Prophecy 3

Make una beware  of Satanic Plants in di Churches!

Given to Rev. Sherrie Elijah on January 17, 1997

* * * * * * *

Di plants na him satan worshippers dey call dem. Occultic spirit don arise in di full gospel churches becos of dis plants. But you go know dem when you see dem becos I YAHUVEH dey give you wey be di true church of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH (Jesus Christ) new eyes to take see, new ears to take hear, a bold mouth to take speak and new hands to drive dem out. Dis na MY hand, I don remove di cover wey cover MY right hand, di right hand, di hand of Holiness and as MY Son take pursue di evil from di House of YAHUVEH na so e go be again.

Dis year some evil pastors, di plants, go die as dem dey preach from their pulpit. Becos dem dey preach MY word to mock ME. But dey no know ME, di Word dat was made flesh. Satan know di Word of GOD, do not be deceived,  and becos say he know di Word of GOD e mean say he dey fear am or say he  go change from his evil, No, na di same thing with di plants becos dem don sell their souls to satan and dem go receive destruction as their reward because na di seed wey dem plant for ground go come back to dem. Some na evangelists, even though dem say dem dey lead souls to Jesus Christ, na different jesus dem dey lead dem to, to di feet of di antichrist.

By di time when people start to dey worship their leader na dis be your sign. Dem go stop to look for ME and MY rules and MY Word and instead a word from an ordinary man. Dem no go care anymore whether dem dey offend di One and only YAHUVEH Almighty, di Great “I AM” but instead dem go dey worry about offending di pastor wey be a plant for satan, to bring confusion, hopelessness, rebellion, destruction, poverty, lying, deceiving spirits and to steal di little faith wey MY sheep use to have.

When dis people fall under di power as di plants dey pray for dem no be for YAHUSHUA feet dem fall put o but for di antichrist feet and di people no go even know say na ME dem be dey look for and now a mind controlling spirit go start to control dem to look for another shepherd, di evil shepherd wey dey torture his sheep come kill dem,  dis evil shepherd know say di people go join di plants and they will be offered up to satan as a sacrifice.  Dis thing fit sound strange to some people but, dis thing dey happen for Assembly of GOD Churches, and Pentecostal churches, and in all di major churches wey una know.

But I go prove say I YAHUSHUA be di only Good shepherd and dis year, I go come rescue MY sheep. To drive di wolves out of MY churches and I go use you take do this thing. As I don pour out MY living water and New Wine. Satan don also pour out di fake one wey be vinegar wey I refuse and dis na di spirit of lukewarmness,  e resemble holiness but nothing holy dey inside.

I dey feel pain for MY children and MY elect  ones are deceived. I am a GOD full of mercy for those wey be MY own, but MY children are deceived becos of their ear wey dey scratch dem to hear only wetin dem want to hear, they have been led to slaughter. I dey raise up a mighty Gideon's army wey go take back MY sheep with a new anointing some of una don already notice. 

As you dey read all dis prophecies di gifts wey I don give you go stir one another's RUACH ha KODESH's (Holy Spirit) gifts up to a high degree. Now those wey get intellectual and logical spirits(dis na people wey dey use their head instead of their heart, dem go think first instead of believe) as dem dey read all dis prophecies e go be like di Old Wine and the New Wine wey dey try to mix. Dis gospel of YAHUSHUA dey very simple dat even a baby can understand how to be saved. 

No make hard wetin I make to be simple. Di reason na becos I no create hell for human beings, but for satan and his fallen angels. I made a way out for you; na HIM be di only way out, di only truth, life, and way to Heaven and into MY waiting arms where I desire to gather una as a mother chicken take dey gather her baby chicken under her. 

I no want anybody to perish or to be destroyed, please warn dem. Sound di trumpet loud, na di anointing wey I don give you. As a father and mother take dey warn their children before dey beat dem, I in MY Great mercy, and love, say make you warn dem. Becos if I let MY anger come out e go dey very hard to stop ME.

If you dey warn dem, even though people mocked Moses, he still obeyed, by warning dem. When dis earth shake in every area, na only MY true Children wey dey hear MY voice, and Know MY RUACH ha KODESH, and wey dey covered in MY Son shed Blood at Calvary, and dey call on HIS Name , YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, YAHUSHUA MESSIAH , by whateva language wey you dey speak. HE know HIS Name and di Spirit wey dem take dey call on HIS Name.

Only dis ones shall be saved. Call on di Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH and you and your whole house wey dey call upon di Name of YAHUSHUA shall be saved. Listen as once again, as not expected, I write MY Words thru MY Handmaiden, MY Prophet,  MY Child, and Warrior and Bride of YAHUSHUA. 

Sherrie Elijah (Elisabeth), again no know say I go use her to sound dis trumpet blast, also with others wey I place around di world in different sections of di world. Hear di warning trumpet sound, before di war start I go first send di trumpet blast.

Warn dem, and you go dey do your own part. Everybody wey dey receive dis message get their part to warn di people wey get ear to hear and listen, and yes for di people wey  choose to remain deaf. At least dem no go say nobody warn dem.

* * * * * * * 

Given to Rev. Sherrie Elijah 

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