Prophecies regarding Pentecost

Prophecy 85:

Canada, your fate is the same as America. When I look at America and I look at Canada, there is no difference. You are sin, you are stench, you are dung in MY eyes. Oh, I shall begin to prophesy to the other nations, but right now MY eye is upon the one that led so many astray. America, you will pay. Now this Prophet can speak forth the words of fire I stored up. In the coming days, as you approach the day of Pentecost, everyone who belongs to ME, everyone who calls upon MY Sacred NAME had better start quoting Psalm 91 again and again, because he has known MY NAME, he will call upon ME in trouble and I will answer him and I will deliver him, I will not lie.

Prophecy 86:

I give this word to you as the Day of Pentecost approaches; expect the anointing to only grow stronger. Meet with ME on the Day of Pentecost. Expect a greater anointing; expect to hear from ME, and greater revelations you will see.

Prophecy 90:


I AM THE HOLY SPIRIT that came to the Upper Room with MY HOLY WIND HOLY FIRE as stated in the Book of Acts (Acts 2:1-4). I filled the disciples with MY HOLY ANOINTED FIRE as they tarried for ME in the Upper Room.

I AM the ONE that came as A MIGHTY WIND That blew into the Upper Room and this is the reason I birthed, through you Elisabeth [Elisheva], this Ministry—to minister both to the Jews Gentiles—and I gave the Name of this Ministry, ALEPH TAV ALMIGHTYWIND RUACH HA KODESH FIRE Ministry!

Prophecy 98:

You are in the countdown of the omer and I am in the countdown of MY patience! The more they try to destroy this Ministry, I have put you on notice again and again, and two that are only fit for MY Judgment, shortly now this Prophetic Warning will go forth as I name names and this is just the beginning! I told you 2008 was going to be like a war like none other! I am YAHUVEH and I DO NOT LIE!!! You cannot kill MY Ringmaiden! You can do your sacrifices, your voodoo, your witchcraft, your hoodoo, you can make your contracts with satan but you cannot kill MY Ringmaiden! You cannot stop the Eternal Light that shines so bright through the Aleph and the Tav and the Almightywind RUACH ha KODESH Fire Ministry!

Prophecy 99:

The time is so short. I've been weeding them out one by one. There's no more free rides. I told you I am on a countdown of MY patience. Why do you think I keep asking you, "Are you counting down the Omer?"? If you cannot hear ME now, how will you hear ME then? This Ministry has the anointing to give the desire to the people whose names are written in the LAMB'S Book of Life to hear MY voice, to do MY will, for you are an example unto them. What will you do .......? I already know.

I am not concerned with manmade marriage vows to marriages I did not even put together and now you see each other for who you are. I am only concerned with those marriages that have been ordained from Heaven. And how do you know they are ordained from Heaven? Because you are one in ME. It is true that the Word says the husband should be the spiritual leader of the household and when that husband is not fit to be the spiritual leader of the household, then I shall have a leader of the household, whether it be the woman or whether it be a child, I will have someone speaking forth MY Words. I will have someone speaking forth MY Words! Even if it be a little child, I will have someone that speaketh forth MY Words! MY Glory shall be evident for all to see! You in these organized churches, you know that they are a stench in MY nostrils but you say you have to have a building to fellowship in. What happened to fellowshipping with ME one on one? What happened to fellowshipping one on one with MY Son? You are in the countdown of the Omer. You are in the countdown of MY patience.

Prophecy 136:

Just please, I want to get to know you better on this Shavu’ot whom they call the Day of Pentecost. So many just say, “It’s just the Day of Pentecost”—and this [Prophecy] is to be released on Shavu’ot—that is why I’m calling it Shavu’ot. This is what MY prayer is for you MY children. This is what I ask of you MY children.

MY children! MY children! MY children! MY babies! MY babies! MY babies! I want to get to know you better! I AM your CREATOR! There is none other! You never put religions together!

This is not about a religion! This is about a relationship with your CREATOR. This is about your MESSIAH, your SAVIOUR YAHUSHUA WHO paid the PRICE at Calvary—so from hell [you’d be saved], you would not go, so I could hear your prayers again, so I could forgive you of your sins—HE shed HIS OWN BLOOD! For HIS BLOOD was perfect! It came from Heaven!

But oh I want you to celebrate on Shavuot! On the 3rd day HE proved HE was alive (see 1 Cor 15)! And HE walked into a door that was barred (Jn 20:19) where the disciples were hiding and grieving. For HE showed HIMSELF after HE had gone to hell and let the devil and the demons know they had failed (see Eph 4:8-10)! They had failed for HE is GOD ALMIGHTY!

HE is your LORD & SAVIOUR! HE is MY SON! But HE wears the Title of “LORD GOD ALMIGHTY”! HE is the MESSIAH! HE is the SAVIOUR! And the disciples rejoiced as I ask you to rejoice on Shavu’ot. For you see HE did not leave you without saying that HE was going to send the COMFORTER. HE appeared before the disciples and said, ‘I AM sending the COMFORTER!’ (see Jn 16:7). And the COMFORTER is the SWEET HOLY SPIRIT.

Now I tell you a secret on this Shavu’ot.

So many of you do not know—and you who do not know anything of the Bible—these Words that I speak now: You must first repent. Get on your knees before ME. Before I could not hear your prayers for YAHUSHUA had to be crucified and give HIS OWN BLOOD to take your place on that cross at Calvary. HE suffered for you! So when you confess and repent of your sins and you truly try to do your best to live Holy before ME, obeying not just the 10 Commandments, but the Torah Laws, which is the full instructions of YAHUSHUA that apply to this time now.

Repent means you say that you are sorry. It is not like [President] Donald Trump had said (before he knew better) that he never asked to be forgiven. Now he knows he must ask to be forgiven. All must ask to be forgiven.

Oh Shavu’ot is such a Holy time! And the countdown of the omer—if you’ve not been doing this—even YAHUSHUA did this. Oh this means harvest time!

So teach them! Teach them even on Shavu’ot. Sing to ME. Sing to the HOLY TRINITY! Do not just enter into prayers and ask questions but sing, praise! Enter into MY Heavenly Courts before MY Throne with reverence, love with worship in the NAME OF YAHUSHUA (Ps 100:4)! Never think you can enter into MY PRESENCE in your own name (Heb 4:14-16). For only will I listen in the NAME OF YAHUSHUA, WHOM some call ‘JESUS CHRIST’ (Acts 4:12). But I’m asking you, learn the HEBREW NAME now before it is counterfeited in the Great Tribulation.

On Shavu’ot [or Pentecost], when they started praying in tongues (Acts 2:4) the disciples that gathered in the Upper Room (see Acts 1-2)—and the witnesses that witnessed this, as they gathered around and mocked and they even said that they were drunk (Acts 2:19), but it is a gift from Heaven so you can hear from ME more clearly (1 Co 14:6)! But it is not—if you do not have the gift of tongues, it does not mean that you are not saved (1 Co 12:4-12; 13:1). Do not believe this lie.

Prophecy 150:

HE is your intercessor. HE is like a lawyer, for better words only the lawyers of this world are corrupt! MY YAHUSHUA is not. HE is nothing but pure perfection. Only the Holy shall enter into the Kingdom of HEAVEN. Before you had an excuse, for you did not have the RUACH HA KODESH living within you, but on Shavuot, that all changed. Now you have no more excuses, for you have that still small voice within you that lets you know, “Help YAHUSHUA I have sinned greatly. Help YAHUSHUA, forgive me”, and immediately I hear it. When you say a prayer, the RUACH HA KODESH SHIKNYAH GLORY IMMAYAH takes those prayers and blows them to ME like a kiss and you are forgiven.

...Oh, we thank YOU and we praise YOU. We Praise YOU for the gift of tongues. The tongues of men and angels and for the interpretation. We thank YOU and we Praise YOU and I shall even hear some of the interpretation when this is over and what they heard and the visions that I have as a tri cord, we sit together. As we were praying all day on another matter, on another blessing from Heaven. Oh, Precious ones, please write me. The greatest gift that YAHUSHUA ever gave, if HE never gives another gift to anyone on earth, is HE said, “this blood is for you, FATHER forgive them, they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34)

And every one of us was in those shoes at one time, until the RUACH HA KODESH the HOLY SPIRIT led us, as SHE was in that upper room on Shavuot, and SHE entered into the disciples. Though we were not yet born, our name was already in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Whatever decision we made in HEAVEN, the war was continued here on this earth and will end on this earth. YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH shall Rule and Reign and the promises for those who worship HIM in spirit and in truth! We shall reign like kings and priests and those are mantles that you wear, it doesn’t mean you run around with a crown.

Prophecy 153:

Remember you're counting down to the Day of Shavu'ot.

Remember YAHUSHUA came to the disciples as they knew 50 days after Passover, came the Shavu'ot. Remember the upper room! Get excited for that! Claim that new Anointing as it came upon the disciples.