell, and yet that no mean say all di disciples na traitors abi? So na true again. You don ask, "Wetin make say I no dey blessed for giving my ten percent?" I go tell you, because you dey sow your seed into hard and dry ground wey dey teach error and dey lead others astray into di very bowels of Hell. REPENT TODAY! If you be MY Child and you no dey give tithes and offerings then you no dey obey ME. Then why you dey say you love ME when you no dey obey ME? REPENT TODAY! So that I can bless you like di loaves and fishes miracles. So your prayers go get quick answers. 

Some of MY children I dey hear dem now dey  say, "Oh no, I no go give any of MY money to a ministry, I no believe in tithing" and others go say, "Me, give to a ministry, I no like am, and I admit, I no dey give with all my heart, but I dey give sha, not much o but I still dey give." Here na MY answer to di first group wey dey call themselves MINE. Check yourself, Becos if you no dey obey di Word of YAHUVEH, how can you say MY RUACH ha KODESH dey inside you? How can you say you love ME and no dey obey ME? For those wey no dey give much and with half heart I dey tell you dis thing, I go also give back to you little and with half heart. 

For di same measure you give, and di same mind, na that same mind I go take give you back. So now you don get your answers. When I no answer your prayers quickly, you now know why. When e be as if holes dey your pockets, and di devourer dey come eat your seed so that there is not enough to pay people wey you dey owe, you now know why. There is a curse upon all finances wey no dey remember to give their 10% as tithe and offering na anything wey you add put your 10%. When e be like say everything bad wey go fit happen for your life dey happen. Now you know why. 

You don rob YAHUVEH. Malachi 3 no dey change. Di famous ministers of dis world no dey  always speak di truth but instead make you examine wetin dem dey talk, e dey line up with di word of YAHUVEH or abi dem just dey twist scripture to conform to man's image? Your tithes and offerings no matter how great di sacrifice, e no dey Holy to ME, if you dey sow am into satan kingdom and that na wetin you dey do if you dey support somebody wey dey teach error, and dey teach man made doctrine, and not di Holy Word of YAHUVEH wey no go fit lie. I am di Word that was made flesh. You are now held accountable for wetin you now know, or for wetin you don learn. REPENT TODAY! 

I fit make money rain from Heaven to support di ministers' from their needs, yet, I chose to not do dis and instead I want you to share in di blessing by being a part of giving your 10% tithe and offerings to support di work of YAHUSHUA. Many of una think say di tithe na after taxes, after you pay your bills but read Malachi 3 carefully and you go see say na di best, no be di leftovers. Repent, before you no know any better, now you dey held accountable for wetin you know. You go know say you be truly MINE, when you desire to tithe and get excited as you get dis into your Spirit. When you tithe you dey only store up your blessings in Heaven to be released when you need am and quick answers to your prayers. Test ME and see if I am a God that lies. Read Malachi 3 then put ME to the test. 

Since I know most people no go take di time to read, I go have MY servant stop here and type am out for una. Remember di devil don deceive you by using his servants to make you think say all pastors dey drive Rolls Royces, get private jets, and dey line their pockets with silver and gold. Di ones wey dey do dis things dey rob di tithes and offerings from di ministers wey need am and who I don tell MY people to tithe and give offerings to. Why I dey speak of dis thing through dis prophetic message? Na becos you no go hear dis truth in di wealthy ministries, dem dey fear to offend man. dem no go warn you where di wolves dey. Dem no go tell you say sin na sin, YAHUVEH never change, na people don change. Di wealthy ministers dey take sinners money and no dey even care to tell dem that dem  must repent, Becos dem dey on their way to Hell. 

Di ministers wey I dey raise up go speak out MY Words; dem  no get di wealth of dis world to have any fear say dem go lose am. But in dis end times dem must also have your support. E go be dis ministers wey in boldness go be like John di Baptist. Many of MY children dey think say becos di rich and famous ministers get church wey dey over flow, with  lines of people standing  to enter in, on TV and radio di very names of popular, then surely di tithe go reap more seed given to someone wey dey do MY work, but dem no dey famous, or get di material possessions listed above. MY faithful ministers  go support di ministries out of their own finances. Dem dey rely on ME to move on di people's hearts to sow seed into di humble ministries. I don speak to dis servant wey I dey use now to send out dis message when she ask ME why I never send di fish with di gold coins in their mouths. Thus saith di Almighty God YAHUVEH to all MY servants and ministers wey don ask di same question. I don send dem, I don tell dem to give, but dem  no wan obey. 

So I go rise up obedient servants wey go sow their seed into di fertile soul winning ministries. Yes even dis ministry becos di laborer dey worthy of wages. Why be say when person get  a normal world job, everybody go say, yes dem supposed to get paid for di hard work. But when di person dey work for ME and even dey work harder sef. Becos a minister  dey work every waking moment, and every day of their life. Yet why be say naonly few people dey understand say dem dey worthy of pay also . Are they not? Dis na wetin di tithe be for. Abi I no command say make di first tithe go to priest Aaron? Read all of Malachi 3 and ask ME to teach you why  blessing dey dis thing, no be for only di soil where dem dey plant di seed, but also for di sower of di seed. You wey dey read dis MY RUACH ha KODESH  dey convict and show you whether you dey obedient or not. 

(Malachi 3:6-18. I, YAHUVEH, no dey change. So you, oh descendants of Jacob, are not destroyed. Ever since di time of your forefathers you don turn away from MY commands and you no dey obey dem. Return to ME and I go return to you, says  di Almighty God YAHUVEH. But you ask say how  we go take return? Will a man rob YAHUVEH? Yet you dey rob ME. But you ask, how we take rob you? In tithes and offerings. You dey under a curse, di whole nation, because you dey rob ME. Bring di whole tithe into di storehouse, so that there may be food in MY house. Test ME in dis, says di Almighty God YAHUVEH and see if I no go throw open di windows of Heaven (floodgates) and pour out so much blessing that you no go get enough room to receive am. I go prevent pests from destroying your crops, and di vines wey dey your farm their fruit no go waste says di Almighty God YAHUVEH. Then all go call you blessed, becos your own go be a happy land, says di Almighty God YAHUVEH and you dey say harsh words against ME, says YAHUVEH. 

Yet you ask, "Wetin we say against you"? You have said, "No gain to serve YAHUVEH, wetin  we gain by obeying HIS commands as we the go about as people wey dey mourn before di Almighty God YAHUVEH?" But now we dey call di arrogant people blessed. Certainly di evil doers dey prosper, and even those wey dey challenge YAHUVEH dey escape. Then those wey dey fear YAHUVEH come talk with each other, and YAHUVEH listened and come hear, a scroll(book) of remembrance was written in HIS presence about those wey dey fear YAHUVEH and honor HIS Name. Dem go be mine says Almighty God YAHUVEH, in di day when I make up MY treasured possessions I go spare dem, just as in comparison as a man take dey spare his son wey dey honor am and you go again see di difference between di righteous and  di wicked, between those wey dey serve YAHUVEH and those wey no dey serve YAHUVEH.) 

Those wey dey support MY Ministries wey dey  speak forth MY Word, no dey do am for their praise, honor and glory, but for MY Praise, Honor and Glory. So that their goodness go be a reflection of di God wey dem dey serve. What a joy you are to ME. 

Oh, di shame I have for those of una wey dey support MY Ministers and yet dey do am for a tax deduction. (so that dem go get am back at the end of the year) Truly you no go get another blessing than dis. Beware of those wey dey give to charities so that dem go get money back on their taxes. I know your hearts, dem dey  far from ME. Dis na bad smell of a sacrifice wey no dey  smell sweet to MY nose. REPENT TODAY! I get many millionaires and yet na so few dey support those wey dare to be MY Messengers. dem  go be held respomsible on Judgment Day. REPENT TODAY! 

Invest in souls. You no go fit take di money and possessions when you leave dis earth. I go ask those who have been blessed abundantly, "How you take use your money for MY Glory, for MY children?" Wetin  you  go talk? Satan get people wey dey sow seed into evil works, evil shepherds wey dey twist MY Words, speak forth messages wey no dey offend or else dem go suffer financially, or lose their tax exempt status. Or who dey fear to offend sinners but no dey fear offending Almighty God YAHUVEH. Woe be unto you. I don raise up ministers wey no get worldly wealth but in boldness  dem go speak forth MY Words, blessing MY people and ME. 

I speak unto di hearts of MY people and say tithe, give love offerings and dem dey act as if dem dey deaf and blind to di needs of di ministers. Woe be unto you rebellious children. I go take wetin I don give you away and give am to one of MY children wey no dey greedy. Di work wey you dey work na ME give you, no be for you to store up in case you need am someday, but to use am to take preach di Gospel around di world. I dey speak to di hearts of those wey dey worship material possessions more than ME. Wey dey worship money more than ME. All dis things no go spare you when I come again. Build up your treasures in Heaven, where moth and rust no go fit destroy dem, where thieves no go fit steal dem. How many of una dey do dis thing? You dey clothe di naked, feed di poor, not in your name but in MY Name, not for your glory, but for MY Glory. 

Entertainers and di rich dey give to all kind of charities thinking say dem go appease MY anger, yet it does not. For many wey dey do all dis things, wey dey give little out of their abundance for their own praise, honor and glory no be for MY Glory, in their names not in MY Name. Truly dis na their only reward. Money no go fit fill di emptiness wey I supposed to fill. Everybody get this emptiness; Na empty space wey I put inside every human being made in MY image to love ME and desire to love their creator. Yet mankind dey fill that emptiness with so many worldly things, material things, seeking after other gods, yet na ME be di only one wey go fill that emptiness. I dey grieve becos di world think say when someone is taken by death wey dey rich or famous and everybody know that person name, that dis person, because of his fame and fortune on dis earth go inherit di Kingdom of Heaven. Yet na lie from Hell. If di rich and di famous are loved by dis world, and not rejected for belonging to ME, then again I say dem no get di Spirit of di Living God within dem. 

Tell dem MY child, tell dem for ME, is this really worth di price of Hell for all eternity? Tell dem only serving and worshipping and loving YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, putting ME first in their lives, obeying ME, living Holy, defending Holiness, loving others enough to warn them, na dis go get dem into Heaven. Tell dem MY Child, tell dem for ME, dem don steal  di love and adoration which was meant for ME. Tell dem MY Child, tell dem for ME, if dem want salvation e dey come by di way of di Blood wey I shed at Calvary. 

Di Entertainers dey do so many good works, yet dem no dey do dem for ME, for MY Praise, Honor and Glory. Tell dem MY Child, tell dem for ME. Tell dem to REPENT; turn away from their sins, there is forgiveness in MY shed Blood of Calvary. I died for them also to set dem free. Tell dem, MY Child, tell dem for ME becos you are not just sent to di poor, and abused sheep, you are sent to di ones wey set themsef above di average wey believe say their own popularity na money buy am. You are sent to di leaders of dis land, and many nations. Tell dem MY Child, tell dem for ME for di rich and poor are di same to ME, I shed MY Blood for dem at Calvary, so that from Hell dem go dey set free. Tell dem MY Child, tell dem for ME becos I dey come quickly. Faith without works is dead. Many of di rich and di famous have not put their faith in ME, but in di popularity of dis world, in di power of di one wey get di most money. 

Even a beloved talk show host wey di world know once as MINE but now she don go astray. di world accept her becos she stands for di world. She no longer dey stand up for Holiness, but instead she dey mock at wetin she know say dey Holy. She dey mock di Word of YAHUVEH wey she once believed. Seeking other gods for her itching ears, she don go prostitute herself after other gods, and yet tell her to REPENT and come back to ME becos na ME give her dis favor and popularity, so that she go lead others to MY saving Blood at Calvary. Tell dis to Oprah Winfrey. Tell her MY Child, tell her for ME becos Princess Diana fate go be her own for all eternity if she no quickly repent and come back to YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, wey pay di price, so that she go dey set free from satan’s grip. Tell Oprah Winfrey, to come back to Calvary to come back to di roots of her forefathers where she belong. Tell her say no one fit love her like I love her. 

Tell her I have blessed her with every desire of her heart, and nothing go fit fill that God made emptiness but ME. I dey wait for her to return and yet she dey call herself MINE, and MY Spirit dey far from her. Tell her for ME MY Daughter, I dey weep for her. I dey weep for dis world wey she dey lead astray. Tell Oprah, MY Child, tell her for ME though she may mock, she go know in her spirit a Prophet of YAHUVEH has warned her and di one wey I don send na you. Tell her MY Child, tell her for ME, return to di God of Holiness wey she once worshiped, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH wey paid di price at Calvary. Tell her she must live by di Holy Word of YAHUVEH, or she will never see her family wey dey wait for her in Heaven. Tell her, tell her MY Daughter for ME becos I have called you to minister to di world's talk show host Oprah Winfrey. 

Tell her  say she was meant to be MINE,  and yet she don run away from ME time after time. Tell her MY Daughter, tell her for ME. All of MY children wey dey watch her each day, wey dey make her rich, dey quote di words wey she speak, I now dey convict you seriously with a message like dis. You call yourself by MY Name, and yet you dey watch her everyday day, wey dey turn di meaning of wetin be Holiness into insult. Rise up and tell her, tell her for ME, you also be MY voices that must bring her back to di Spirit of repentance through MY Blood Shed at Calvary. Tell her MY children; tell her for ME na you she dey try to please and not ME. 

I rejoice over you, MY children wey dey rich in faith. Wey no put your faith in di riches of dis world. You cannot serve two masters. You go hate one and love di other. You cannot serve two worlds, di world of di flesh, and di world of di  Kingdom of Heaven. Only those wey deny di flesh and live and walk in di RUACH ha KODESH I go spare. Tell dem MY Child, be MY voice and tell dem for ME. To whom YAHUSHUA has given spiritual ears and eyes, with dis message will be set free. Tell dem MY Child, tell dem for ME. MY black sheep, no matter how far you have wandered, come back to your only Good Shepherd, come back to ME. 

Rebuke satan and from all dis demons of unholiness run away and Heaven you shall yet see. Tell dem MY Child, tell dem for ME, YAHUSHUA paid di price at Calvary. I don do everything wey I fit do; now I leave di choices up to you. Tell dem, all wey get ears to hear, and eyes to see, pass on these messages wey I don speak to thee, so you will on di coming day be worthy, as I go gather MY Elect in MY arms and take dem home, you go know becos of your words you no dey go alone. Tell dem MY Children; tell dem for ME, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH is coming quickly. For Gabriel has his eyes on our Father YAHUVEH, di horn to his lips, he just dey wait for Father YAHUVEH's sign, and then YAHUVEH go turn to ME and say, "GO, NOW IS DI TIME, GO AND GET YOUR BRIDE!" Till then I dey wait, watch and listen knowing who go obey, and pass on dis warning of di coming Judgment Day. 

Tell dem MY Children, tell dem for ME. Together let your voices echo with dis Prophet of MINE while there is yet time. Tell dem MY Children, tell dem for ME. Tell dem MY Child, tell dem for ME. Having faith in ME na di key to their destiny. But e no dey enough to just believe who I am, MY Children must obey, love, serve di Great God YAHUVEH "I AM"! Tell dem MY Child, though many no go listen, tell dem for ME, Heaven or Hell na for eternity. Tell dem MY Children, tell dem for ME. You have been warned this day, wetin e go be? Will I say, "Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter in," or will I say, "Depart from ME you worker of evil and sin, Di RUACH ha KODESH of Father YAHUVEH you never had within. You have served di god of dis world and sin now you wey don serve satan you go suffer forever with him." Tell dem MY Children, tell dem for ME, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH IS COMING QUICKLY! Tell dem MY Child, tell dem for ME. 

* * * * * * *

Given to Child, Warrior, Bride of YAHUSHUA, Prophet Sherrie Elijah on 1/24/1998 at 12:46 a.m

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