Letter of Encouragement from Elisabeth 2/20/06


YAHUSHUA said to tell the People, "Don't give up, just get cleaned up." YAHUSHUA told me while talking to Adam on the telephone just now, that I am to write an open letter to the people and tell them this, "Don't give up, just get cleaned up." This came after I received a cancelled subscription from someone who had been on the list for many months. I wrote her this and I share it with all of you who feel angry with me for the newest Prophecy 82, "Last Call for YAHUSHUA's Bride!"

I know you must be angry at the newest Prophecy 82, "Last Call for YAHUSHUA's Bride!" I just want to encourage you and let you know this is not about salvation; this is about being called to the Holiness of YAHUSHUA's Bride like an Esther. I am to tell you that this doesn't mean that you are to give up, but it only means you are to get cleaned up, as all of us should be striving to do. I won't write you anymore, and normally I do nothing when people unsubscribe, but you are very special to YAHUSHUA so please don't let the devil beat you up. We all have sinned and fallen short of the perfection of YAHUSHUA.

I am only the Messenger striving to be all I can be in YAHUSHUA's mercy to be called worthy to be called YAHUSHUA's Bride also. Thank you for all the email that is coming in and thanking me for delivering this harsh message of chastisement. Remember YAHUVEH chastises those that HE loves. So does YAHUSHUA. I am reminded of the woman caught in the act of adultery and when others wanted to stone her, he defended her, and then told her, "Go and sin no more."

This is all YAHUSHUA is saying to HIS Bride. Don't give up, get cleaned up. Rebuke satan and realize if you are being told that it is hopeless for you to be Holy as YAHUSHUA demands for HIS Bride, then recognize the voice of satan, and rebuke him and tell him the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA stands against you, satan, and I submit myself unto YAHUSHUA and you must flee from me, in the name of YAHUSHUA. If you want us to stand in agreement that you will have the victory over whatever sin is holding you bondage, write us and we will pray for you. Thank you for not stoning this messenger. Thank you for your letters of love and support. Truly we are family.

Love and blessings in YAHUSHUA's Name
Your Sister in YAHUSHUA,

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