Prophecy 8

You go Prove Your Love for ME?

Given to Rev. Sherrie Elijah on May 28, 1997

* * * * * * *

Thus saith YAHUSHUA (Jesus Christ), na so you go be. Becos I dey see your heart. I dey hear your cries to ME. I dey feel how you break down when di leader wey you trust deceive you. But I don call and ordain you. I go sustain you. Na ME, YAHUSHUA and the RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit) dey train you. I no go send you out to di  front of di line until you strong reach to withstand and endure the hardships  wey you go endure. But plenty na him your blessings go be. 

Many souls go come to ME, as I go make your faith strong and you go go out in MY Name to do great works in di Name of YAHUSHUA and everybody go know say no be you but di RUACH ha KODESH anointing na him dey bring out all dis miracles of deliverance and healing. I go use you to speak MY Words and you go do am with boldness, even though say many people go dey offended. Dis na MY Words, no be your  own; you are not held accountable for wetin I talk or di way I think. Becos MY ways dey higher than your ways, no be so? 

And I no dey speak dis word only to you, but again I dey speak to all di Prophets and Apostles wey dey minister in MY Name. The way has not been easy  and e no go get easier. But make una hold on tight to the amount of faith wey I don give each one of una. Becos it is more than enough to keep you for this end time. And your Bridegroom dey come, yes I even dey near di sky. You can feel ME at this very hour, so be prepared. 

Do wetin I don call you to do, and put your hand to the plow and no look back but look forward.  Continue to run di good race to di mark of di high calling. Don’t be deceived, di tribulation never start yet. Pray so dat I go save you from dis tribulation, becos dis tribulation not be for MY Bride. Wetin go make ME beat and abuse MY Loving Bride? Wetin go make ME kill MY Wife, MY Bride wey dey wait for ME her groom? MY Bride with all her jewels on her and her beautiful dress, wey dey worship only ME, dey live their life for only ME. I no go do dat kain thing. 

Make I tell you, anyone wey say  I  go allow you to go thru di great tribulation, no dey speak MY Words. Their words na words of fear and lies. I dey come for MY Bride to gently carry her away and to protect her with love. She no dey worthy of MY wrath, becos she loves and obeys ME. She trusts ME. And She dey rely on ME to save her. Make you no fear wetin all dis so called experts dey talk, and dem dey say, "You go dey for here to experience di wrath of Almighty GOD YAHUVEH." Dis no be from ME. I love MY Bride, MY children, above all else. I give una  MY life so dat una no go go thru am. 

As you take trust ME to keep you from hell,  also trust ME to keep you from the coming horror of the great time of woe, wey go come upon this earth in di Terrible wrath of Almighty YAHUVEH. MY Children, make una pray for MY coming to come quickly and judgment must first start with MY own children and then the sinners also will be judged. Dis na di great time of woe wey I speak of. Whatever I don call you to do, do am now becos soon it will be too late. 

Keep your eyes on the eastern sky and know say MY coming dey near. You no dey feel the excitement becos your Bridegroom dey come? For you MY Bride no need to fear, only rejoicing. But fear for those wey dey mock and deny ME. Fear for di lost sheep. Fear for di reprobate and rejected silver. As dem take reject ME, na so I go take reject  dem. You go know rejected silver; you go  know becos di RUACH ha KODESH no dey draw dem. The RUACH ha KODESH no go continue to struggle with men especially in dis end times. 

Daniel you come here becos you come search for word from GOD. And You Daniel have been rewarded today. Once again I used you take stir up the gifts in MY Woman-Servant. Two of una no know  say I don plan dis appointment for una two to meet online, but na ME plan am. Dis message nobe just for you Daniel but once again Beloved Son, I don use you take speak out to all MY children. 

Fear not, your Bridegroom dey come. Hold on tight to your faith, Even say e be like say I dey silent,  I dey test  those wey dey proclaim their love for ME. And by feeding and warning MY sheep you will be proving your love for ME. By willing to suffer persecution, hatred, rejection for MY Name sake, you are proving your love for ME. By holding on tight to your faith even though say you no fit see am with your eyes you no fit see di answer to your prayers, you go dey prove your love for ME as you dey say, "YAHUSHUA even if you no answer another prayer I go still worship you for who you are, for wetin you do for me at Calvary." 

Dis go prove your love for ME, as you dey willing to lay your reputation down for ME and if necessary you go sacrifice your lives for the Gospel of YAHUSHUA. Dis go prove say you love for ME, when you obey ME, seek ME, and openly confessing and worshipping ME. Dis na him go prove say you love ME. When you expose di wolves  wey dey pretend to be sheep wey come to eat  MY sheep, by picking up MY sword of the RUACH ha KODESH and defending MY sheep, you dey prove your love for ME. You say you love ME MY children? Then as you dey stand for holiness and for right but not wrong, as you continue to change into MY image and not dat of di world you dey prove your love for ME. I go end dis with one question, "you go prove your love for ME?" 

I dey watch and you dey surrounded by a cloud of witnesses. Even di enemy of your soul dey watch in fear. You go prove say  you love ME by loving one another? Those wey do dis thing, you go know  say dem  be MINE and you shall know it. You go prove your love for ME by protecting and loving and as you dey  spread out your hands for dem in prayer? Na dis go prove your love for ME. MY sheep know MY voice; dem no go follow another shepherd.  Did you hear MY voice today? Then dis na who this message be for. I don prove MY Love for you at Calvary. Now you go prove say you love ME?

* * * * * * *

  Given to dis Woman-Servant of YAHUSHUA,

Prophet Sherrie Elijah on May 28, 1997.

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