Almightywind Prophecy Index

1) What to pray for
2) How to pray
3) Vain worship lies / and warnings from YAH for repentance
4) Churches of Babylon
5) Yeast of the Pharisees
6) How to escape sin, don’t look back at past sin, sins of this world,
and other random things about sin
7) What is sin?
8) Price to pay for sin / how are we saved
9) Sacred Name of YAH
10) Unequally yoked/Family things
11) Countries and governments and man’s ways
12) Feelings and flesh
13) YAH’s true children…
14) YAH’s prophets
15) YAHUSHUA’s true children
16) Encouragement
17) Fear love and obedience to YAHUVEH
18) Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH / Rapture
19) We need to speak up! / So called pastors
20) The importance of this ministry
21) Why we need to contact this ministry
22) Tithes
23) Heathens
24) Millions will be saved by this ministry
25) Don’t bless our enemies

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1) Pray for one another
2) Pray to be part of YAHUSHUA’s Bride
3) Pray for the lost sheep
4) Pray for more WISDOM and discernment
5) Pray for a delay of judgment
6) Pray for this ministry
7) Pray for a peaceful sabbath
8) Pray for peace on Isreal
9) Pray for repentance
10) Pray over food and water
11) Pray for new weapons in the spiritual realm
12) Pray for deliverance
13) Pray for a lost situation
14) Pray to find out where your ark is
15) Pray for a force field to cover us
16) Pray for a chance to witness
17) Pray for YAH’s Two Wittnesses
18) Pray for dowry
19) Pray for a godly politician

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1) With faith
2) Know the power in prayer
3) Pray humbly
4) Do not pray lukewarm prayers
5) Don’t pay somebody to pray for you
6) Pray in the name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH
7) Pray boldly
8) Pray gratefully
9) Pray without sin

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1) They can choose who is a prophet
2) They put fear into you
3) Pastors say who can pray
4) Rebellion is labeled gospel
5) Saying that the Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH will be in the Great Tribulation
6) Once saved always saved
7) Pastors want money to pray
8) Gold fever
9) Not everybody is YAHUSHUA’s Bride
10) Reincarnation
11) Purgatory
12) Evolution
13) Repent pastors
14) If you know you don’t serve YAH (pastors)
15) Don’t discourage YAH’s prophets
16) YAH says ‘let MY people go’
17) Calling these prophetic words your own
18) The churches of Babylon will fall
19) Mark of the beast and other anti Christ things

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1) How to discern a proud/bablonian church
2) How to fight these churches
3) Why we need to run from these churches
4) Rasicist churches
5) Catholic church
6) Prophet schools

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1) Do not believe their lies
2) How to fight the yeast of the Pharisees
3) How to discern them

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1) How to escape sin
2) YAHUVEH demands holiness
3) Do not look back at past sin
4) Repent of sin today
5) Do not blame YAHUVEH for your sins
6) Some of the sins of the world
7) Sin will be exposed
8) Remain holy
9) Temptations
10) Zombies
11) Aliens
12) Mind control

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1) You probably already know
2) What YAHUVEH’s word says is sin is sin
3) Rebellion
4) Homosexuality
5) Saying that there is no such thing as sin
6) Abortions
7) Rascism
8) Witchcraft
9) Cursing/using YAH’s name in vain
10) Greed
11) Sexual sins
12) Hatred towards our brothers and sisters
13) Heathen worship
14) Suicide
15) Smoking
16) Ungodly war
17) Blaspheme
18) Being drunken
19) Genocide

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1) We are saved by repentance in YAHUSHUA’s name
2) By the blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH
3) Asking others to forgive you
4) Price to pay for sin
5) Even repented sin still has a price

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1) Why it is important to use the Sacred Names
2) Sabbath
3) Who is the RAUCH ha KODESH
4) Gift of prophecy, etc…
5) Jewish holidays
6) Passover
7) Hannukah
8) Yom Kippur
9) 10 days of Awe
10) Sukkot
11) Rosh ha Shanna
12) Purim
13) Pentecost
14) Year of Jubilee

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1) Unequally yoked marriages (How to discern if you are in one)
2) How to get out of an unequally yoked marriage
3) What YAH has to say about them
4) If you are in one and you CAN’T get out
5) To the heathen spouse
6) Soul mate
7) Unequally yoked anything (How to tell if you are unequally yoked)
8) How to break free of being unequally yoked
9) YAHUVEH doesn’t want you unequally yoked
10) Unequally yoked friendship
11) Parents protect your children
12) Families with holiness and unholiness

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1) Man’s ways will fall

2) Governments
     2.1) Evil laws
     2.2) Wasted/Misused tax money
     2.3) School systems
     2.4) General plans etc…

6) Worldly medicine
7) Cloning
8) America (Wrath about to be poured on America)
9) If YAH says get out of America… LEAVE!!
10) America’s government
11) Humble yourself America
12) America’s sins
13) Still don’t go to war with America
14) America (911)

15) Isreal
     15.2) YAH grieves for your land
     15.3) Lies of man (so called rabbi’s)
     15.4) YAH still loves you
     15.5) Stop giving land away
     15.6) Don’t go to war with her
     15.7) Be a blessing to her
     15.8) Beware of enemies
     15.9) Sins
     15.10) Israel’s punishment
     15.11) Zionist

16) Europe's sins
17) Canada (Don’t follow America)
18) Flee from Cananda
19) Music and Hollywood
20) Indonesia

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1) Faith is a fact, not a feeling

2) Pride
     2.1) What is pride
     2.2) How to fight pride
     2.3) Remain humble so that YAHUSHUA can use you

5) Feelings of unworthiness
     5.1) What is this
     5.2) You are loved so much
     5.3) You are worthy to serve YAH as YAHUSHUA works through you

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1) General descriptions
2) YAH’s servants hear YAH’s voice
3) Obedience to the Sabbath
4) How to tell which book your name is written
5) YAH’s true servants have nothing to fear

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1) IF you have gone lukewarm put your hand back on the plow
2) Those called ‘unworthy’
3) Words and commands from YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH

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1) You will be used in a mighty way for YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH
2) Discern who is truly your friend
3) Even YAH’s true children can still grieve YAH
4) Commands From YAHUVEH to HIS children

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1) What is heaven like
2) Do not envy the rich when YAH has given you little
3) A life full of suffering for YAH
4) Do not listen to the mockers
5) YAH’s words to HIS children
6) Do not discourage your own brothers and sisters
7) Remember to be thankful

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1) The fear of the Lord is the beginning of WISDOM
2) Joyful/full obedience
3) YAH’s voice
4) What if I can’t hear YAH’s voice
5) Do you really want to be left behind
6) Fulfill your callings quickly
7) Hell
8) Wittnessing

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1) Descriptions of the bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH

2) What we must do to be found worthy of being the bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH
        a) Holiness
        b) Flesh crucified
        c) Pass on these prophecies
        d) Help This prophet
        e) Live every day like YAHUSHUA is on the way
        f) Sabbath
        g) Communion
        h) Jewish holidays
        i) Commands from YAHUSHUA to HIS bride
        j) Encouragement for the bride
        k) Watch what happens to your enemies

3) What will keep you from being worthy.
        a) Not living like everyday YAHUSHUA was returning
        b) Church of pretenders
        c) Rebellion
        d) Cursing
        e) Smoking
        f) Drinking
        g) Porn
        h) Unequally yoked

4) Glorfied bodies
5) False rapture
6) You will know the time
7) Real rapture
8) Bride 7
9) Bride 14
10) Marriage supper
11) Guests
12) Two Witnesses

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1) We need to speak up!

        a) Abortions
        b) Homosexuality
        c) Parents save your children
        d) Don’t deny YAHUSHUA as MASHIACH
        e) Warn the people once
        f) War
        g) Judge Roy Moore
        h) Don’t have the blood on your hands
        i) YAHUSHUA says “warn them”

2) So called pastors

        a) Oprah Winfrey
        b) John Hagee
        c) Juanita Bynam
        d) Benny Hinn
        e) Shelby Corbit
        f) Sherry Shriner
        g) Choo Thomas
        h) Joel Osteen
        i) John Machaffie
        j) Jack Barr
        k) Jesus Miranda
        l) Linda Newkirk
        m) Kenneth Copeland
        n) Kim Clement
        o) Others

3) Warn the rest of the churches

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1) Enemies of this ministry
2) Friends of this ministry
3) Translators

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1) Supporting our brothers and sisters
2) Stir up the anointing of the RAUCH HA KODESH

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1) Don’t tithe to False churches
2) Why should we tithe
3) Where do we tithe
4) Tithe Joyfully and Fully